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20 brown kitchen cabinet designs for a warm, natural look

20 brown kitchen cabinet designs for a warm, natural look
20 brown kitchen cabinet designs for a warm natural look
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The color of the kitchen cabinets brings life to the area. We would agree with that, because apart from the backsplash, the cabinets are the only element in the kitchen that we can do in terms of the color teak.

Kitchen cabinets are mostly painted in neutral colors. And a common color is brown.

What do you think of this color?

Well, for many, brown would be easily associated with chocolate and the earth. While it’s not as cute as the colors, brown can actually be your best friend when it comes to interior design.

Do you agree?

If not, why don’t we look? in some interiors with brown colors? For example the kitchen. Well, of course we’re going to show you brown kitchen cabinets.

Let’s see if you’ll love the color by the end of the list.

1. Stuart Kitchen Remodel – Medfield, Mass.

Stuart Kitchen Remodel--Medfield, Massachusetts

Masters Touch Design Build

A mid-tone wood floor transition kitchen looks great with its brown cabinets . It is also nice that there is a contrast between the dark cabinets and the light counter back wall.

2. Replica of a new house in the nature reserve

Replica New Build Home in Conservation Area

Des Ewing Residential Architects

This kitchen has a floor-to-ceiling window that gives it a good view of the Garden. It has brown, flush cabinets that give it a modern feel.

3. Apartment on Pochtamtskaya Street

Apartment at Pochtamtskaya Street

The Brothers Zhiliny

A trendy U-shaped kitchen with a gray floor and brown cabinets. Even if the apartment is small, it has everything you need for a home!

4. Classic Shaker Kitchen

Classic Shaker Kitchen

Tom Howley Kitchens

Shaker cabinets feature in this kitchen with lots of natural light and dramatic features .

5. Gill Street

Gill Street

New West Building Company

The stainless steel appliances in this kitchen go well with the brown cabinets. Isn’t it a good thing that this room has elegant functions everywhere?

6. Central London Apartment

Central London Apartment

Studio Clark + Co

Instead of a simple brown closet, this one has a creative painting that leaves it that way look like it has some kind of texture. Overall, this narrow kitchen looks nifty!

7. Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

Cabinet innovations

Kitchens like these are common in condominiums and apartments. That’s big, in fact, but perfect for someone who loves to cook.

8. West Seattle – Contemporary

West Seattle - Contemporary

Avid Builders Inc.

The granite on the kitchen island gives it a luxurious look. You can also see here that there is a wine store on the counter.

9. Mississauga Private Residence

Mississauga Private Residence


A large modern kitchen that perfectly blends white and brown. The lights also add beauty to the area.

10. Large open kitchen

Big Open Kitchen

Chris and Dick’s

The ceiling of this modern kitchen gives it a bigger feel.Hampton Beach House

Hampton Beach House

Stephens Design Group, Inc.

The back wall and countertop of the stone slab look great with brown.PH-1 modern prefabricated house

PH-1 modern prefab

PLACE architect ltd.

A modern kitchen with flush cabinets and a trio of windows with opening sides in the Near the sink.

13. Valentine Estates Model – Durango Plan – Woods Cross

Valentine Estates Model - Durango Plan - Woods Cross

Candlelight Homes

The back splash of this kitchen makes it attractive and it is a good match with the color of the cabinets and walls.

14. Palo Alto Kitchen Design

Palo Alto Kitchen Design

Bill Fry Construction

A quartzite countertop is used here and we can see the brown cabinets look great with the stainless steel appliances in there.

15. Decora Roslyn Kitchen

Decora Roslyn Kitchen

The Home Depot

An open kitchen environment and a large, spanning island make cooking and entertaining easy.

16 . Dark Transitional Kitchen

Dark Transitional Kitchen


This large kitchen has an open concept. One feature I like here is the wooden beam on top of the counter.

17. Northcote House

Northcote House

Adam Dettrick Architects

The kitchen doesn’t have to be overcrowded with so many things. In fact, it’s best if it has a simple design like this one. It looks neat with brown and white colors.

18. Chatswood: Edmondson Park

Chatswood: Edmondson Park

Firstyle Homes

The house was an open floor plan and as you can see the kitchen is adjacent the living area.

19. Coppell House

Coppell House


This large modern kitchen looks really neat. The stone wall on one side is a great addition to its design.

20. Remuera


Mal Corboy Design

A modern kitchen design with light wooden floors and stainless steel appliances. It has brown flat screen cabinets with undercounter sinks and an island.

Nice, isn’t it? Yes, brown doesn’t look dull or boring at all. In fact, it can be a great addition to a room just like what we saw above. It’s a great option if you want to stay neutral but want to add a bit of color to your interior. So if you are hesitant about using brown for your kitchen cabinets, this list is undoubtedly going to change your mind. Of course, you can also try other colors for the kitchen cabinets. You can even go with white, which would look perfect in any room. Can you tell me which of the above kitchens you like the most?

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