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20 living rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows

20 living rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows
20 living rooms with floor to ceiling windows
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Would you live in a house with no windows? I suspect your answer would be a resounding no.

Can you imagine living in a house with no air or light, or no good view from a window? Well, that wouldn’t be a home at all!

So adding windows to a house is important. In fact, some homeowners prefer tall glass windows to maximize the view and let plenty of natural light into the interior.

Yes, floor-to-ceiling windows would indeed be nice for the home, especially in the living room. Can you imagine sitting on your sofa and enjoying a beautiful view from your window? That would be very relaxing!

Well, that’s what you’d like to see.

What we have today is a roundup of some beautiful living room designs that go from floor to ceiling window. You will definitely like this, and it will inspire you to get a similar window for your own home!

Let’s go:

1. Creek House

Creek House

Studio MM Architect, pllc

If this were my weekend house, I would know exactly where I would plant myself: in the lounge chair next to the window wall and the breathtaking view. The narrow glass widths (the opening could be one or two pieces of glass) and the vertical frames are reminiscent of the trunks of the trees behind it.

2. West Coast High Skies

West Coast High Skies

Fredman Design Group

Earthy elements such as knobbed, textured fabrics and a handmade carpet made of wool and silk blur the lines between the contemporary and the contemporary Natural. So that you don’t forget your awe-inspiring location, a map of San Francisco shows the blue of the water and the sky.

3. Menlo Park Eichler

Menlo Park Eichler

Mediterraneo Design Build, Inc.

Enclosed living room photo from the 1960s in San Francisco with white walls and concrete Floors

4. Fieldstone House

Fieldstone House

Bruns Architecture

In this case, the flower painting and the trees also work really well together. Weak winter light penetrates through the argon-filled 3-pane Low-E glass in order to further heat the polished concrete floors with their own radiant heating. The sun on the ground reduces the need for radiant heating and allows the heat to flow away throughout the day.

5. Tiburon Modern Residence

Tiburon Modern Residence

Swatt | Miers Architects

Inspired for a large, modern, open plan living room remodel in San Francisco with a ribbon fireplace, travertine floors, and a stone fireplace surround. I love the glass wall and the amazing view. So feels connected to the outside world.

6. The Residence

The Residence

Hufft Projects

Through the extensive use of high-tech and super-efficient glass, both as windows and as skylights, If there is no artificial light required during the day.

7. 353 Mascoma Street Strathmore Heights Victoria Australia

353 Mascoma Street Strathmore Heights Victoria Australia

Bagnato Architects

A family room involves the use of different materials for the ceiling, walls and floor, including wood paneling and lighting. Built-in joinery for TV unit and window seat.

8. Capitol Creek

Capitol Creek

Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding

The five meter high ceiling allows for breathtaking views from this living room in Aspen, Colorado.Aspen Residence

Aspen Residence

Zone 4 Architects, LLC

I could go on forever talking about anything you can learn from remodeling your home: the best types of tiles for a shower floor, small details that you shouldn’t overlook when renovating, tips and tricks for completing a project on time – whatever. Mazama House

Mazama House

FINNE Architects

The interior of the house was designed so that it is fully integrated into the exterior. The living pavilion contains more than twelve individual pieces of furniture and lights. The windows have high-performance LowE insulating glazing and are equipped with concealed panels.

11. Port Ludlow House

Loft Living

FINNE Architects

The east-facing house sits on a high bank with great views of the water. The main living space is fully glazed, with 12-ft. tall glass walls overlooking the view and large 8 by 8 feet. Sliding glass doors that open to a slightly raised wooden deck, creating a seamless indoor and outdoor space. In the warm summer months, the living area looks like a large, open veranda.

12. Brooktree



The connection between inside and outside has been strengthened. Glass walls rebuilt and re-glazed with energy-efficient double-pane doors and windows.

13. Crockett Residence

Crockett Residence

Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

Example of a minimalist open plan living room design in Seattle with white walls and a library. Love the different sized openings in black.

14. Pacific Northwest Contemporary

Pacific Northwest Contemporary

Guild Hall, Inc.

This medium-sized, modern, open plan living room with gray walls gives us another idea how to park a bike on the wall. Notice that there are two bicycles with the other on top of the other.

15. Ranch O | H

Ranch O|H

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

The orientation of the house offers both the shade of the oak roof in the courtyard and the The sun streams into the large hall on the rear facade of the house. This modern interpretation of a traditional ranch house offers contemporary materials and landscapes in a classic typology.

16. The Milking Parlor

The Milking Parlourt

Van Ellen + Sheryn Architects

Celebrate the construction – I love the way it looks in this space is all about the frame of the building, with a true celebration of the beautiful wood and chunky grout. The chimney of the stove, which very discreetly pierced the ceiling in the corner, also got top marks from me.

17. Mid Century Portland

Mid Century Portland

Risa Boyer Architecture

Lively and earthy at the same time, orange and brown are a classic modern color from the middle of the Century combination. In this room, the bold orange wall helps highlight the dramatic wooden ceiling and stained glass windows, both of which are typical of the period. Brown – even in the form of wood – dampens the vibrancy of orange. Plus, the combination highlights the warm nature of each color and makes this mid-century space stylish and inviting.

18.Great space, love the floor-to-ceiling windows

19. Vacation Home

Vacation house

HB Design

A large trendy open plan living room design in Vancouver with a standard fireplace, white walls, dark hardwood floors, a fireplace surround Stone and brown floors.

20. The beautiful exteriors of the house are decorated throughout with products from Western Window Systems and are framed by large glass surfaces that let in plenty of natural light. Multi-sliding doors in the bedroom and living area connect the outside area with the family-friendly interior of the house.

Isn’t it nice to have a living room with tall windows? You have seen it add beauty to the homes and also allow natural light to enter the interior. Because of this, no artificial light is required during the day. Another positive aspect is that you have a good view of the outside area. Would you add floor-to-ceiling windows to your living room?

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