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23 Christmas DIY Outdoor Decor ideas

23 Christmas DIY Outdoor Decor ideas
23 Christmas DIY outdoor decor ideas
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Christmas is around the corner. You can tell by the mailing catalogs flooding your front door these days. Your favorite radio stations will soon be playing Christmas music non-stop. Of course it’s the best time of the year. People are friendlier. There is the anticipation of giving. You can host a family reunion. Okay, maybe not the last. But you get the idea. It’s a time to celebrate!

23 ways to make your outdoor space unique with DIY decor for Christmas

It’s the best time of the year for DIY projects too. Correctly.Sure, you could be like your neighbors and display your best store-bought decorations. But why should one be satisfied with the ordinary?Your interior doesn’t have to be extravagant either. Even the simplest of ideas can turn a bah humbug into a Merry Christmas! So make it your year to get noticed.

1. Fabulous and Festive Artificial Fir Tree

Fabulous and Festive Flocked Fir Artificial Tree

Even without a single decoration, it looks completely festive on its own. It’s a great choice for an outdoor space like your front or side porch entrance to add extra appeal this winter. String along with an array of white lights to keep the flocked fun going long after the sunsets.

2. Winter Wonderland Snowflake Sleigh Christmas Decorations

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Sled Christmas Decor One of the most popular means of transport in winter is also a fun decoration. Support your old wooden sled from childhood and give it a new meaning. Its vintage flair and timeless memories will draw everyone’s hearts. Decorate it with handmade snowflakes and tie it with some balls of yarn for a true work of art worthy of winter wonderland!

3. Old Fashioned Christmas Window Glasses

Old Fashioned Christmas Window Pane Decoration Transform an old window into a unique vintage-themed winter decoration that will be the perfect addition to your porch this December. Create a large bow with a snowflake or plaid ribbon and add some sprigs of green, berries, and pine cones to create a nice, unique decoration. The pine cones and winter greens can extend the life of this decoration over the Christmas season and during the winter months.

4. News from planters in cheerful Christmas decor

Tidings of Planters in Joy Holiday Decor Decorate your porch steps with a festive flair this winter season as you spell “joy” to greet all your family and friends. Everyone who enters your home will enjoy this sweet feeling and the beautiful green with red and silver ornaments. If you don’t have steps, you can also put them next to each other on a small table.

5. As cute as a button Wooden Christmas tree

Cute as a Button Wooden Christmas Tree Don’t throw these scraps of wood away. Instead, use them to make adorable Christmas tree decorations for your home. Grab a handful of these leftover buttons and attach them as ornaments. A layered wooden star topper picks up the cake and a few rows of decoupage add your own touch to the design.

6.Signs for Popular Vacation Destinations

Favorite Holiday Travel Destination Signs

Make it easy for yourself to navigate to your favorite travel destination this year with these fun signs that will point you in the right direction. Whether you want to pamper your sweet tooth on Candy Cane Lane or prefer to enjoy some wildlife viewing by following Reindeer Crossing, you will enjoy putting this Christmas marker in your front yard for Christmas.

7.Simple and cute wooden tree with lights

Simple and Sweet Wooden Tree with Lights Sometimes less is more, so why not create this adorable little wooden tree? Apply some green to bring the tree to life with the color of the season and add an array of colored lights to complete the look. You can prop this up in the corner of your porch or use it in your window so everyone can see it. It would also be a nice present for some of your dear friends during a little Christmas gift exchange.

8. Creatively Crafty Spindle Snowflakes Winter Decor

Creatively Crafty Spindle Snowflakes Winter Decor

Think outside the box this winter and turn some wooden spindles into unique snowflake decorations.Sparkling silver, or cool blue to help decorate your porch space as Mother Nature blows the cooler temperatures onto the stage. Even if you’re stuck indoors, it’s comforting to enjoy some fun winter decorations to keep the winter blues off.

9. Free Standing Painted Wood 3D Christmas Tree

3D Freestanding Painted Wooden Christmas Tree

Since it is free standing, you can place it in the corner or right next to your front door. Paint it any shade of green that suits your imagination to give this piece some of your own personality.

10. Striped and Gorgeous Pretty PVC Candy Cane

Striped and Splendid Pretty PVC Candy Cane Don’t forget to check out these hardware stores when shopping for your Christmas decorations. With a few pieces of PVC, your front yard will become the winter wonderland of your dreams.Adding the white lights will help light up the path so Santa doesn’t forget to stop.

