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20 gorgeous bathrooms with wooden shelves

20 gorgeous bathrooms with wooden shelves
20 gorgeous bathrooms with wooden shelves
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Most people are really special about their bathroom. Bathrooms are an integral part of the home and so beautiful, clean and sumptuous is what we strive for when it comes to our respective bathrooms. In addition to the sanitary facilities, the space in the bathroom and toilet is important. This is made possible by intelligent shelves and the installation of cupboards. Shelves are essential for the bathroom and come in very handy as we need all the necessary toiletries and things we need.

For great inspiration, here are 20 awesome bathrooms with wooden shelves that might become your next project in your own Houses. Since wood is very useful, straightforward and accessible, these bathrooms and wooden shelves can easily be implemented in your homes. Whether modern, rustic or eclectic, wooden shelves are easy to work with and also go well with a wide range of designs and decorations!

1. Renovation of old buildings

Vanity Nussbaum

Eva Lorey Innenarchitektur

This bathroom has clearly incorporated wooden shelves and drawers into a small space. The white walls and the sink look a lot better with the merging of the brown wood. There isn’t much decor in this part except maybe the pretty ornamental plant, but since there are several small shelves, the practicality and usefulness has been increased to a greater extent.

2. Beecroft House

Beecroft House

D’Cruz Design Group

This bathroom takes a monochrome approach that actually works well, as done by that glorious energy from the small space we see from this bathroom. The wooden shelves are colored black, so whatever color theme or motif you plan for your bathroom using the same color for the tub and shelves is definitely a good pep factor.

3. Berglan Court

Berglan Court

C.P. Hard bathroom

This bathroom is luxurious and the high-end lighting makes the whole room even more elegant. The light browns and beige tones used are a really great color to use in your bathroom design. Another good feature here is the wooden shelves, which neither wither in style nor overlay the whole appearance. As usual, decors and skin essentials are really pretty to look at on a shelf.

4. Colorado Mountain House

Colorado Mountain

Kate Khrestsov with Urban West Construction

The motif of this bathroom are the light and dark brown tones that are somehow reminiscent me of caramel and chocolate. The granite walls and tiles are really stunning features of this bathroom and the shelves are really handy areas to place the contrasting colors of the bath towels. There are decors in the bathroom that add energy without being too intrusive.

5. Marsh View

Marsh View

Holmes + Salter Interiors

Here is a really petite bathroom that reminds you of old Hollywood films of the 70s or the could remember 80s. The cabinet has a rustic feel and contrasts nicely with the white walls, tub and shelves. The wooden shelves in this bathroom are also the same color as the tub and the matching colors make the room look light and somehow airy. The small windows are also a nice addition to this area.

6. Martis Camp

Concrete WorksMC

Concrete work

This bathroom is definitely one of a kind. There are several unique features in this bathroom and yet the bathroom does not disappoint but is gorgeous and pretty. The white colors in this room go well with the wooden elements of the bathtub.

7. Meydenbauer Residence

Meyden Res

Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

Here is a lovely bathroom, perfect for these beautiful and stylish hotels. The wooden shelf is similar to the previous one Bathroom we featured slim, but these shelves are absolutely perfect for those moody oils and candles.

8. Mizner Park

Mizner Park

Troy Dean Interiors

This bathroom is very modern in style and furnishings. The dark gray and silver elements come into their own thanks to the breathtaking yet linear lighting. Even the tub is pretty unique. The wooden shelves have different levels and are beautifully put together. They are definitely useful for decoration and bathroom accessories.

9. Modern Master Suite Remodel

Mosby Build

Mosby Building Arts

Wooden shelves are very practical and functional in the bathroom. If you need something for aesthetics, you can easily put decorations like marbled glass, scented candles, or maybe a plant. If you want to set up a napkin holder or space for your soap supplies, this is also a good idea. The wooden shelves in this bathroom and toilet are small but definitely functional. The use of this wood color also definitely stands out.

