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20+ DIY pet bed ideas to pamper your fur babies

20+ DIY pet bed ideas to pamper your fur babies
26 DIY-Haustierbett-Ideen, um Ihre Fellbabys zu verwöhnen
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As all pet parents know, you would do almost anything to keep your fur babies happy, but when it comes to choosing their furniture, the sticker shock is sometimes hard to swallow.It can also be difficult to find pieces in your nicely decorated living room that don’t stick out like a sore thumb.So instead of going to the pet store when Rover has outgrown his puppy bed, try DIY.There are options for every skill level, from no sew pillows to advanced carpenter projects.

Your pooch will sleep like a prince with these 20+ DIY pet bed ideas

Freedom, tooto adapt the bed to the personality of your pet and your design concept.If your cat is shy, they may prefer a tent or teepee for sleeping, while a bolder kitten will appreciate a thick pillow on the windowsill.For dogs who can’t resist a puddle of mud, choose a design that is durable and washable for quick and easy cleaning.Keep your pet’s sleeping space discreet by incorporating it into furniture such as a bedside table or end table.Wire dog boxes are a thorn in the side: an individual wooden box offers more comfort and privacy and fits seamlessly into your design.No matter how pampered your pets are, they are sure to love these 20+ DIY pet beds the way you want.

1.Upcycling tire dog bed

Up-cycled Tire Dog Bed

DIY project details: practicallyfunctional.com

2.Deluxe wooden dog box

Deluxe Wooden Dog Crate

DIY project details: ana-white.com

3.Kitty’s four-poster bed from Reclaimed End Table

Kitty’s Four-poster from Reclaimed End Table

DIY project details: kinassauerstyle.com

4.Hide-a-Bed side table for pets

End Table Hide-a-Bed for Pets

DIY project details: 86lemons.com

5.Dog bed made from recycled wine barrel

Recycled Wine Barrel Dog Bed

DIY project details: blog.cartoonfood.com

6.Simple t-shirt and wire hanger cat tent

Easy T-shirt and Wire Hanger Cat Tent

DIY project details: instructables.com

7.Upcycling suitcase bed for the jet setting pet

Upcycled Suitcase Bed for the Jet-setting Pet

DIY project details: moxandfodder.com

8.Whimsical cat bed in cat shape

Quirky Cat-shaped Kitty Bed

DIY project details: seekatesew.com

9.Updated bedside table with built-in DIY pet bed

Updated Nightstand With Built-in DIY Pet Bed

DIY project details: diynetwork.com

13.Easy to sew envelope bed for cuddly dogs

Easy-to-sew Envelope Bed for Snuggly Dogs

DIY project details: suzyssitcom.com

14.Pet bed with foot and matching mattress

Footed Pet Bed with Matching Mattress

Details about the DIY project: centsationalgirl.com

15.DIY Doghouse Frame Bed

DIY Doghouse Frame Bed

DIY project details: 101woonideeen.nl

16.Reclaimed dresser drawers turned into dog beds

Reclaimed Dresser Drawers Turned Doggie Beds

DIY project details: lizmarieblog.com

17.DIY pet bed idea from a wooden box in need

Distressed Wooden Crate DIY Pet Bed Idea

Details about the DIY project: theinspiredhive.com

18.Sleek and modern dog lounge

Sleek and Modern Dog Lounge

DIY project details: ournerdhome.com

19.Comfy Kitty Cushion DIY sewing project

Comfy Kitty Cushion DIY Sewing Project

DIY project details: marrietta.ru

20.Upholstered chair bed for small dogs

Upholstered Chair Bed for Small Dogs

DIY project details: hometalk.com

21.Super Simple Box Bed for Cats

Super Simple Box Bed for Cats

Details about the DIY project: theantijunecleaver.com

22.Do-it-yourself cushions for pets

Sew-it-yourself Bolster Pet Bed

Details about the DIY project: 96195.com

23.Upcycling pallet project: dog bed

Up-cycled Pallet Project: Dog Bed

DIY project details: totalsurvival.net



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