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20 simple, geometric and modern DIY wooden planters

20 simple, geometric and modern DIY wooden planters
20 simple geometric and modern diy wooden planters
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Plants in our homes would undoubtedly create a more refreshing atmosphere. But apart from that, it could also be a good decoration for the house, both inside and outside. But on the other hand, it is not only the plants that make the home more attractive, but also the planters. Once you use creative and artistic looking planters, you end up bringing some much-needed appeal to your space. Planters come in different designs, shapes, colors and they can be made of different materials. Sometimes you can even make your own!

When we say DIY planters, we immediately think of either plastic bottles or large cans that are used as planters instead of being thrown away. But you are wrong. Aside from the famous reuse of plastic and cans, you can actually make one out of wood too. You can either buy new wood materials or use the existing ones you have at home. Well, however you get your wood, what matters is the type of design you go for. If you are currently out of ideas, here are simple, geometric and modern wooden planters for you.

1. Hexagonal Wooden Planter

Wooden Hexagon Planter

Revival Haus Studio

This modern, rustic hexagonal wooden planter is stained medium walnut. Aside from that, it’s also hand-painted in peach, mint, and white.

2. Stackable Planters

Stackable Planters

Home Made Modern

Although these are made entirely of wood, stacking them creates a dramatic vertical garden on top of each other.

3. Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter

Home Made Modern

This DIY planter makes a good centerpiece on a table or can be attached to the Wall mounted with a pair of L brackets.

4. Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter


This one is perfect for collectors of succulents and cacti. When combined together, they can be a beautiful decoration for the home.

5. Boxcar Planter – Walnut and Bone White

Boxcar Planter- Walnut and Bone White


Crafted from solid walnut with bone white accents, this contemporary planter holds three planters together on a windowsill or as a table decoration for a stunning display.

6. Geometric Wooden Succulent Planter

Geometric Wooden Succulent Planter


Using a small salvaged wood as a succulent planter could add a natural beauty to it Homeland. Aside from succulents, it can also hold candles and other small plants.

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