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20 Playful and creative indoor slide and stair combination

20 Playful and creative indoor slide and stair combination
20 playful and creative indoor slide and stair combination
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Who says you can’t be playful in your house? Of course, there are a variety of ways you can have fun with family and friends.

But how about adding a specific feature that would bring more fun into your home?

A playroom would be nice where you can add a pool table or pool table. You can also designate an area for computers.

But apart from that, there’s an even more creative way to enjoy your home. Why not add a slide?

Most of the time you see slides in parks or children’s playgrounds. Although they’re meant for kids, we can actually have one in the house!

Can you imagine how exciting that would be?

Yes, besides being fun, it can too so be used another way to reach the lower part of the house. In some houses they add it right next to the stairs, while others place it in other areas. Sounds fun right?

Check out some houses that use a combination of stairs and a slide.”

1. Gibbes Street

Gibbes street

Isn’t that beautiful? What you can see here is a curved wooden staircase with a slide built right next to it. This gives you the option of taking the stairs or the slide when you descend to the lower floor.

2. The Art of Fun

The Art of Fun

If you think your home is that only can have a boring staircase, you are definitely wrong! You can even put a wooden slide next to it, not just for the kids, but for you too!

3. Interiors


This staircase also has a study nook below the second Stairway. Love the combination of wood for the slide and some black risers for the stairs.

4. My Secret Garden


This room serves as a playground for the children, where he is has shelves and storage compartments built into the slide and stairs.

5. Panorama House

Panorama House

A happy family with two large houses lives in this house in Sahangdong, South Korea sections. The lower floor is for children while the upper one is for parents. There is a large custom staircase with built in bookshelves and a slide connecting the floors.

6. Long Island Retreat

Long island retreat

Shown here is a concrete ramp located next to this staircase a sliding exit. This could also be used to push strollers and carts up and down. Absolutely useful, right?

7. Kindergarten


This is actually a kindergarten in Belgium. In addition to a staircase, they added a slide in the playroom. It’s obviously fun for the little ones!

8. Nakameguro


The long slide connects three levels of the house. It’s big enough for the kids to run around, run up and slide down!

9. Lakeview


The owners were dying to have a slide in their home. In response, the designers built the slide out of walnut wood, the same material as the stairs.Private Residence – Disney’s Golden Oak

Private Residence - Disney's Golden Oak

Beside the sweeping staircase is a wooden slide that is the fulfillment of all childhood dreams! This one comes with nice steel railings.

11.Sidebottom Residence

Sidebottom Residence

The designers of this slide and stair combination had to face the challenge of getting city approval. They were asked to use a carpeted surface as well as the stairs. And it still worked fine!

13. Crossway


If you already have a staircase, you can look to this for inspiration as it shows us that we can actually add a slide next to it without destroying the stairs!

14. Apartment in Ukraine

Ukraine Apartment

Besides the wooden stairs, you can also use the metal slide to get down from the second floor of this apartment in Ukraine. It takes you down from the top floor straight into the living room while passing through the kitchen on the way.

15. Private Home

Private Home

A sleek and elegant slide in a modern home adds playfulness and style his inside. Both the slide and the stairs are made of dark stained oak, which contrasts well with the white walls.

16. Japanese Home

Japanese Home

To save space. You can also use your stairs as a bookshelf! But that’s not all. You can also add a slide to make it even more exciting! For more bookcase ideas, check out our roundup of creative Art Deco bookcases

17. Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather

This is actually an office. Take a look at his stairs. Apart from the part intended for sitting, the other side features a white slide. It sure would be fun to slide down after a hard day’s work!

18. Two Penthouses

Two Penthouses

Two penthouse suites are connected by a metal slide. In this way, the two separate rooms are combined into a single suite.

19. Wooden Slide

Wooden Slide

This white and wooden interior features a wooden slide is from surrounded by white walls. It is connected to a work area and a bathroom.

20. Novogratz


This could resemble the staircase of your home But what What makes it exceptional is the slide next to it. Plus, the color names on the stairs and the red down arrow on the slide add another childish touch.

These images must have inspired you to add a slide to your home. They can be made of plastic, wood or metal. Whatever they are, they will surely provide you and your kids with a fun way to come down from the upper level of your home! This will also bring out the inner child in us. Your guests will also be excited to visit your house because of your slides! This list will no doubt inspire you to add a foil in your home.Don’t forget to consult the experts! Of course you can also add outdoor slides! One of the most common places to add a slide is in your pool area.

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