11. Star of Wonder, Star of Lights

Star of Wonder, Star of Lights

Just as the shepherds searched for the star, your friends can take it home as a guide for the holidays. Hanging in the top on the front of your garage or shed is another great way to showcase this bright star.

12. Funny and Festive Christmas Gnome Christmas Trees

Fun and Festive Holiday Gnome Christmas Trees

There is always room for more red and green when decorating your Christmas scene. Add these cute and fun holiday gnome trees to your mix to add some character to your decor.

13.Light Up the Night Twinkling Trees of Light

Light Up the Night Twinkle Light Trees Find a purpose for these tomato cages long after harvest time as you turn them into amazing twinkling trees of light. Since they will only take up space in your shed this winter if you keep them this winter, give them a new lease of life by decorating your front yard with the Christmas cheer!

14. Charming Wooden Lantern with Mason Jar Light

Charming Wooden Lantern with Mason Jar Light Here’s a new way to style your decorative lantern this winter. Turn an unused mason jar upside down and fill it with lights to create a new and interesting Christmas decoration. You can drape the remaining lights as a garland along your mantelpiece or wrap them neatly around the outside of your lantern.

15. Merry Christmas Holly Berry Doormat

Merry Christmas Holly Berry Door Mat Dress up the hallways and don’t forget to throw away a new doormat this holiday season! The creamy background is a perfect base for the red and green writing “Merry Christmas“, which is adorned with some festive holly berries and leaves. Changing out your doormat is the icing on the cake when tying up your porch for a total Christmas look.

16. Set of Snow Beautiful Snowmen Veranda Decoration

Set of Snow Nice Snowmen Porch Decoration

Bring some winter mood to your porch this year with this cute snowman set. This family of five is adorned with their scarves and hats to greet you with a friendly “It’s snow nice to see you” when your guests step outside your front door.

17. Illuminated reindeer with neckline and sleigh

Lighted Cut Out Reindeer and Sleigh And what should appear to your amazed eyes, but this illuminated horse-drawn sleigh with two tiny reindeer. Since your porch appears empty with the lack of hanging baskets, fill this space with Santa’s sleigh and a few reindeer. Trimming white lights doesn’t really bring it to life on your porch until after the sun goes down.

18. Super Large Christmas Balls with Red Balls

Super-sized Red Ball Christmas Bulb Decorations

Grab a cart full of red plastic baubles at the sporting goods section of your local department store and think of them as oversized lightbulbs for your Christmas curb appeal. You can hang them from your porch or from a tree in your yard, but either way, they’ll be noticed by anyone who drives around your neighborhood.

19. Return to the North Pole Sled Set

Return to the North Pole Sleigh Set Santa’s sleigh and reindeer return to the North Pole this Christmas Eve when they’re packed and ready in your front yard! The royal red color of the sled adds a festive pop of color to enhance your winter curb appeal. With all of the leftover boxes from online deliveries, you can easily make great gifts for that Christmas scene. Have fun creating your own North Pole in the comfort of your own front yard to share with your neighbors and friends.

20. Merry Christmas Wooden Circle Garland

Merry Christmas Wooden Circles Garland Choose “Merry Christmas” or your favorite Christmas carol to display on this rustic, farmhouse-inspired wooden garland.An evergreen wreath gives this holiday scene a wintry touch.

21. Winterize Every Inch For A Christmas Entrance

Winterize Every Inch for a Christmas Entryway

Wrap the pillars of your porch with some green and red ribbons to start the winter wonderland that covers every inch of your entrance area! Next stop, front door! Gather your favorite Santa Claus visiting Christmas signs and a few odes to the joy of the season and place them in collections on either side of your front door.

22. Hand Painted Crunchy Winter Snowman Sign

Hand Painted Crisp Winter Snowman Sign

It is easy to put next to your front door and is a cute accent to your existing porch decor. Put it on at the end of November and leave it on until the first start of spring so everyone has plenty of time to enjoy winter’s favorite friend.

23. Spice up your garden with ribbons

Jazz Up Your Garden with Ribbons

Don’t forget the pretty potted plants when it’s time for hibernation, the gold tones warm up the room and make everything look a little fancier than your everyday plants. When your flowers can’t bloom, bring some beauty to the scene with these glittery gold accents to keep your garden alive and thriving this winter ..

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