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25 Best Christmas Wooden Sign ideas

25 Best Christmas Wooden Sign ideas
25 best Christmas wooden sign ideas
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The tried and tested country house and country house style trend suits every season, but Christmas decorations are arguably the best time to put together classic country style elements for a home that vacationers flock to and want to stay in for a while. Warm and cozy flannels, wool and plaids, rustic outdoor-meets-indoor pieces of wood, lots of pine cones and outdoor finds are the recipe for a charming home in shabby chic and farmhouse style.

25 charming Christmas wooden signs that will add a festive touch to your home

The simple country house chic trend that has swept across Etsy has lots of reclaimed pieces of wood, garlands made of pine cones and burlap, wreaths galore and hand-painted wooden Christmas signs. While we can’t all live in Waco, Texas, we can take a few notes from some of the Etsy sellers. A real country house is sure to offer plenty of handcrafted pieces that have been carefully crafted with long lasting quality so you can proudly display each piece for years to come. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the nostalgia that comes with the best time of the year. After all, you don’t need Joanna to transform your home into the rural winter vacation of your dreams. All you need is Etsy! So sit down, grab your laptop (and grandma’s old quilt lying on the sofa) and check out this list of 26 rustic, vintage, and farmhouse wooden signs to transform your home this holiday season!

1. Vertical Merry Christmas Front Door Sign

Vertical Merry Christmas Front Door Sign

Vertical signs have become popular in recent years for good reason. They are the perfect addition to any porch for a touch of country charm. This vertical sign can be customized in a number of background and font colors. The sign is made from hand-picked premium pine and measures 54 “tall by 7.25” wide, the perfect size to stand out and be seen by all of your vacation visitors.

2. Kringle Candy Co. Vintage Sign

Vintage-styled Kringle Candy Co. Sign

Bring the magic of an old-fashioned candy store into your kitchen with this handcrafted sign. Everything about this candy shop sign is handcrafted, from the selection and cutting of the wood to the staining (using non-toxic stains and chalk paints!) To ensure you get a truly one-of-a-kind decor. It’s perfect for adding a little sweetness to your home.

3. Distressed Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Sign

Distressed Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Sign

For a country décor that reminds you of a country house, this “Farm Fresh Christmas Trees” sign is sure to be the focal point of any room. The large 2’x3 ‘sign is painted on a unique piece of wood and comes with the sign, framed and hanging accessories. With its timeless and simple two-tone design, this sign will never go out of style.

4. Mini Christmas Quotes Ornaments

Mini Christmas Quotes Ornaments

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you have to forego festive flair. Each 3.75 “x 3.75” ornament is the perfect size to adorn a tree or hang on a wall, bulletin board, wreath or garland! The gold-black metallic design with the walnut frame ensures a perfect mix of chic and rustic. Each ornament is made to order and handcrafted.

5. Personalized Family Sign for Christmas Tree Truck

Personalized Family Christmas Tree Truck Sign

The iconic image of the little red truck carrying the freshly cut Christmas tree is the perfect dose of country charm. This piece is 12 “x 12” and is the perfect size to sit on your coat or hang in the family room. The best part is that each piece is personalized with your family’s last name to be a unique and charming addition to your holiday decoration!

7. Calligraphy wooden sign “Let Us Adore Him” ​​

‘Let Us Adore Him’ Wooden Calligraphy Sign

Welcome love and family into your home with the text of the classic Christmas hymn O Come Let Us Adore Him. The sign, hand-stenciled, calligraphy on half an inch thick birch wood. The standard sign is gold-colored lettering on a 16 “x 16” piece of blue-gray wood, but since the signs are made to order, the finished product can be a custom piece!

8. Wonderful Time of the Year Rustic Sign

Most Wonderful Time of the Year Rustic Sign

It really is the best time of the year so let your home show it off. The charming sign with an English chestnut frame is available in three different sizes, from 9 “x24” to 15 “x40” and is sealed with polyurethane to keep its quality for many years of decorating. The sign retains the classic Christmas look with a red background and cream-colored lettering.

9. O Holy Night hand-painted sign

O Holy Night Hand Painted Sign

The reason for the season; The quoted sign O Holy Night reminds us all why the Christmas season is such a special time of year. The sign measures 26 “x 26” and is hand painted, no stencils are used, for a truly unique and beautiful sign to decorate your wall or mantelpiece. Past customers agree that these Christmas wooden signs are beautifully painted and make more personalized gifts.

10. Wooden sign with hot cocoa is served here

Hot Cocoa Served Here Wooden Sign

Whether you actually have a hot cocoa bar or not, this festive little sign is sure to be a hit in your entrance, kitchen or dining room . Each piece is framed 8.5 “by 8.5” so you can display several of these Christmas-themed wooden signs reminiscent of the old-fashioned markets and cafes you would visit during the holidays. With the customization available, this sign is sure to fit your chic country house style and space, large or small!

11. Classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” characters

Classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Sign

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” is a Christmas classic that families of all ages will know and love. The style of this sign will never look out of date. The simple fonts and images, as well as the aged wood, capture the essence of a quaint Christmas party while maintaining an antique look if that’s the closest to your taste. All in all, this is a classic piece that goes well with any traditional Christmas decoration.

