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20 modern dining rooms with wooden chairs

20 modern dining rooms with wooden chairs
20 modern dining rooms with wooden chairs
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You may have seen a list in Home Design Lover that showcased dining rooms with wooden dining room sets, but today we have a list of sets that actually have wooden chairs but may or may not have wooden tables. Of course we all know that you can combine wooden chairs with a glass table or even something made of steel or something. This could mean that the table and chairs did not match when you bought it, but you know they go together pretty well.

Here are a few combinations that might grab your attention while others might surprise you, of course, hanging the furniture design and choice of materials depends on the buyer (of the furniture mentioned) and the homeowner who would use it in their homes. Take a look at the list below and see for yourself all the possible combinations you can have at home!

1. A-131 House

131 House

Ere Studio

I took this photo as the main photo of this list because it is really beautiful and nifty. Check out how beautiful this whole house is and everything in it – you should check out Ere Studio’s website. The breathtaking pendant lights here are perhaps one of the most interesting lights in this restaurant for me – apart from the dining room set of course!

2. Asia Condo

Asia Condo


It seems to me that the blue decor on top of the table is just a bit for a photo – edited with Photoshop or so. Well I think it’s fine, but obviously this room doesn’t really need it because the room is stunning in itself. Look at how beautiful the chairs are; and how cool the dining and buffet tables are!

3. Bayou Residence

Bayou Residence

CONTENTS Architecture

I know that the design of the chairs in this photo is a bit common – but whether it is indeed common or not, we all know for sure how pretty it is – especially before all the white walls and furniture that surrounds it; And who says you can’t eat at home with a view like this?

4. Bellarine Beach House

Bellarine Beach

Bower Architecture

If you look at this wonderful dining room, you can see most of the room is made of wood. It is also nice that the color of the wood and the wood veneer match each other, so that one thinks that it actually comes from one place; I really like this room, it’s so zen!

5. Chicago Residence

RDK Design

RDK Design

The furniture in this room is quite amusing and pretty. The wood color seems unnatural to me, but against all the light colors that surround it, it seems sufficient. With lots of glass windows it would be perfect to see the other buildings and the night sky!

6. Contemporary house in Tulse Hill

Tulse Hill

Anita Bourne | Gregory Davies Photography

Check out the existing textures and lines in this photo – this dining room is not only pretty, but also really interesting. I think it takes a bit of contrast with the colors, but the lighting above the table seems to obscure it.

7. Country Affair

Country Affair

Bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture

This open space is quite amusing for me – it has enough coverage for foot traffic , Lighting – passive and otherwise, saving this home a few dollars in electricity; The floor plan is pretty simple, and I think it’s enough to whet your appetite for this house.

8. When you see so much beauty in the early morning, your day can really get going!

9.The design looks simple, but really eye-catching!

10. Glen Iris Residence

Iris Reside

West Valentine Design

chair designs like this one where you combine wood with steel and try to actually make it as industrial as possible is somehow turning out to be mid-century and still looking so good. At first glance I even thought that these chairs could pass as chairs in elementary school!

11. Gold Coast Condo 2

Coast Con

Marcel Page Photography

If you’ve followed the lists we have here at Home Design Lover, You will know we already featured this one on one of our lists and well, I’m so excited to be sharing this again because of the simple design, but it looks really inviting and fun!

12. Hope Midlothian

Hope Midlothian

Icosis Architects

From that angle, I think the kitchen island is too big, but it could be that this is just due to the way the photo was actually taken. If you notice, the armchairs look comfy and tidy too – with large glass windows or walls like this one, lighting is guaranteed not to be a problem.

13. Loft Mitte Berlin

Laux Interiors

Laux Interiors Berlin

When I saw this dining room set, I really liked large tables because there was space for a lot of people and eating at home with a large family is fun and really appealing. This house sure is big too and to be thought that most lofts aren’t that big; pretty interesting stuff.

14. Pony wall with column

Lamorinda Cons

Lamorinda Construction & Consulting

This large dining room looks really earthy and comfortable; The choice of chairs, floor coverings and decorations make this dining room feel like a cozy cafe in the city. Of course, this room seems to have minimal decorations and so on around the dining room – but it definitely looks amazing!

15. Robin Road

Robin Roadxx

R Brant Design

What do you think of the design of the dining room chairs? I think the details are simple but it looks really nice and neat. If you notice this dining room is mostly white, but the chairs have exposed wood and add to the beauty of the space. This dining room also has a stunning chandelier to match the decorative fireplace.

16. Rostill House

Rostill Ho

BG Architecture

This table is pretty great – it seats ten and means more people at You could be during meals; And since the kitchen area is quite close, additional people can take a seat with you!

17. Rush Hill Road

Chartered Architects

Granit Chartered Architects

I like the fact that this kitchen is well lit because this is the place in the house that needs it lots of light and helps kill the bacteria in the area. The white walls and gray table and kitchen bar look gorgeous and pretty modern! People would love to have this color combination and design in their home!

18.The Kingsway

The Kingsway

Four Blocks South

This dining room looks really classy, ​​it’s crazy.Do you agree?

20. Vancouver Contemporary

Carsten Arnold

Carsten Arnold

Well this is a beautiful dining room! The table-chair combination is made of wood – at least most of it, because the dining table has a unique tabletop. I can’t say what the exact material is, but it still looks amazing and fits the entire room perfectly.

I never thought I could complete a list as beautiful as this, but I did knows for sure that the rooms we showed you here were both captivating and captivating. The 20 contemporary dining room sets with wooden chairs are like a remake of the 21 beautiful wooden dining room sets in various designs and I think it would be great if you actually check it out!

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