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28 White Christmas Home Decor Ideas

28 White Christmas Home Decor Ideas
28 White Christmas Home Decor-Ideen
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The best white Christmas decorating ideas can make your familiar home appear new and magical. Since “white Christmas” means a different vision for every person, there are many possibilities. Is your perfect white Christmas snowy, icy and decorated in cool hues? You might want hygge-inspired whites and creams that add to the comfort of the stay when the outside landscape is covered in white. Layering cool whites over dark greens and natural browns can give you the look of a realistic snowfall. Perhaps the right decor for your space is to incorporate all three of these versions of “white Christmas”.

The 28 Best White Christmas Decorating Ideas That Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

One of the best things about a white Christmas theme is that the decorations are very versatile – many can be used after Christmas during the winter season. If this is a priority for you, take the following ideas and imagine how you can emphasize the winter elements over the Christmas elements. For example, imagine what it would look like without this Christmas statuette when a display shows a Christmas figurine. Of course, the magic of a white Christmas isn’t that the decor can be used all season – it’s about creating a nice atmosphere for your family and loved ones. Below are some of the best ideas for creating your own white Christmas ambience. As you go through these ideas, keep in mind that it is easy to adjust colors or textures to suit your vision.

In addition to aesthetics, it is also important to consider practicality. For example, if you are hosting young children or playful pets, some of these ideas may need to be changed. However, some of them make fantastic handicrafts and are intended for children. Whatever you want to use, create, modify, tinker or buy, you are decorating a room where your loved ones will make cherished memories.

1. A perfect white Christmas fireplace scene

A Perfect White Christmas Fireplace Scene

The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without a cozy cuddle by the fire with hanging stockings and flawlessly wrapped gifts. Careful planning ensures that the stockings and gifts are the focus. Without the supporting actors of the basket with blankets and coat decorations, however, the ambience would not be so complete. Stylized golden reindeer tie in the gold-embroidered stockings and golden tones in the wicker basket to create a feeling of general cohesion. The warm glow of the fairy lights cemented a feeling of cheerful togetherness. Because flat suspenders are used, small sculptures or more Christmas decorations can be displayed.

2. Yarn Christmas tree with hygge vibes

Yarn Christmas Tree with Hygge Vibes

These exquisite Christmas trees are one of the best decoration ideas for a white Christmas. They exude charm with their cuddly cream-colored yarn. Of course, you can use any yarn that you think will best suit your space. Using a soft, chunky yarn like in this example creates a cozy feel. For a more rustic effect, swap the yarn for twine. If you’re looking for a bohemian White Christmas feel, try using a yarn with pompoms or try gluing cotton balls on your Christmas trees. For a refined je ne sais quoi, you can experiment with a silver-to-white ombré.

3. Scandinavian Milk Carton House Ornament

Scandinavian Milk Carton House Ornament Turn white cardboard into the most adorable Scandinavian houses. Windows let light through and create an inviting atmosphere. With a nostalgic milk carton shape, this handmade ornament is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The beauty of this home, like most Scandinavian furnishings, lies in its simplicity. It is possible to personalize, but that could detract from the straightforward beauty. An easy way to personalize your house ornaments is to add detail to the houses with a fine marker.

4. Black and white Christmas memory ornaments

Black and White Christmas Memory Ornaments Surprise your loved ones with Christmas decorations on photo transfer that look absolutely divine with a white Christmas motif. A white Christmas decorating idea is to paint the wood ornament with your accent color before painting it with white; while this technique looks best on black and white photos, it can also be used on color pictures. Why stop at pictures of loved ones? Imagine a travel tree with black and white photos of all the cities that you have yet to explore.

5. Winter Wonderland in Shades of Champagne

Winter Wonderland in Shades of Champagne

While it can be tempting to decorate a white, Christmassy room with just white, this spacious living space uses subtle blush and champagne tones to accentuate the white. Inky floor, a mirror with a black frame and dark periwinkle add contrast and dimension. White flocking gives the Christmas tree and the evergreen garland the appearance of fresh snow. The inclusion of cozy knit textures and soft plush blankets can keep the room warm and inviting, even when wrapped in cool white. If blush and champagne aren’t your speed, experiment with your favorite accent colors to create your own look.

