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20 modern farmhouse living room designs

20 modern farmhouse living room designs
20 modern farmhouse living room designs
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Do you love a modern interior in a farmhouse?

This style obviously combines the beauty of a modern interior with the use of wood elements to create a farmhouse. You can create a beautiful home by combining the two styles.

But we’re not done yet.

There’s more to what we mentioned above. And the only way you can appreciate a modern farmhouse is when you see real pictures of houses it was used in.

Are you ready for this?

Well, it should be you. So scroll down and check out 20 modern country style living rooms. You are sure to love this look after you’ve seen this round-up!

1. Meridian, Idaho Clark Falls Modern Farmhouse

Meridian, Idaho Clark Falls Modern Farmhouse

Gardner Homes

On the first floor, light wood floors flow from room to room house. You can also see that oil-rubbed bronze lights were used which give the farmhouse a feel of eclectic elegance.

2. Altadore Showhome

Altadore Showhome

ICON Stone + Tile

A large farmhouse living room surrounded by white walls, light wood floors and a concrete fireplace. The wooden coffee table and the chandelier gave the room some farmhouse charm.

3. Pennsylvania Modern Farmhouse

Pennsylvania Modern Farmhouse

Lee CALISTI Architecture + Design

At first glance you only see a modern living room, but like you If As you discover the natural elements like the stone walls and the wooden coffee table, you can also see the features of the farmhouse in it.

4. Contemporary farmhouse in Dallas, Texas

Modern Farmhouse in Dallas, Texas

Olsen Studios

This living room has a limestone fireplace and ebonized oak furniture. I love how this interior turned out with different colors!

5. Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse

Modern organic interior

The wall color frames the living room with a modern country house style. This space has more farmhouse features than modern ones. But all in all, it looks good!

6. Bundy


Boswell Construction

The modern classic look of this living space blends in between the modern farmhouse and the modern organic look. It combined a custom-made table with an antique mirror and contrasting parts.

7. Audubon Square

Audubon Square

Bardwell Homes

The colors in this living room are very relaxing and inviting at the same time. It’s a good idea to add plants here, which will make it feel refreshing.

8. Arroyo Grande Modern Farmhouse

Arroyo Grande Modern Farmhouse

Gast Architects

Although the house is based on a classic concept, it has a clear modern orientation. It features the vintage linen flag of California, framed postcards on the mantelpiece of a memorable trip, open shelving, and a triangular coffee table.

9. Living room

Living Room

Oak Hill Construction

The wooden beams bring a country house style into the house. But the modern sofas add simplicity to the room. Also note the lamp, the side table and the open shelves.

10. Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse Living Room

Lori Dennis

The high ceilings of the living room and the exposed bricks add beauty to the room.Builder Magazines 2016 International Builders Show Home

Builder Magazines 2016 International Builders Show Home

Bobby Berk Home

You can get that farmhouse feeling out of its beams at a glance and the leather sofa. And of course there are many modern articles here that make it even more comfortable.

13. Inverness


Gustave Carlson Design

A large, trendy, open plan living room with a concrete fireplace surround, white walls and medium-sized clay wood floors. Around it are French windows that allow natural light to enter.

14. Schoolhouse Renovation to Modern Farmhouse

Schoolhouse Renovation to Modern Farmhouse

G Family, Inc.

Here is a large modern farmhouse living room with white walls and concrete floors. It used a combination of white and wooden elements. Isn’t it nice that the room combines kitchen and living area in one?

15. Hamptons Modern Farmhouse

Hamptons Modern Farmhouse

John Hummel & Associates Custom Builders

This living room has a wooden wall and an industrial farmhouse feel. But there are also modern elements such as the chair with geometric patterns.

16. Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Jackson Design & Remodeling

This room also has a country feel to it with gray walls, dark wood floors, a standard fireplace and a stone fireplace surround.

17. Healdsburg Residence

Healdsburg Residence

Nick Noyes Architecture

The owners of this home were looking for something more than a modern farmhouse. They wanted to add a touch of glamor and industrial design. The architect made black metal tie rods visible as a functional and decorative detail.

18. Rustic Modern Farmhouse

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

Waypoint Living Spaces

Double folding glass doors open to bring nature into this formal open plan living room . The wooden wall around the fireplace is a beautiful farmhouse element in this house.

19. Modern Farmhouse Seattle

Modern Farmhouse Seattle

DeMambro Architecture

This table brings a strong farmhouse feel to the living area with modern furniture. The area is defined with a carpet in natural color, which contrasts well with the dark chairs.

20. Westover Residence

Westover Residence

Arbib Hughey Design

A newly raised ceiling gives the home a sense of volume. You can see that exposed tie rods have been used which adds architectural interest to the space.

You would surely agree that this interior design style is very beautiful! A cottage style has rustic accents but is light and relaxed rather than using a lot of wood. Cozy fabrics and even a classic fireplace are used. But since the interiors upstairs combine the farmhouse with a modern style, we seldom saw a classic fireplace. However, we can feel the farmhouse feeling in each of them. Can you tell me which of the above living rooms do you like the most? Would you use a modern country style for your interior? Let us know in the comments section below.

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