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20 floating consoles in the living room for media storage

20 floating consoles in the living room for media storage
20 floating consoles in the living room for media storage
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Most of us would love to watch TV or listen to music in the living room. This is a fun way to relax while spending time with family.

This is why most of us would add a media unit in the living area above the consoles. Isn’t it nice to have a console for your media storage?

Of course it is! Other than having the cables hidden and the media system organized, it looks neat too. Once you get a beautifully designed console, it enhances the interior of the house.

Consoles come in a variety of styles – there are free-standing consoles and consoles that can be hung on the wall. Today we’re going to show you living rooms with floating consoles.

You will surely like the way things look in the living area, regardless of your interior design style. So scroll down and check out the living room designs we’ve put together just for you!

1. Beach-y Bachelor Living Room + Bar

Beach-y Bachelor Living Room + Bar

Sarah Barnard Design

In this living room you can see a vintage-mid-century modern Armchair with its original burnt orange textile. It forms an elegant combination with the sleek plaster fireplace and the wall-mounted entertainment console made of American walnut.

2. Residence # 610

Residence No 610

Product Bureau LLC

A wall made of brick or other eye-catching material would be ideal for a home. Walls like this are unique enough to stand on their own. It also has a walnut cabinet for the stone wall. Do you like the sloping cladding around the cabinet?

3. Boiler Residence

Boiler Residence

James R. Meyer

How about some scrap wood for the console? This is a nice idea too, just like this living room with a single ceiling height and a fireplace pushed out of the wall.

4. Contemporary living room

Contemporary Living Room

Sicora Design Build

A trendy living room with a tape fireplace and a wall-mounted television. Underneath is a floating wooden console with open shelves.

5. Portland Apartment

Portland Apartment

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This apartment faces north, so the designers have used a soft yellow for the ceiling to create a feeling of warmth and sunlight. The white console and furniture look great against the light gray wall.

6. Miami Beach Penthouse

Miami Beach Penthouse

Associated Design Co

Love this wall! The white floating console is just perfect here, which also includes storage space. Check out other living rooms with TVs on the wall.

7. Wahroonga Home

Wahroonga Home

Adam Scougall

Who says indoor stripes don’t work? Here is an icy-cool blue-and-white striped wall reminiscent of a modern yet calming interior. It’s nice that the console uses a combination of wood and white.

8. Stonewood


Breathe Architecture

What makes this house unique is the black steel and sugar-rubber shade that polished the light onto the . filters concrete on the ground floor behind. A wall-mounted console with cupboards and open shelves can also be seen here.

9. Sea Ranch Residence

Sea Ranch Residence

Hudson Street Design

You can also have a floating media cabinet like this one that uses strips of wood for added attractiveness.

10. Complete renovation of the house

Full Home Remodel

Reliance Design, Build, Remodel

If you want the combination of wood and brick, then this is it Interior just right for you the one for you.

11. Bouldin Creek Courtyard House

Bouldin Creek Courtyard House

Baldridge Architects

I love the wood elements here, that make the room very relaxing and warm. The TV arrangement in the corner of the room with large windows to the left is ideal for an inviting living space.

12. Excelsior – Siesta Key Beach Condo

Excelsior- Siesta Key Beach Condo

Chic on the Cheap

A living room on the coast with white walls, dark hardwood floors and a wall-mounted television. Note that the console has a combination of a cabinet and an open shelf.

13. A house with a zipper!

A House With Zip!

CG&S Design-Build

Others prefer something darker because it feels more intimate and private just like this living area. I like the design of the console with a glass top.

14. Fitty Wun House

Fitty Wun House

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

If you are a huge fan of neutral colors, this is the place You will definitely enjoy it! It is also nice that it connects seamlessly to the outside area. Take a look at the Possum Kingdom Lake House which uses neutral colors.

15. California Coastal in New England

California Coastal in New England

Kristina Crestin Design

A transitional living room with beige walls and a wall-mounted console as a storage unit. Don’t you like the design of your console?

16. Everett Street Residence

Everett Street Residence -Tinting glass that adapts to different lighting conditions throughout the day for optimal comfort.

17. Mayfair Road Houses

Mayfair Road Houses

Price Harrison

You must have noticed this huge foot sculpture! Isn’t that interesting as an Art Deco element in the house? The color of the sculpture and the console contrast well with the white living room furniture.

18. Custom home: Sunrise Vista

Custom Home: Sunrise Vista

W. S. Feldt General Contractor, Inc.

The dining and family room is under a warm and inviting beamed ceiling that opens completely to the terrace. A palette of sky blue and wood creates a connection between inside and outside.

19. Laurel Meadows Modern

Laurel Meadows Modern

Trinity Construction and Design

This elegant living area features a wall-mounted television and console. The colors here are very bright and inviting.

20. Cambridge Retreat

Cambridge Retreat

Kate Maloney Interior Design

A versatile living room with colorful walls and printed curtains. You can see a clash of colors and prints here, but it still looks good.

One of the advantages of a floating console is that you can easily clean it.You can also choose the type of material you want. Overall, the result is very nice as long as it matches the look of your room. From the list above you can see the variety of designs for the wall brackets. Now can you tell me which of the above living areas you like the most?

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