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15 Beautiful ideas for Bathroom Window Curtains

15 Beautiful ideas for Bathroom Window Curtains
15 beautiful ideas for bathroom window curtains
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Whether you own a small or large bathroom, choosing bathroom curtains can be tricky. If you choose dark curtains, you worry that it could make your bathroom look smaller than it already is. Perhaps you enjoy natural light and want see-through curtains. On the other hand, you worry that your neighbors will see you in your bathroom. Ouch! If your worries are holding you back, don’t worry anymore. We’ve put together a great list of several options for you to choose from. Check out these great ideas and find the look that suits you!

1. Let in natural light with transparent curtains

sheer bathroom curtains

There is something so pure and natural about transparent curtains. It’s hard to go wrong with pure white bathroom window curtains because they are so versatile. They will easily fit any window rod you choose. You can use these machine washable polyester curtains for both small, short windows and large, long windows. They let in natural light with ease while maintaining the privacy you are looking for in a bathroom.

2. Buy a Matching Bathroom Set

matching bathroom set Sometimes it is difficult to combine shower curtains with window curtains and carpets with toilet seat covers. Instead of this headache, there is always the option of buying a suitable set. Throw your matching worries out the window! Bathroom window curtains like this one can transform a mixed bathroom into a sleek, matching bathroom. These ruffled shower curtains with tiebacks are a great option if you want to have closed privacy one day and open up with natural light another day.

3. Take it easy with this soundproof curtain with a botanical pattern

botanic patterned sound-proofing curtain Who says the 3-piece curtain set is for the kitchen only? This classically elegant pattern look is also great for your bathroom! This style of curtain is simple but dainty. These curtains are simple but patterned, and the innovative fabric dampens outside noise and increases energy efficiency in your home. The 3-piece curtain has a vintage touch and is designed for small bathroom windows.

4. Make it look close to the coast with a bamboo umbrella

coastal with a bamboo shade curtain Does your bathroom scream like a beach vacation? Go with a nice set of wireless bamboo umbrellas instead of curtains. The wireless function makes it safe for children and pets. These bathroom umbrellas come in all sizes, from 22 inches wide to 44 inches wide. The disadvantage of this type of blind is the need to install it. On the positive side, they are easy to clean with a feather duster.

5. Going dark with light blocking curtains

dark curtain with light-blocking

Light blocking bathroom window curtains are not for everyone. However, if you have frequent migraines this can be very convenient for your bathroom. Depending on how much light you want to let in, these types of curtains can hang from the top of the windowsill or halfway up the window. They are thermally insulated, making them ideal for people who live in cold climates.

6. Choose bright and cute with a balloon towel

bright curtain with baloon drape The one-piece balloon towel can hang freely or be tied with two super cute bows.This curtain is also a great option for parents decorating a young child’s bathroom. The balloon curtain can be used to block light or tied to let the light shine through the lower half of your bathroom window.

7. Bohemian or contemporary with the valance curtain

contamporary valance curtain This black and white curtain with damask pattern and side folds gives every bathroom additional flair. Fitting valance curtains is easy, but you need to hand wash them. They are not machine washable! These bathroom window curtains are great for smaller windows. The patterned cotton fabric will call your name if you like bohemian, eclectic, modern or contemporary home decor.

8. Make it easy on yourself with classic wooden blinds

classic wood blinds

The classic wooden blinds are a great option for our rustic design fans out there! These chic wooden blinds resist moisture, making them a fantastic option for bathrooms where high humidity mold could develop. Are you bored of white imitation wood? There are several other wood grain colors to choose from, such as: natural, oak, pecan, ash gray, chestnut and mahogany. If wood isn’t your look, you can get wood blinds with fabric tape paints.

9. Buy pleated sheets for half-moon windows

pleated arch for half moon designed windows

Not all bathroom windows are perfectly square or rectangular. If this is the case for you, the Bali Pleated Arch UV Radiation Umbrella is for you. We all know that throwing a regular fabric curtain over a crescent-shaped window can look pretty silly. You don’t have to leave your window bare and boring. Bali hues come in a wide variety of fashionable colors and designs. You also have the option of purchasing blackout and insulating curtains.

