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20 quirky traditional garden houses for a fairytale ambience

20 quirky traditional garden houses for a fairytale ambience
20 quirky traditional garden houses for a fairytale ambience
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Aside from your home, there could be other buildings on your property. It can be a separate garage, pergola, gazebo, pool house, separate guest house or shed. Others prefer to add a shed that could be used for various purposes. Most of the time, it’s an area used to store garden tools, but sometimes it’s more than just storage. It could be used as a private space for artists, writers, craftsmen and others. Yes, a garden shed could also be your home office.

But not only the use varies. Even the style does. Modern scales are a trend that is characterized by simple lines and sleek geometric features. There are also traditional garden houses. Unlike its modern counterpart, these traditional scales have a distinct pull that is almost whimsical. Yes, with all the plants and trees around it, it looks like a home for fairies or even a house that could be seen in picture books. If you don’t believe me, please have a look at what I’ve put together for you today.

1. Foster


Landscapes by Dallas Foster, Inc

This mountain-style garden shed looks really quirky, especially with the plants that support it surrounded.

2. 8 × 12 premier garden shed for Maryland

8x12 Premier Garden Sheds for Maryland

Sheds Unlimited INC

A prime garden shed that matches the. undoubtedly gives beauty to property. The garden looks nicer with a shed like this one. Of course, the plants in it contribute a lot to the attractiveness of the area.

3. Storage Shed

Storage Shed

Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

With the plants around this shed, it looks lovely, even if it’s just for storing garden tools.

4. White Hall Renovations

White Hall Renovations


The contrast of black and white looks good for this little renovated shed. And it has a chimney too! I wonder what this shed is for.

5. Kentfield Artist’s Garden

Kentfield Artist's Garden

Avant Garden

Instead of painting it, this shed kept the wood structure of the shed that made it look even more beautiful with its natural charisma.

6. Victorian splendor

Victorian Splendor

Siemasko + Verbridge

This shed has a Queen Anne style that the family wants. This design also fits the architecture of the house.

7. Traditional Shed Chicago

Traditional Shed Chicago

SolidBuild Inc.

To me, this traditional shed looks not very formal, but also traditional. Seems like a place where the family could gather.

8. Talahi Rd.

Talahi Rd.

Clear View Homes LLC

That’s so cute, isn’t it? I like the big stones that are added on the floor. It also has a dormer which makes it more attractive. This one really looks like a house in a picture book. It would even be perfect as a home for Little Red Riding Hood Grandma!

9. Beaman Home Art

Beaman Home Art

Beaman Building and Realty, Inc.

The special thing about this house is the veranda.Well, this design could definitely be considered a home.

10. EGR Classic

EGR Classic

Scott Christopher Homes

So it looks like a newly finished shed, but I like his design .San Luis Obispo Overlook

San Luis Obispo Overlook

Gardens by Gabriel, Inc.

Mediterranean planting surrounds this red garden shed, adding drama to the room and makes it even more welcoming.

12. Bespoke Shed

Custom Sheds

The Shed Shop USA

Combine gray and brown to create a shed like this one. It’s also nice that the area is surrounded by some stones.

13. 8 × 14 Premier Garden Shed in Vinyl

8x14 Premier Garden Shed in Vinyl

Sheds Unlimited INC

You can also use double doors for your shed like these above, especially if you want to bring larger items in.

14. Boxwood Cottage Garden

Boxwood Cottage Garden

Elizabeth House & Garden, LLC

Isn’t that a quirky garden shed? It is save! All of these vines bring drama to the shed. And something like that would definitely look good in a home.

15. Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

McCarthy Custom Homes LLC

This design could apply to a home. I like that it has sconces on the wall. I just love the overall design of this one, especially with the plants around it.

16. Green Roof Garden Shed

Green Roof Garden Shed

Graham Design and Construction

You can also make your shed green by installing a green roof. This roof has shallow rooted plants such as small succulents and ground cover. This helps cleanse and slow down the rainwater runoff as it hits the roof. Apart from that, it also isolates the room.

17. Home Office Shed

Home Office Shed

Historic Shed

If you like gray, you will love this shed. It has a finished interior with a ridge board ceiling, wooden floor, air conditioning and internet connection. Yes, this is not just a shed for storing things, but a home office.

18. Potting Shed

Potting Shed garden houses

Innovative Construction Inc.

Isn’t that nice? This is a renovated shed. The designers kept the original layout of the shed as well as its original location. I like the idea that it has a dormer.

19. A Paces Ferry Shot House

A Paces Ferry Shot House

Bellwether Landscape Architects

What did you think of when you first saw this? You’d think that this is one of the homes for the three little pigs!

20. Furwood


Louise Lakier

A simple gray and white shed in the middle of the bushes on bare ground. It is made of polycarbonate (plastic) with its own base plate.

They are really all so beautiful! Don’t you just love the idea of ​​having a traditional garden shed in your courtyard? That would be great! But of course, having one depends on your available land and your purpose.You would definitely love it! After seeing the structures above, you may find inspiration to build your own garden shed. Since it has a small footprint, you can actually do it on your own and get creative. But if you’re not that sure about making one, you better call an expert to make one for you. How about you, would you choose a garden shed like this one in your home?

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