10. Mt. Evelyn En Suite

Mt Evelyn

Jasmine McClelland Design

This bathroom features beautiful furniture and decor with unique shapes, colors and styles. The wooden shelves are a pretty brown against the many whites in the room. The shelves are very suitable and practical for placing decors or bathroom accessories on them. The interior design in this bathroom is top notch, and the colors and decor are winners too, but last but not least is the breathtaking view of the outside that is made possible by the huge glass windows.

11. North York Condominium Renovation

North York

Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Here is a bathroom that could maximize and beautify a small apartment with a bathtub and toilet. This is proof that even small rooms can look effective with the help of the choice of materials and colors. The style of the granite tiles is really exquisite and unique. The dark glass partition on the tub is also nice. After all, the wooden shelves in this bathtub have an attractive shade of brown that contrasts nicely with the white sink, toilet, and bathtub.

12. Palo Alto Remodel


PA Remodel

MN Builders

The extensive use of white is actually refreshing. This bathroom appears immaculate and dazzling. The wooden shelves serve as a good color accent in this bathroom as they contrast the high proportion of white in this bathroom.

13. Philadelphia Design Home

Philadelphia Mag

Diane Bishop Interiors

Here is a unique bathroom with beautiful geometric patterns on the wall. The wooden shelves are flush with the wall and it’s really impressive to put the same patterns on the shelves. If patterns are too much for you, you can add minimal decoration to the bathroom and just add the essentials.

14. Russian Hill

Vito Architecture

Zack de Vito Architecture + Construction

The wooden shelves in this bathroom are beautifully decorated. The use of browns and dark decor is a good accent for the otherwise white bathroom. The tub is unique and looks great on a black granite block.St.

15. Clarens

St Clarens

Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

One word for these wooden shelves: functional. These wooden shelves are very practical and help with the presentation of decors and bath accessories such as soap, towels and bath creams. They’re also a great but light shade of brown that contrasts the white walls, sink, and toilet.

16. Beach Beach

Strand Beach

Jeri Koegel Photography

Here is a definitely unique bathroom. The play of the different shades of brown is dazzling and absolutely exquisite. The wooden shelves are perfect for eye-catching decors like those used in this bathroom. The walls and the mirror frame and everything we see in general are just absolutely gorgeous and unique.

17. The Ancaster Estate

Ancaster Estate

Parkyn Design

The lighting fixtures in this bathroom are beautiful and really elegant. The double mirror creates a spectacular effect that is really impressive. The wooden shelves are quite small but still a perfect addition to this whole area and the shelves are definitely practical.

18. Townhouse renovation

GB Architect

RGB Architects, P.A.

This wonderful bathroom impresses with its unique furniture and fittings. The use of wooden cabinets and shelves, and even the uniquely curved counter, contrasts perfectly with the more modern elements and elements of the bathroom like the glass doors, mirrors and tiles. Nonetheless, the overall look is breathtaking and the different sizes of shelves, as well as the uniquely shaped cabinet and counter, give this unique bathroom that unique feel.

19. Waverley Street

Klopper Davis

Klopper and Davis Architects

Here is a simple and straightforward bathroom. Using wood is a great way to combine it with the white tiles and walls. The shelves are sufficient as there are five of them. And depending on the bathroom or needs, there are lots of shelves with lots of functionality.

20. Winn Road

Win Road

Dawna Jones Design

Last but not least, this bathroom is on that list. The decor and furnishings are unique and the shelves have done a great service in displaying various decorations. The use of orange wooden shelves is a good accent in this otherwise white and silver bathroom. This is actually something to consider when decorating your bathroom or toilet.

Wooden shelves are a great idea for the bathroom! It can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes for your decorations or bathroom accessories. Big or small, rustic or modern, wooden shelves are very flexible and fit many styles and designs. Take a look at this list for some more shelf inspiration in the bathroom 15 bathrooms with glass shelves.

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