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20 attractive concrete installation containers for the garden

20 attractive concrete installation containers for the garden
20 attractive concrete installation containers for the garden
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There are several ways to add plants in our home. For those who are blessed with gardens, it would be nice to add lots of plants and trees, as well as landscaping textures to spend time with family and friends. Or if you don’t have enough space, you can just add hanging plants or put plants in pots to arrange around the house. It would also be nice to add built-in planters both indoors and outdoors.

Today we’re going to show you how concrete built-in planters can be used for the yard or garden. Aside from the usual rectangular ones, there are other creative ways to do this. Others use a different finish on the planters to make it look nicer. Still others simply put their creativity into mixing the plants they add in the area. That is why we have compiled some pictures of gorgeous concrete planters to give you ideas on how to add one for your garden or even for the interior of your home. But what we’re going to show you today are built in outdoor planters. Have a look.

1. Full View Day

Full View Day

Tyrone Mitchell Photography

Isn’t it refreshing to see those white fabrics on this roof, made by the wind to be blown away? Garden? It is save! You can also see the built-in planters here, which also help define the spaces in the area from the dining area to the covered seating area.

2. Aptos Residence

Aptos Residence

Kathleen Shaeffer Design, Exterior

It is also a good idea to use such planters for gate entrances yours At home beauty and privacy.

3. Danks Street

Danks Street

C.O.S Design

This design maximizes a minimal inner courtyard space with a high level of detail. You can also see many attractive features in the area with a mix of modern and Asian design.

4. Short St

Short St

Outhouse Design

I love the wooden wall here with some metal objects attached as it gives it a subtle rustic touch to the area. Of course you will also notice the plants here.

5. Santa Cruz III

Santa Cruz III

Kathleen Shaeffer Design

What I find interesting about this garden are the curvy elements in it and the colorful dots on the concrete buckets. This is certainly a creative way to breathe life into your garden area.

6. 8th West Residence

8th West Residence

Rhodes Architecture + Light

Besides the wooden elements used in this room, I also like how designed the planters, which also defines the steps and the path in the courtyard.

7. W 14th Residence

W 14th Residence

Aloe Designs

Since it’s nice to spend time outdoors, it’s a great idea to have one built-in wooden bench in a garden with an L-shaped concrete planter. It’s also nice that different plants have been added to the area.

8. Rhee Residence

Rhee Residence

Falling Waters Landscape

Isn’t that a nice place? Aside from the interesting planter design and tall plants that are illuminated, I also like the seating area with a comfortable wooden bench and square fireplace that stays warm on cold nights.




Another lovely place to spend lazy afternoons and romantic dates with your partner. It would definitely be nice to have a place like this in the house, wouldn’t it? Add brightly colored pillows to bring color to the area.

12. Landscapes


Decorative landscaping

Here, cast concrete walls with retaining and climbing walls were used. Walls like this are designed so that the concrete picks up the grain of the wood and makes it appear like natural wood. Beautiful or? I also like what they did with the trails.

13. Morden Road Mews

Morden Road Mews

Warwick Avenue

This one looks simple yet nifty as it is white for the planters and bench used. It’s also a good idea that white stones were used on the floor as well.

14. Danville


Envision Landscape Studio

When the topography is sloping, planters are a way to hold the ground while adding an attractive function into the garden.

15. Aperture Circle Residence

Aperture Circle Residence

Promised Path Landscaping Inc

I think the colors used here are very cute and chic. Aside from the planters on the back of the wooden bench, you can also see a fire pit and mini waterfall here that is too cute to ignore!

16. Modern Courtyard

Contemporary Courtyard

Daniel Shea

If you want some privacy in your yard, adding tall and thinking shrubs like this one to your planter is a good idea.

17. Hill Street Project

Hill Street Project

Design Line Construction, Inc.

Adding different levels to your yard is a great way to add depth and Style into it, just like what the landscaper did with this one. I also like the mix of plants used here and the concrete paving stones.

18. San Carlos Modern 2

San Carlos Modern 2

Allwood Construction Inc.

If you think poured concrete looks ugly, you are dead wrong. You can see in this picture that it looks lovely with lights on the sides of the planters and creative smooth steps on it. And it’s sure to be a surprise to see a wooden bathtub outdoors!

19. Short St.

Short St.

Outhouse Design

Interesting wall design, right? It sure! It looks really attractive and beautiful and brings a contemporary feel to the area. Well, this room looks really pretty in every way including the brick-covered planters.

20. Atkinson


California Pools & Landscape

Who says you can’t make round planters like these in the pool area? You can do it too and it would surely look great outdoors. What you can see here is a brick built planter with a special tile trim.

There are indeed several ways to add planters around the house, and one way is to put concrete containers outside the house. I know that you won’t question that anymore because you saw that in the pictures above.Aside from the planter itself, the plants are also different. Which of the above entries do you like best?

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