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20 remarkable kitchen designs in white and gray

20 remarkable kitchen designs in white and gray
20 remarkable kitchen designs in white and gray
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Well, most of the time you see kitchens in white.

But others find this boring.

If you feel the same way, then it’s time for you to try another variant for your kitchen .

No. It doesn’t have to be bold and too colorful. You can just pick a different color to mix and match with white.

Apparently white goes with anything and any color. But would it look good with gray, which is just a combination of black and white? Gray has more white than black. Its white content actually determines the type of gray tone. If you want a lighter gray, add more white. If you prefer dark gray, add less white.

However, if you choose to mix and match gray with white, both light gray and dark gray will look good. And yes, it will look great too if you use black and gray together.

Why are we talking about it at all?

Well, today we put together some kitchen designs that have white and gray in them. Some of you might think this would look boring or boring.

Before you finish scrolling down, scroll down and take a look at the kitchen furnishings below. You could change your mind!

1. Transitional elegance

Transitional Elegance

Kitchens by Eileen

A large transition kitchen in L-shape with dark wooden floors. The Shaker cabinets bring this transition mood into the room.

2. Plateau Updated

Plateau Updated

Urban Restoration

Hardwood remains the most popular flooring for kitchens like this one. It looks great with the white shaker cabinets and the island’s dark gray color. Read how to clean hardwood floors to keep their quality and beauty for years.

3. Ocean Dunes

Ocean Dunes

Richard Moody & Sons Construction LLC

The multicolored mosaic tile on the back goes perfectly with the stainless steel appliances and the Granite countertops in this kitchen. You’re sure to love the cute pendant lights too!

4. Michael C Hall

Michael C Hall

Joe Schmelzer, Inc.

Warm gray and pink cabinets are used in this kitchen. It is warmed up through the use of warm-toned parquet floors and decorative accessories. This vintage bench looks really fab!

5. Utah County Parade of Homes 2014

2014 Utah County Parade of Homes

Sweetwater Homes

This U-shaped kitchen has ceramic floors and colored glass for the shaker Cupboards that give the room a fun atmosphere.

6. Glass House

Glass House

Michael Del Piero Good Design

This is the result of a kitchen renovation where the designers added a steel molding at the top Cabinets for decorative reasons. It looks beautiful, although most of the items here are gray.

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