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20 refreshing bathroom interiors with plants

20 refreshing bathroom interiors with plants
20 refreshing bathroom interiors with plants
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Although we can see plants around the house outside, we can add them inside too.

You have surely seen the use of plants indoors. Aside from looking nice, it creates a refreshing appeal and makes the room even more inviting.

Have you ever thought of adding plants to the bathroom?

Well, don’t hesitate to do that because the bathroom is damp and plants can thrive in it. Apart from that, it also looks very good with plants.

Not convinced?

We have put together some pictures of bathrooms with plants. After seeing the summary, you will surely find that your bathroom will look better.

Check out the pictures below.

1. Transitional elegance

Transitional Elegance

Placing a few leafy plants in the bathroom gives the bathroom an organic, environmentally friendly accent. It gives the bathroom the perfect spa-at-home look.

2. Astell Street

Astell Street

Usually bathrooms are white, but it can also be black like this one. What I like here are the plants on the wall that are highlighted with built-in lights.

3. Parke Rd, Barnes SW13

Parke Rd, Barnes SW13

Create a simple statement bathroom like this in a small space. Note that it added a few plants to add some green and freshness to the area.

4. Glengowrie


Love the combination of wood and white in this bathroom. Adding a small plant to the side creates a huge difference in their aura as it blends in with the wood elements.

5. Manly Penthouse

Manly Penthouse

Put green in potted plants or small trees to breathe life into a completely white bathroom .

6. Taybridge Rd

Taybridge Rd

An elegant bathroom with mosaic tiles and a claw-foot bathtub. It looks great with black and white colors.

7. Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovations

A compact bathroom with textured walls that give it warmth. Two different shades of color were used for the wall, which makes it look even more beautiful. Adding some plants will make it less attractive.

8. Home Show Expo

Home Show Expo 2017

tone-on-tone neutrals can be seen in this bathroom. The mix of materials ensures that the bathroom feels fresh and bright.

9. The Clovelly Project

The Clovelly Project

This bathroom seat can not only be used for sitting. It can be the perfect place to rest rolled up towels for guests and also display potted plants.

10. Yorba Linda Master Bathroom

Yorba Linda Master Bathroom

A master bathroom that uses natural materials and textures to create the feeling have to bathe outside in nature.The use of a bamboo ladder gives it a Japanese flair.

11. Hardinge Road, Kensal Rise, NW10

Hardinge Road, Kensal Rise, NW10

You can upgrade your bathroom storage with a few plants. Bathrooms can often have from Foliage benefit as it can create a clinical atmosphere.

12. Leichhardt


Gray is the preferred color palette for modern bathrooms. It looks great with the wooden elements in it.

13. Pickle Factory

Pickle Factory

Bright shared architecture and design

This bathroom has a subtle industrial flair, but its look is enhanced with the hanging Plants in it. It has black floor tiles that create the perfect contrast.

14. The Greja House

The Greja House

This luxurious bathroom has plants just outside the window. It’s surrounded with glass all around and I love the way they created the layout.

15. Traditional Bathroom

Traditional Bathroom

A timeless master bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and undermount sink. The planters also have a big impact on the overall attractiveness of the room.

16. Thole Residence

Thole Residence

This bathroom uses white tiles and marble tile porcelain flooring. The tall plants on either side of the window look really nice.

17. Koh Samui

Koh Samui

A luxurious spa-style bathroom that bathes nature with a selection of tropical plants , System. All of these plants produce an instant calming effect.

18. Natural stone wet room

Natural stone Wetroom

White Rose Tiling & Bathrooms

A trendy main bathroom with beige tiles, a countertop washbasin, open cupboards and mid-tone wood cupboards . Wood countertops and a wall-mounted toilet were also used. Of course, let’s not forget the plants that will be added.

19. Carlsbad Master Bath

Carlsbad Master Bath

This modern bathroom has a ceramic floor with limestone countertops. It has a glass partition for the shower area.

20. Harrogate Bathroom

Harrogate Bathroom

Invite nature into the bathroom with houseplants from mini-succulent families to orchids. You can even add dome-shaped terrariums and plants.

After seeing the pictures above, you’ll no doubt believe us that any room with plants wants to be fresh and beautiful. That’s why it would be nice to bring plants into your home, whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom, or living room. It’s like bringing the beauty of nature into your home. You will be sure to agree that the plants upstairs bathrooms look gorgeous. Imagine the rooms without plants and you will see the difference! Now would you consider adding plants to your bathroom?


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