12. Baby, It’s Cold Outside Hanging Sign

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Hanging Sign

Nothing captures the essence of rural winter coziness better than plaid. This wooden “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Christmas sign (paired with the hanging ribbon for an additional $ 4) is the perfect door piece to welcome trembling visitors into your warm, inviting home! The signs are 11 “x 9” with the option of 4 different stains from dark walnut to slate gray.

13. Jingle All the Way Bell-Holzschild

Jingle All the Way Bell Wooden Sign

Far out in the country, where the country house style is celebrated, there can be only a few carolers. Express the spirit of the Christmas carol with a line from the Christmas classic Jingle Bells. The 11 “x 12” wooden Christmas sign is made from a solid piece of wood and has a used look to give it character. The words are engraved and painted and a single bell hangs on a red ribbon.

14.Joy Vertical Wooden Sign

Joy Vertical Wooden Sign

If you don’t have a porch but still love the vertical sign trend, smaller Christmas wooden signs like this one with a hanger will decorate your front door and give it off a rustic look. The sign is made from recycled wood, handcrafted, with a small wreath for extra charm.

15. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Rustic Sign

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rustic Sign

We all know and love the classic Christmas line “Merry Christmas”. This fun and delightfully festive wooden sign is small but has a big impact. Each sign is made to order and measures 20 “x 20” for any home, large or small. The white lettering brings a little mood to your farmhouse decoration.

16. Three Wise Women Humorous Rustic Sign

Three Wise Women Humorous Rustic Sign

Primitive, aged signs can add a rustic flair to any room or porch, and this humorous sign is sure to get a kick out of when friends and family come to your door . This hand-painted sign is so well distressed that it achieves the look it has been around for ages and the quality is second to none. Customers agree that it is the main attraction of their verandas and a perfect addition to their country decor.

17. Merry Christmas Classic Wooden Sign

Merry Christmas Classic Wood Sign

If you need a Christmas door sign to welcome your guests and family members, a Merry Christmas door hanger is the right choice. The sign measures 24 “x 22 x 5” and hangs on a ball eyelet on a tip. The red and white background and the gray lettering are perfect for the festive look.

18. Engraved Personalized Cookies for Santa Claus Sign

Engraved Personalized Cookies for Santa Sign

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of leaving gifts, Santa Claus has a hard time finding the goodies the kids forgot. This engraved birch wood sign is sure to help! The laser cut piece is 8.5 “x 11” and is the perfect size to stand on a coffee or dining room table during the holiday season. Each piece is personalized with your child’s or family’s name to be a personal and fun addition to your Christmas decorations. You can even order several of these Christmas wooden signs and have them personalized for each child to leave a specially decorated treat for Santa!

19. Reindeer Names Rustic Wooden Vertical Sign

Reindeer Names Rustic Vertical Wood Sign

Although you will never forget the names of Santa’s reindeer, it’s a surefire way to put their names on the wall. This rustic, used-look sign is perfect for a shelf, coat or simply hung on the wall. The sign is 12 “x12”. The background is black and the lettering is white and red for the perfect, versatile Christmas look.

20. Under the Mistletoe Christmas Farmhouse Sign

Under the Mistletoe Christmas Farmhouse Sign

Mistletoe kisses are a tradition of the Christmas season. So, put up these delightfully festive wooden Christmas signs, hang up mistletoe and grab your treasure to eat on the tree, in the kitchen, by the fireplace! Each sign is handmade and unique and measures 12 “x 21” for a perfect addition on your mantle or wall. Couples of all ages will love this cute reminder to steal kisses this holiday season.

21. Believe Wreath Simple Rustic Wood Sign

Believe Wreath Simple Rustic Wood Sign

We all could use a gentle reminder to slow down, relax, and just remember the magic of Santa, the spirit of Christmas, and the joy of to believe holiday season.Each sign is painted with chalk paint and sealed to maintain its condition for years to come.

22. Classic Vertical Merry Christmas Wooden Sign

Classic Merry Christmas Vertical Wood Sign

You can’t go wrong with a classic red and cream “Merry Christmas” sign! This vertical wooden Christmas sign is the perfect size of 5 “x 10” x 2 “.

23. Let it Snow Wood Rustic Christmas Sign

Let it Snow Wood Rustic Christmas Sign

The best Christmas morning is when You wake up outside with a blanket of snow. Invite a white Christmas with this rustic “Let it Snow” sign, painted white and perfectly used. This 17 “x 7.5” sign is a charming addition to your Christmas decorations, however the best part is that it can be extended throughout the winter season!

24. Santa Stops Here Vertical Wooden Sign

Santa Stops Here Vertical Wood Sign

Perhaps the cutest aspect of this vertical sign is that it is like that Santa’s iconic red outfit! This Santa, Stops Here sign is the perfect eye-catching addition to your porch or entryway. At a staggering 48 x 7 1/4 x 3/4 inches, wooden Christmas signs like this one are just that right for you if you want a decor d hat your holiday guests will surely remember. Each sign is handmade and of high quality and is sure to last for many years.

25. Frosty’s Diner Old-Fashioned Wood Sign

Frosty’s Diner Old-Fashioned Wood Sign

Remind your favorite snowman that he is always welcome in your home this holiday season! This classic diner style sign is a charming piece to add to your kitchen or dining area. Each piece is stained and hand painted to give it that rustic vintage look. Each piece can be customized to match the specific color palette of your home.

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