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20 wall counter in the bathroom

20 wall counter in the bathroom
20 wall counter in the bathroom
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More and more designers and homeowners are opting for floating or wall-mounted counters or shelves. Aside from people actually considering it as the ones that are movable or bulky, floating shelves and counters seem to create more space while being fashionable and new at the same time. Most people who have started using floating shelves or counters have had better experiences with it than the ones that are movable or attached to the tile and the cabinet works.

When I did more designs like this one saw I thought we should go ahead and make a list that shows the beauty of wall-mounted counters or shelves, which is why this list came about. Below are 20 wall-mounted counters in the bathroom that are not only more modern than the traditional designs but also really pretty – see for yourself and judge for yourself!

1. BC Ensuite

BC Ensuite

SMB Interior Design

This beautiful bathroom looks like something out of a magazine or a hotel room. The exquisite range of fixtures here makes this bathroom more beautiful than if you actually have an older version of fixtures. But on the other hand, this is initially a new bathroom.

2. Beach House

Beachy House

Ambience Photography

This beach house bathroom looks like something you would see in a hotel bathroom. The choice of materials for the sink is common in hotels and I think it looks fantastic! A double vanity gives this bathroom more points than a wonderful bathroom!

3. Carefree Contemporary

Carefree Contemporary

Janet Brooks Design

If you love blue, I think the back wall of this bathroom is for you. ‘ d actually like it. I mean, I like it so much that I even remember considering it for my own bathroom at home. The mosaic feeling is just unbelievably beautiful!

4. Classic contemporary residence

The Inman

Shane D. Inman | The Inman Company

The wall we see here is basically the separation of the bedroom and bathroom; actually pretty cool and at the same time really modern, I love it! The layout created here looks amazing and is adorned with a wall-mounted counter and looks wonderful!

5. Green Oak Writer’s Studio

Oak Write

Bertram Architects

I’m not that crazy about the color of the wall in this bathroom because it’s that way looks too bright, people might actually go blind! First of all, that this bathroom should be used by a writer; But even if this was a special request from the customer, I think they still enjoy it – so I think this one is great!

6. Hillside Modern

Hillside Modern

DeForest Architects

The color of the cabinet / drawers used for the base of the counter is downright Vintage off; good thing they actually used this as it contrasts with the color of the wall that somehow connects the bathroom to the outside of the house. Pretty cool!

7. Infinity Oasis

Infinity Oasis

Brand-Brand Architecture

If I’m not mistaken, this is the only bathroom on this list that is actually wood has planks as backsplash and basically a whole accent wall. I think it looks amazing and really wonderful too! The counter stuff is really cute too, do you agree?

8.Minum Cove

Minum Cove

European Ceramics

If you like color combinations like these, you probably know you want them in your own space – contrasting colors always make for a balanced appearance of a room that enhances its beauty rather than destroying it with too much monochromatic approach.

10. Modern showbiz

Showbiz Becker

Studio Becker – custom-made furniture and milling work

Well, this bathroom looks like a counter in the kitchen, because all the granite that is used in it. I mean, I think it looks amazing and very beautiful, but I think too much granite made it look like something other than a bathroom.

11. Naxxar Townhouse

Naxxar Townhouse


I am impressed with how stunning the colors are in this bathroom. The simplicity shows up on the light brown with a touch of gray tiles everywhere and the colorful and printed tiles on the floor contrast this – which made it look amazing! Even the black basins on the counter add sophistication and beauty!

12. Nixon

Nixon Contemporary

SMB Interior Design

The wooden plinth of the counter gives this bathroom a different look and aura, which I find very beautiful. It kind of makes him feel earthy; Adding a tall plant also created this feeling which would most likely be loved by the people who see this picture, and especially the homeowners.

13. Ozone

Ozone House

Swell Homes

The color of the tiles goes perfectly with the color of the wooden cabinets or drawers under the counter. The large mirror that extends at each end of the bathroom looks great and definitely perfect!

14. Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie

SMB Interior Design

This long bathroom has a lovely double vanity just around the corner from the bedroom. It is likely that this bathroom is Master’s bedroom and it looks really amazing to me, how about you? The simple sinks and mirrors are also good choices!

15. Saville Isaac

Saville Isaac

Minosa Design

I love the way they used the wooden stairs to hang their towels – it is very versatile while it is still fitting the theme of the room. If you notice that the bedroom also has a wooden floor that actually matches the color of the stairs and is complemented with the counter.

16. Soft Contemporary Home

Soft Contemp

RS Design Studio

The dark brown color of the cabinets and drawers under the counter looks beautiful. It goes with the gray striped flooring and of course goes well with the overall white design and look of this bathroom. I’m surprised there’s a door on the other side of the room, but then again, it’s all interesting and fun!

17. Vail Valley Mountain

Gregg Mackell

186 Lighting Design Group

This double vanity looks amazing! The gray counters and wall look great and go well with the wooden cupboard directly below. I find it unnecessary to put a toilet or counter in the middle of the bathroom, but I think the designer thought differently but still made it look stunning!

18.We can see that only this counter and door are black – a nice choice to match the lovely white tub!

20. Wildcat Residence

Wildcat Residence

Oscar E. Flores Design Studio, LLC

In this bathroom we can see that there are two separate counters – I would like you to think so wanted to give the users of this bathroom enough space, so instead of creating two vanities side by side, they created them separately.

If I asked you now after seeing this list, would you actually say that this innovation is better than the traditional one? Or even better, but would you say you would actually consider that? We only get inspiration when our brains are spoiled with beautiful things like this list; When you have more time and want to try more wall-mounted furniture, check out 20 Interesting Wall-Mounted Tables and Share With Your Friends!

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