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20 ways to use pastel colors in Scandinavian living rooms

20 ways to use pastel colors in Scandinavian living rooms
20 ways to use pastel colors in scandinavian living rooms
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Scandinavian design is one of homeowners ‘and designers’ favorites for its beauty, simplicity, and usefulness. You can see that the style of Scandinavian houses is geared towards clean lines and functionality. The overall impression is just flawless and elegant. We’ve already featured some Scandinavian rooms, but it seems we can’t get enough of this look. With that we have put together a new list of living rooms on this topic for you, but this time some pastel colors have been used in the rooms. The combination of pastel tones and Scandinavian design makes the overall look of the living area very impressive indeed.

There are several factors to consider when designing a home with a Scandinavian theme. Aside from the clean lines, the use of light is important.

Scandinavian rooms are bright and usually use earthy, muted colors and minimal ornamentation. But it won’t ruin the look if you try to add some colors. Most of the time, interior designers choose to use pastel colors instead of the bold colors to preserve the simplicity of the space. Although pastel colors are light, they can add a cute and warm look to a home.

Let’s take a look at the living rooms below.

1 60 m² Scandinavian interior

60sqm Scandinavian interior

Imade pastel

This Scandinavian interior with decals uses splashes of baby pink, pale petrol, gray and white . Every colored element and the patterns it contains surprise the eye. Here, too, simple Scandinavian furniture is used, while the two mini cacti and a tree in pots add a touch of green to nature.

2. Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian Living Room

Claudia Stephenson Interiors

Apart from the neutral tones in this living area, the patterns in it are also very attractive like those from the carpet and the wall decoration. It’s amazing that the designers have managed to unleash their passion for pastels and patterns for this space.

3. Triplex Apartment in Upper West Side

Triplex Apartment in Upper West Side

Tara Benet Design

The different shapes and forms of the furniture in this living area give the living room a unique attraction. Your eyes will surely be drawn to the pops of light blue, turquoise, pink, and red.

4. The home of Romy and Ilya

The home of Romy and Ilya

Holly Marder

When you balance pastel tones with lots of white space, you get a stunning living room that way . Even if different colors are used here, the light wooden furniture and the white color make it appear calm.

5. Top Paddock Residence

Top Paddock Residence

Aspect 11

You will agree with me that the pastel-colored throw pillows go great with the gray sofa and flooring. This looks like a grown-up way of using pastel colors.

6. Scandinavian living room

Living room Scandinavian

Duong Arc

This pastel-colored apartment offers a mixture of colored walls and more subtle elements. The paintings bring a creative charm to the living room.

7. Loft Olivedalsgatan Göteborg

Loft Olivedalsgatan Gothenburg

Papac Media AB

Isn’t this a nice, simple living room with white walls, light wood floors and a standard fireplace that adds warmth to the area ? Also note the pastel colored pillows on the white sofa.

8.Salon séjour

Salon séjour

Leroy Merlin OFFICIEL

The color green is used here in different tones that combine the look of the living room. Also, notice what they did with the wall to make the room unique.

11. Pastel Living Room

Pastel Living Room

Doris Leslie Blau

Although the pillows on the white sofa aren’t all pastel colors, the white wall, sleek furniture, and green are Curtains compensate for the bold colors.

12. Victor Wharf – Private

Victor Wharf - Private

Pavel Pisanko

This bright, light and dreamy living room has a pink three-seater and a soft gray wingback and purple lounger. The pendant lights made of wood and glass are interesting room elements.

13. Nordic Pastel


Nordic Pastels


The black, white and gray color palette of this living room is highlighted by the pink wall color.

14. Piso en barrio Serrano

Piso en barrio Serrano

Hannah Brown

This house has little space, but its colors and layout made it relaxing. The striped wall art added color and style to the living room. It’s so beautiful that even the chair harmonizes well in the living room.

15. Linne´staden, Rosengatan 7

Linne´staden, Rosengatan 7

Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri

This is small and quaint, but it certainly serves its purpose for relaxation . What holds this look together is the use of black, white, and gray colors while adding some pastel pillows and pink artwork. Another special feature is the green in it.

16. Projecte Diagonal Mar

Projecte Diagonal Mar

Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio

This living area appears to be in a condominium, but still in an urban setting you can still achieve a Scandinavian interior. The natural light entering the house makes it more attractive, while the patterns make it look more exciting.

17. Pacific


Oliver Simon Design

The color palette of this living room keeps everything bright and light, but a few key black accents were added, to create contrasts and highlight design features.

18. Loft à Bagnolet

Loft à Bagnolet

Géraldine Blé – Agence Bepop & Lula

A large Scandinavian open concept for a living room with a music area. Its decors give the room more life with white walls and medium-tone hardwood floors.

19. J + A


Studio FortyFour

If you are looking for something modern but still Scandinavian, this is the living room for you. And what makes it even more attractive is the use of pastel colors not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen.

20. Inspirez-vous


Maisons du Monde

Don’t you just love the pink and mint green colors in this living room? Just the sight makes me jump into the picture and get on the sofa! Aside from the pillows, this console cabinet on the back is lovely! This space definitely gives us lots of ideas to do it ourselves.

Anyone can fall in love with this type of decor, especially the use of pastel colors! I know you will agree that these living rooms are very beautiful and well designed, so if you are just planning to decorate your interior then why not consider a Scandinavian design? It will surely provide you with a relaxing environment that is totally Instagram worthy!

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