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22 dining rooms with wooden floors

22 dining rooms with wooden floors
22 dining rooms with wooden floors
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Are you looking for inspiration for the design of dining rooms? Or are you looking for ideas for the flooring of your dining area?

Indeed, there are so many options, but which one could be the perfect flooring for your space? Is wood right for your home?

Wood is one of the most common materials and it is amazing that it can be used for anything and everything in the house, from furniture to ceiling. And yes, it is also a good material for your home floor.

To remove any doubts as to whether wood is best for your dining area, today we are going to bring you a round up of dining rooms that have wood floors. These dining rooms are available in a variety of designs from modern to traditional. Yes that’s right. You’ll also get ideas on how to customize your space.

Dining Rooms With Wooden Floors

1. Addison Grove

Addison Grove

A wood floor can be softer in the dining area, especially if the dining area is smooth and shiny. Wood looks great with the brick walls too.

2. Streatham


Here a two-tone medium-sized transitional kitchen / dining room combination is presented, which was medium-sized clay parquet floors . This area is directly connected to the back yard of the house. Isn’t it nice to have such a room?

3. Southern CT Beach Home

Southern CT Beach Home

A simple but striking dining area with a large wicker lampshade, the The snow-covered walls set accents. The white Tolix chairs stand out against a polished wooden floor and the old wood table. Reclaimed wood can also be used for other purposes besides a table! See how it can beautify your dining room here.

4. Armstrong – Exotic Hardwood

Armstrong - Exotic Hardwood

The dining area has white walls and dark hardwood floors brimming with elegance! The console table also enhances the room, especially with these beautifully arranged decors. Before you go any further, learn how to clean hardwood floors in this post.

5. Wood Floors

Wood Floors

As with our previous articles, wood dining sets were used in this dining area that match the architecture of the house.

6. Lido Island I

Lido Island I

A mountain-style dining room with a medium-tone wooden floor. The use of white walls and wooden furniture completes the appearance of the room.

7. Contemporary Mountain Lodge

Contemporary Mountain Lodge

Beige, light brown and ivory go well in this dining area, especially with light and dark wood tones. The wooden floors in the area create a perfect contrast to the molding.

8. Mohawk Flooring Gallery

Mohawk Flooring Gallery

This small, versatile, enclosed dining room will give you a forest feeling because it has a leaf wallpaper which goes perfectly with the dark wooden floors. It’s also nice that there are real plants.

9. Royalton – A perfect blend of classic and contemporary design

Royalton - A Perfect Blend of Classic and Contemporary Design

Light wood is used for the floor House, that looks perfect with the white walls and ceilings.

10. A house with a zipper

A House With Zip

Isn’t that a nice one Interior? I love how wood mixes with other textures and how they used different wood textures here.To make sure your restaurant is well lit, read our tips about it.

11. Calabasas Project

Calabasas Project

Are you looking for inspiration for the design of a large, modern dining room? This interior, with white walls, dark hardwood floors, a standard fireplace, and a tiled fireplace surround, could be for you.

12. Edina House

Edina House

As we can see in the picture, the homeowners can see through the dining room to the Back yard via floor-to-ceiling aluminum windows and sliding doors. This also brings natural light into the house, which here touches everything from the dining table to the wooden floor.

13. Mar Vista Modern

Mar Vista Modern

This beige-walled room with medium-tone wood floors is something that fans of modern minimalists are fans of will fall in love. Aside from using wood, I love the idea of ​​using a black steel staircase and of course the wood decors underneath!

14. 1512 Dolphin Terrace

1512 Dolphin Terrace

When a dining area becomes more casual, it doesn’t mean you lose all of its shine. The secret is to find the balance between elegant functions and the usual everyday objects like the fabulous chandelier with a natural wood table.

15. New Orleans Cottage

New Orleans Cottage

This is a medium sized traditional kitchen / dining room combo with white walls and dark parquet floor. What makes the room even more attractive are the chairs with large nail heads.

16. Federal Heights Remodel

Federal Heights Remodel

Any interior with a combination of wood and white is easy to fall in love with. This simple dining area is no exception either!

17. Nice on the beach

Beautiful on the Beach

Here you can see a large dining room on the coast with medium-tone wooden floors and beige walls . What I love about this room is the framed clothing, which apparently has sentimental value to the owner. There are many other ways to decorate your walls too, such as:

18. Morden Road Mews

Morden Road Mews

Isn’t that a beautiful dining area? It is save! The wooden floor used here looks like a walnut floor which contrasts well with the white walls and ceramic floor tiles that are used in the other parts of the house.

19. Miwa


Like house 334, this modern house offers clear lines and extensive details as well as the combination of wood and concrete. There are many attractive focal points of the interior, which this dining area is one of.

20. The Nest

The Nest

Another area of ​​Black Band Design and like the previous entry it has a similar beach vibe in it.

21. Moncada Residence

Moncada Residence

Brazilian cherry wood has been used as the flooring in this dining room and it looks really nice the end . It’s clean and shiny, which adds sophistication to the space.

While it’s always nice to use a rug to define the dining area, you can still see the effect of wood on the entire interior. Using wood – whatever the tone – gave the dining areas shown above a warm and welcoming feel. You can certainly feel that when browsing through the pictures. Indeed, wood is a widely used material not only for furniture but also in other areas of interior design. But if you’re not a wood fanatic, you can actually use ceramic tiles in a variety of designs or even plain colors. Well, you can use anything you want on your dining room floor, as long as it works for you and fits your interior design. Come back for more dining room design inspiration here on Home Design Lover!

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