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20 modern contemporary dining rooms with light wood floors

20 modern contemporary dining rooms with light wood floors
20 modern contemporary dining rooms with light wood floors
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We all agree that the flooring of the interior has a huge impact on the attractiveness of the space.

Aside from that, it could also affect the way you enter the area.

Hence, the choice of materials for the flooring of your home is very important.

Would you like some proof?

One of the most common flooring materials is wood because it looks natural and is thicker wearing surface, which can be ground or machined several times. This is true if you’re using hardwood floors instead of pre-fab parquet.

But whatever you use, the wood look it gives your space is still the same.

Well, today we are us show you a summary of dining rooms that have used light wood floors. You will see that these dining areas look really great with this type of flooring.

Here they are:

1. Wick Lane, Christchurch

Wick Lane, Christchurch

Ian Roman Photography

This is a very nice interior! The use of white, light wood flooring and a textured wall element makes it look really refreshing.

2. Loomis Custom Home

Loomis Custom Home

p. D. Olsen Construction

The geometric print of the carpet adds beauty to this dining area. I love the design of the chairs and the lighting! You can also see that their wine store is near the dining area.

3. Lake Michigan Cottage

Lake Michigan Cottage

The Homestead Shop Inc.

This dining area also houses the kitchen and living area. Although the room is small, it has everything you need.

4. Home # 19: SALA Architects

Home #19: SALA Architects

Homes By Architects Tour

A simple modern dining area with a classic Scandinavian touch. Note that the windows allow a good view of the outside area. Look at all the snow!

5. The Home of Bianca

The Home of Bianca

Holly Marder

A light wood floor was used in this dining room that goes well with the white walls and furniture.

6. Country Crib

Country Crib

Projects in original size

The light floor with darker side walls of the island completes the natural, warm look of the room. Note the classic-looking pendant lights above the dining table.

7. The Thicket

The Thicket

Studio Ectypos

Light wood meets the narrow, standard Berber carpet of the living area. The room has a cozier feel to it with the good amount of natural light in the area.

8. Duplex


Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC

Work with modern grays and light wood. Mixing subtly warm woods with serious gray tones results in a subtle balance that brings out the best of both.

9. Bridgehampton


James Merrell Architects, P.C.

This medium-sized modern dining area has light wood floors and brown walls. Natural light enters the room through the floor-to-ceiling windows. I love the dining room chair here!

10. Riverdale Renovation

Riverdale Renovation

post Architecture

The wooden dining table here matches the flooring.Goethe Modern

Goethe Modern

Randall Architects

The dining area is all white and the artwork looks very nice too.

12.Modern Home

Modern Home

Kimberly Demmy Design

The owner of this home is an art collector. To make the artwork stand out, he made everything neutral, as seen here. Obviously, the artwork actually shows up! In addition, warm wood tones were chosen so that the house does not get cold and sterile.

14. PH Tribeca

PH Tribeca

B Interior LLC

Don’t you love this light and airy modern dining area? There are a lot of white elements here that made it bright and beautiful. Wood grain was also used for the tile floors.

15. 648 McCants

648 McCants

Salt Marsh Contracting

Aside from the light wood floor and white walls of this dining area, the round glass table is the table and the Lighting made it even more attractive.

16. Putney, Loft Conversion

Putney, Loft Conversion


A light floor can tone down the formality of a dining area and give it a casual feel like what You can see in this room. The yellow cushions on the chairs added a bright contrast to the area.

17. Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

Ardesia Design

This raised dining area has a continuous wooden floor. The existing wooden beams in the ceilings were painted in a whitewashed look to match the floor. Really a beautiful place!

18. Ocean Avenue Penthouse

Ocean Avenue Penthouse

Sarah Barnard Design

A mirror wall extends this dining area, which also extends from floor to ceiling, with virtual glass windows . From here you have a good view of the water outside.

19. Menlo Park Modern

Menlo Park Modern

Shaw Cabinetry & Woodworks

Isn’t that a beautiful place? You can see there is a lot of wood elements here, but this is offset by the use of glass in the dining table and lighting.

20. Lovell Kitchen

Lovell Kitchen

Union Studio

The floor of this house is from a local mill. It is laminated to a plywood backing and has a very subtle gray color and the top layer is Bona Naturale. The result is very beautiful, especially with the brick walls on the side.

Although other floor coverings like concrete have already gained popularity, wood is still widely used and popular. That is why many households still prefer to use them, especially in areas with little traffic. Others also use it in public areas such as the living room and dining room. The use of hardwood floors gives a room a natural appeal, which is why many homeowners still use it, despite the multitude of options on the market. Do you use wood for your home? Let us know in the comments section below.


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