10. Put on some mood lights with a see-through patterned curtain

mood lights with a sheer patterned curtain fairy lights for bathroom windows create a warm and soothing atmosphere. If you enjoy pampering yourself with a spa day or a simple bubble bath, this is a relaxing addition to your bathroom. These waterproof lights can be easily placed over a transparent curtain and are marked with voltage-proof curtain lights. You will still want to take the necessary precautions when you have electricity and water in the same room.

11. Extravagant with a ruffled satin waterfall flounce

extravagant curtain with a satin ruffle waterfall valance

This curtain brings a strong style to the bathroom. There is the option of buying just the valance curtain, as in this photo, or both the frilled valance and the long waterfall curtains hanging on both sides of the window. If you have a short window, choose just the flounce ruffle. If you have a long window, choose both the frilled flounce and long waterfall curtains to frame the window. These types of curtains require dry cleaning.

12. Make a bathroom flow with a shawl curtain

long scarf curtain Shawl curtains for bathrooms reflect the light and add a sophisticated decorative flair to any room.The scar curtain was born in Europe during the Renaissance when home decor shifted from the modern Middle Ages to a simple but sophisticated design. If you are a history buff and enjoy a good story with your home decor, the shawl curtain has a great story about how it was made.

13. Shine brightness with a shimmering, pearl-studded valance

dazzilng sheer beaded valance Are you the bright and jeweled type? If so, this curtain is super cute and just right for you! While this beaded hanging curtain is machine washable, you’ll still want to put it in a secure mesh bag (you don’t want to lose those pretty beads!). This brightly colored and playful bead curtain will add some excitement to a bathroom window.

14. Go into the country with some stunning plaid curtains

stunning plaid curtains

Short plaid prairie curtains are a wonderful way to spice up a farmhouse or rustic bathroom. These unique cotton curtains come with drawstrings to let in the amount of sunlight you want in your bathroom. These checkered curtains are designed with pole pockets and come with 2 machine washable lanes. Now combine these curtains with a light brown country shower curtain and you are on your way to a completely designed farmhouse-decorated bathroom.

15. Get the best of both worlds with blinds and curtains

blinds and curtains interior

Can’t make up your mind? Make a combination with curtains and blinds. Industrial-style bathrooms with high ceilings and hanging lamps go well with this combination. The combination of pocket curtains and blinds is perfect for large bathroom windows. It would probably be a bit of a stretch to do both the curtain and blinds on one tiny window. If you’re creative and value the challenge of matching, this could be your next fun project.

Bathroom Window Curtain Buying Guide

The sleek white curtains go well with a brass or copper curtain rod. If you want to stay more minimalistic, then stick to a plain white curtain rod that merges into the back wall. The matching frilled bathtub blends in perfectly with the traditional and modern furnishing style. If you choose the green set, as in the photo, a white or light brown, slightly patterned tile floor will flow nicely. The bright orange scarf or the yellow, beaded flounced curtain are fantastic for eclectic, Moroccan and Spanish home decor. Light colors are great for this type of bathroom. The sweet pink balloon cloth is perfect for a feminine touch or as a decoration in the children’s bathroom.

Match your pink balloon curtain to your shower curtain and voila, beautiful! The black and white patterned bathroom window curtain is made for the bohemian and contemporary design style. Add some green houseplants and a rounded navy blue boho rug and you are done! Checkered prairie curtains go well with wooden furniture in a bathroom. If you have the time and money, a dark wood glaze on some hardwood floors would blend in with a country style. If you’re looking for elegance and glamorous home decor, then definitely choose the frilled satin waterfall flounce as your bathroom window curtain. This look is totally glamorous! If you enjoy a coastal and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, you should choose the shade of imitation wood or the warm light chain curtain. Just add a bamboo bathtub with a glass of wine and you are ready for a warm and soothing bath.

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