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20 modern bathrooms with wall-mounted toilets

20 modern bathrooms with wall-mounted toilets
20 modern bathrooms with wall mounted toilets
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One trend that is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design is the use of wall-mounted toilets. I’m sure you’ve seen it in lots of modern bathrooms and plasters and I know you will agree that it looks really nice and neat. This could make your bathroom less attractive, especially if you really want to achieve a modern, minimalist look. A wall-mounted toilet is also ideal for small rooms as it does not take up any floor space. But before you buy one, make sure that you shop for different models in different stores. Test to see if the toilet looks good, feels good, and works really well in your bathroom.

We have to keep in mind that when choosing bathroom fixtures, it’s not just looks that count. Its function and ease of use are even more important. We have to make sure it works in the bathroom. To help you make a decision, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of a wall-mounted toilet here.


  • 1. Looks beautiful . With its clear lines, it gives the bathroom an appealing look. It transforms your space into a stylish space that could complement the modern design of the rest of your home.
  • 2. Clean complaint . Aside from the clean lines, it looks really clean because the water outlets and other aspects of the toilet are hidden. So if you think a floor standing toilet is an eyesore, you won’t have that problem with a wall hung toilet. Also, cleaning is easier when the toilet is raised from the floor.
  • 3. Requires minimal space . Since it is mounted on the wall, it takes up little space. It doesn’t take up any floor space like the usual toilets most homes have. This way you can install your toilet in any room as long as it is close to a water source.


  • 1. costs . A major disadvantage of this type of toilet is its cost. In fact, it is more expensive than the traditional toilet. In addition to spending a lot on the toilet, you will also have to pay for the installation as not everyone is familiar with installing a wall-hung toilet.
  • 2. Repairs . There is a chance that the pressure on the toilet could loosen up over time. Because of this, you need the services of a qualified plumber who can fix the problem.
  • 3. Leakage . While we’re not saying the wall-hung toilet will leak, there are more opportunities for leaks with this type of toilet compared to the floor-mounted toilets. And if that happened, you’d have to spend on repairs again.

Now that you know the pros and cons of a wall-hung toilet, it’s up to you to decide whether to have one want to use or not for your bathroom. And if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some modern bathroom fixtures with wall-mounted toilets:

1. 321 Portobello Road

321 Portobello Road

CUBIC Studios Limited

This beautiful toilet is from Villeroy & Boch. which looks really good in this trendy modern bathroom with a wall-mounted sink, freestanding tub and alcove shower. I love this bathtub too!

2. 701 Broadway

701 Broadway

m_Royce Architecture

Would you like something that is neat and minimalist? This modern master bathroom idea with a wall-hung toilet is perfect for you. A combination of gray and white tiles was also used that goes well with the porcelain floors.

3. Penthouse Renovation in London

Penthouse Refurbishment in London

Underground Studio

If you want a clean and modern style, wall-mounted toilets are the go-to option especially if you’re using it in a small bathroom like this one.

4. Green Oak Writer’s Studio

Green Oak Writer's Studio

Bertram Architects

A very modern toilet with striking orange walls that enlivens the bathroom.West Village Apartment

West Village Apartment

Paul Rice Architecture

One advantage of a wall-mounted toilet is that you can easily install it in any room comfortable space you want, just like this bathroom.

6.Grosvenor Riverside

Grosvenor Riverside

Chris Snook

if you have it all Hang from the toilet to the sink, save space and make the area easier to clean too.

8. Misty Haven Villa

Misty Haven Villa

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

This bathroom has that distinctive stamp of grandeur, class and luxury with a black one and white theme. The wall tiles for the wall above the toilet look really nice.

9. Beechwood Manor

Beechwood Manor

Alexander James Interiors

Who Said You Can’t Use Bold Patterns In The Bathroom? You can surely find the use of the zebra wall print well here.

10. Residential complex ART

Residential Complex A.R.T.


This bathroom has a long and narrow floor plan, but that doesn’t prevent the designer from arriving to a nice design with the toilet at the end of the room.

11. Berkeley Modernism

Berkeley Modernism

Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

This is a small, minimalist 3/4 bathroom in San Francisco . It features flush cabinets, white cabinets, medium tone hardwood floors, a wall-mounted toilet, white walls, an integrated sink, and glass countertops.

12. Victor Wharf – Private

Victor Wharf - Private

Chris Snook

A spacious bathroom with a wall-mounted, glass-block toilet on one side of the wall. The use of this material gives the room the necessary privacy, while it acts as an eye-catching statement wall and diffuses the light for an appealing glow.

13. The Frayant Arc

The Frayant Arc

Mohammadreza Mohseni

If you have limited space for a bathroom, this is a good idea for the layout. Using glass for the shower enclosure saves space and adds beauty to your bathroom.

14. Richmond, renovation in the 1930s

Richmond, 1930's Refurbishment

Hannah Brown

This modern bathroom has a subtle classic touch due to the use of white subway tiles. But what really makes it unique are the green walls. Also notice how the toilet is hidden between the bathtub and the toilet.

15. Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida

One D + B Architecture

A bathroom with three walls and one piece is made of glass. The floor of the bathroom is made of porcelain glass. Another thing that looks really nice here is the lighting.

16. Bathroom


Mauro Mele

The Italian designer worked on the plastering of this modern bathroom with gentle curves in the toilet and even in the shower .

17.Hart Bathrooms

A 3/4 bathroom idea in London with a wall-mounted toilet and sink. It has a rimless shower with a fixed glass partition.

18. Bathroom with new light

Bathroom with New Light

Jaydeep Pawar

Another long and narrow bathroom design with brown tiles for the walls. South Perth Foreshore, Western Australia

South Perth Foreshore, Western Australia

Zorzi Builders

The flat panel cabinets here and the freestanding bathtub and wall-mounted toilet that is in the beige walls of the room are included.

20. Niraant


Dipen Gada and Associates

The raw cement counter top of this beautiful unique bathroom adds that rustic-rich feel to the Unit. It’s also nice that it has a skylight that brings natural light into the area.

If you want a modern bathroom design you can use the wall mounted toilet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it the freestanding toilet. Whatever your taste will do, and of course there are a few considerations you need to make before deciding which toilet to use. But building it on top of the above interiors you might be inspired to use it because it looks so beautiful. It’s simple and takes up little space, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms. Would you use this type of toilet in your home?

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