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20 creative indoor cat playground ideas

20 creative indoor cat playground ideas
20 creative indoor cat playground ideas
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Don’t even try to deny it.

Many of us love pets. It could be a dog or a cat. But let’s talk about cats today.

Have you seen your cats crawling around in tight spaces? Or walk across shelves? Well, that’s their nature. They love to crawl and just have fun!

Try to put yourself in the cat’s shoes.

Would you be comfortable walking around a place that wasn’t really made for you ? Surely you can’t play jump rope indoors for fear of breaking something. You can’t even run around like crazy! So imagine how your feline friend would feel. Oh, that’s sad.

But we have a solution for you.

There are actually catwalks and many other accessories that you can add to your home to make it cat-friendly!

Can’t believe it?

Nothing beats the interior design you’re about to see! Check out these indoor cat playground ideas and imagine how happy your cats will be when you have these in your house!

1. House-Is


Do Do

This house has a special elevated path for their pet cat as the owners intended it to be more convenient Space for her and her cat.

2. Loft H

Loft H

ST Studio

The owner of this loft wanted space for his books and collectibles. He also wanted an adjustable shelving system that doubles as a playground for his cats. The shelves are staggered at different heights to give the cats a great time.

3. 50 sq m house

50m2 House


At first glance, you might think you’re looking at just one long, ornate shelf. But when a cat steps off it, you’ll find that it was actually made for you!

4. Recall House

Recall House This is an interior renovation project with an industrial and rustic design. What you can see here is a special arched door for the cats.

Jefferson Ave

There is also a vintage industrial loft with a special corner along the windows where the cats can relax.

5. Annis Road

Annis Road

Scenario Architecture

The interior of this house is mostly white. The wall flanking the kitchen ends briefly at the ceiling to make room for the cat’s runway at the top. This hallway continues through the hall and through a hole in the wall that leads to a room where her litter box is.

6. The Cat House

The Cat House

Key Operation

Springboard shelves have been installed on the walls to allow a cat to move between high level openings , without having to use platforms and stairs. This way, family members will be undisturbed by their activities as their cat will have their own way.

7. Inside Out

Inside Out

Takeshi Hosaka Architects

For this house, the owners wanted to bring nature inside for the cats. To this end, a series of openings were added on the outside, allowing rain, wind and light into the space between the two structures.

8. Small Home Smart Home

Small Home Smart Home

LAAB Architects

This house is very small.But that’s not all! They also need to add some features for their three cats.

9. Brooklyn Triplex

Brooklyn Triplex

BuiltIN studio

A subtle way to add a cat-friendly facility to the Bringing home is adding cat doors like what you can see in this interior space. Note that the white cabinets have small doors for the cats to play around with!

10. Garden Oasis Cat Walk Fun

Garden Oasis Cat Walk Fun

Trillium Enterprises Inc.

Every aspect of this home has the cats in mind! There are plants, playful colors and everything the cats will love. Walkways are installed throughout the house. Check out the video below so you can see what the whole house looks like. And see the cats in action!

11. Renovation of a 1970’s modernist home

Renovation of Modernist 70s House

Dominic McKenzie Architects

You can also make a little feature like this for your cat Add. Well, even if it’s just a small cat flap, your feline friend will be very happy with it!

12. Lush Condo

Lush Condominium Apartment


When the cats aren’t there, you’ll think this is just a wall system. But it is not! It’s actually designed for the cats to play around with. I love this look and the extra lights on it.

13. Seal Project

Siegel Project

Renae Farley Designs

This part of the house is called the Catio (cat and patio combo). Five lovely cats use this area which has a custom tree with five cat beds and a human chair. Note that the sofa has a tunnel so the cats can go in if they want. There is also a wooden bridge that allows the cat to see the garden well.

14. Overhead playgrounds for cats

Overhead Cat Playgrounds


German design company Goldtatze (Goldpaw) specializes in designing overhead playgrounds and walkways for cats. Their handmade products could create a playground for cats indoors. They even use real tree branches to give it a natural feel.

Want to see how their products work?

Check out the video below. See for yourself how happy these cats are!

15. Plus-Nyan House

Plus-Nyan House

Asahi Kasei

The perspective of this house is based on both the cats and the house owners. It features open-air catwalks, climbing steps, corners for cat hiding spots, cat doors in all doors, and an extra space in the bathroom for the litter box. They also made sure the cats stayed close to the house with an enclosed patio area and special fences.

16. Windsor Terrace Row House

Windsor Terrace Row House

Barker Freeman Design Office

This three story row house is inspired by a popular pair of cats.With this, the designer provided moldings on the sloping part of the ledge to help the cats find a footing.

17. Taipei Home

Taipei Home

Hey Cheese

What you can see here is just a small part of a modern apartment with soft neutral tones and dramatic black accents that flow throughout the space. There’s a scratching post, tiered shelves, and platforms for her feline friends to run and climb on.

18. Dandan Noyer ~ Neko Tomo

Dandan Noyer ~ Neko Tomo


This home is for a family that wants to live comfortably with cats. What you can see here are wall shelves that are actually meant for the cats to access a catwalk on the beam.

19. Full



A couple in France love their cats so much that they included them in their interior design. The wall shelves are actually climbing blocks for your cats too!

20. Chai Chee House

Chai Chee House

Free Space Intent

This household is ruled by cats! Everything throughout the house is tailored for the cats, including the wall fixtures and fixtures. To make it look even more fun, they used a brightly colored background and added some dramatic textures.

Chai Chee House

A bedroom is set aside for feeding and grooming the cats. Of course, it’s equipped with boards, perches and accessories that make it a mini cat gym! I love these cat wall decals!

Isn’t that great? Yes, the interior above is concrete proof that we can actually incorporate some pet-friendly features into our homes if we want to. This ranges from a simple cat house to catwalks on the ceiling for those furry friends. Of course you can also add some features for your dog! What can you say about the interiors above? Which one do you love the most? Which of the above cat-friendly features would you possibly add to your home? Give us your answers in the comments section below!

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