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20 printed dining room chairs in modern dining areas

20 printed dining room chairs in modern dining areas
20 printed dining room chairs in modern dining areas
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Homeowners often prefer neutral or monochrome furniture. This makes it easier for them to add decors and accessories.

But of course that isn’t always the case.

There are homeowners who add printed dining chairs to their dining room areas. This brings an exciting touch to the room. While others use the same prints for all chairs, there are some that combine them with solid colors.

So if you think twice about going with printed chairs, let’s show you some dining areas that use different patterns for their chairs . This will surely help you realize that it doesn’t look ugly at all!

Would you like some inspiration?

Scroll down and see what we have put together for you .

1. Critz Residence

Critz Residence

These floral dining room chairs fit perfectly into this white dining area. This beautiful, curved shelf also makes the room even more attractive.

2. Full Makeover in NE Ohio

Complete Makeover in NE Ohio

This contemporary space features two high-backed host chairs with stainless steel nail head cladding. Notice that the other chairs are in the colors red, white, and black, which are also seen in the print on the host chairs.

3. Ana Donohue Interiors

Ana Donohue Interiors

A versatile combination of chairs is used here. In addition to the striped hostess chairs, there is also a bench with beautiful pastel prints.

4. Miami Project

Miami Project

Although the chairs are orange on the front, the back has animal prints that this gives stylish dining areas a discreetly wild look.

5. Piedmont Perfect

Piedmont Perfect

A ranch style house has been reinvented with an open floor plan. Part of the redesign is this dining room that was once a family room. If you’re looking for printed dining room chairs that aren’t too much, this is a great inspiration.

6. Long Island Retreat

Long island retreat

Geometric circular prints can be seen in these chairs, which makes this place a little less formal. But overall it still looks very classy.

7. East Sussex Renovation

East Sussex Renovation

These dining room chairs use maroon chairs with simple geometric patterns. It’s a great way to add color to this room. Did you know already? Geometric patterns also look great as wallpaper in the dining room!

8. Nate Fischer Recent Projects

Nate Fischer Interiors

Two high-backed, printed chairs have been added to this dining area to complement the wallpaper and to bring some artistic flair into the room.

9. Apartment X

Apartment X

I love the idea that the throw pillows and the fabric of the dining room chair go together! That being said, you can see that the colors used throughout the house complement each other.

10. Star Mesa

Star Mesa

If you are the type who loves animal prints, then you are You can go for such dining room chairs. There are other ways to use leopard accents in the dining room too.

11.This brings more color and vibrancy to your home.

13. Menlo Park Residence 3

Menlo Park Residence 3

Although this is printed, the colors used are black and white so that it fits into the room regardless of the motif.

14. Stained wood + paint = wow!

Stained Wood + Color = Wow!

Another dining area with animal motifs, but this time it has zebra – inspired prints. It’s a good idea to add cyan chairs at either end of the table to break up the heavy patterns.

15. Jasmine 2 – Corona del Mar

Jasmine 2 - Corona del Mar

This one has a similar idea to the previous dining area. The host chairs have damask prints, while the rest of the chairs have white chair covers.

16. Mercer Dining

Mercer Dining

Apparently animal prints are the favorite pattern for Chairs as we have another room it is used in. Apart from the chairs, the mirror and the stainless steel elements are the nice thing about this chair.

17. Individual home with roof terrace

Custom Home with Rooftop Patio

Although there are two different types of chairs here what gives them a cohesive look is the chevron pattern on the upholstered seats. That’s a good idea too!

18. Presidio Heights Condo

Presidio Heights Condo

These velvet dining room chairs add glamor to the area, especially the host chairs with flowers and leaves on them.

19. Barnes


Of course, strips will also work well in the dining area, just like what we can do here see. There is dining room with stripes on the walls and it looks nice too!

20. Summer Lovin ‘


If you don’t want to use too many colors, then decide Go for black and white print like this one. It would be nice if you could add other chair designs too!

These dining areas are beautiful! Note that everyone has a different feel or aura due to their choice of colors and decorations. You can also see that adding printed chairs has a positive effect as it adds life and creativity to the space. But of course there is nothing wrong with using only solid colors. Others even prefer white, which looks great in any room. Do you think you will be using printed dining room chairs now? Or are you already using it?

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