6. Unique Stacked Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Unique Stacked Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

To create adorable little evergreen trees, layer soft squares of white, cream, and oatmeal. This easy-to-follow tutorial shows exactly how to make your own cute white Christmas decorations. If you’re looking for that “fresh snowfall” look, try overlaying white with dark green. Stacking felt from dark to light could create an avant-garde ombré effect. Add a spray layer of glitter to give these trees a sparkling winter wonderland effect. Although they are precious tree ornaments, you can make them bigger (or smaller) to fit on your Christmas table setting or to add soft texture to your room.

7. Magical, child-friendly three-story Christmas village

Enchanting Three-Tiered Kid-Friendly Christmas Village Give your children a nice Christmas memory with a Christmas village that small children’s hands can handle. This tutorial uses artificial snow, which is a good choice for older children. If younger children are around, you may want to use an easier-to-clean snow alternative like pompoms or felt. Anyway, the magic of this village is to use a three tier tray. This way, it has a smaller footprint and is easy to move when needed. While a distressed white tray is used for a farmhouse effect in this tutorial, you can use the tiered tray appropriate for your space.

8. Unique Furry Ball Of Joy Decoration

Unique Furry Ball of Joy Mantle Decoration

To add a touch of whimsical playfulness to the best white Christmas decoration ideas, try a furry ball of joy. This tutorial describes how to make your own inexpensive garter belt from a few scrap materials. For a feline twist to show off what really brings you joy over the holiday season, you can glue black whiskers to the front of the ball and felt cat ears on top. To keep the kids entertained, a pair of googly eyes can transform the furry ball into a “yeti”. Of course, you can do without the fur entirely and use a silver-colored globe to show your wanderlust.

9. White Christmas wreath with untouched poinsettias

White Christmas Wreath Packed with Pristine Poinsettias

This white poinsettia wreath exudes white Christmas spirit as a happy explosion of Christmas spirit.However, if your idea of ​​white Christmas decorations includes silvery and sparkling over flawless and white, this wreath is exceptionally easy to personalize. Using only white poinsettias may seem flashy, but you can add dimension with silver poinsettias or by applying glitter. The ribbon is another easy way to harmonize this wreath with your other decorations.

10. Elevated White Christmas Scene with Santa Claus

Elevated White Christmas Scene Starring Santa Framing a scene with a cake stand is a great way to free up valuable countertop space. Since the footprint of the cake stand is relatively small, this is a great idea for small kitchens, and if you need to use your counter to make sugar cookies, moving a cake stand is a lot easier than moving lots of loose decorations. To highlight the white Santa Claus figure, this display presents a palette of silver, cream and gray tones.

11. Sparkling white ornaments enriched with essential oils

Essential-Oil Infused Glittery White Ornaments

You can conjure up aromatic Christmas ornaments with just cornstarch, baking powder, water and 30 drops of your favorite essential oils. As with salt dough ornaments, you can use any cookie cutter or cookie stamp to create a truly unique gift. They’re also a great idea to do handicrafts with with kids. This tutorial not only shows how to make these dainty decorations, but also gives some recipe suggestions for various scent effects. While this recipe only uses white glitter, you can try developing some dimensions by including silver glitter as well. Switch up which ribbon or string is used to hang them and you can reuse them in different Christmas decorations year after year.

12. Bucket of Snowballs White Christmas Ornament

Bucket of Snowballs White Christmas Ornament

Nothing says “white Christmas” like a song about snow. Since you are making this ornament, you can customize it to suit your space. You can use a variety of bucket finishes or ribbon to tie this ornament into your other Christmas decorations. The real beauty of this ornament is how versatile it is. Imagine using white jingle bells instead of pompoms and writing “Jingle all the way” on a Christmas carol theme. Add some googly eyes to the top “snowball” and change the text to “snowman kit” for a more kid-friendly version. Of course, this ornament on its own is classy and playful.

13. Inviting, Finger Knitted White Christmas Wreath

Inviting Finger-Knitted White Christmas Wreath All you need to make this comfortable pillow-shaped wreath is coarse yarn and a wreath shape. Simple instructions show you how to use your fingers to create a distinctive knit-like fabric. While it’s so lovely and cozy, you can instill some extra Christmas cheer in it by adding your favorite Christmas decorations. Alternatively, you can skip the wreath shape and use it as a garland to decorate a fireplace or on your Christmas tree. If you’re looking for white Christmas decorating ideas that incorporate cozy blankets into your theme, this is an effortless way to achieve it.

14. Child-friendly handicrafts: cute snowman belly decorations

Kid-Friendly Crafts: Cute Snowman Tummy Ornaments

The making of these cute snowmen will also be a great memory for small children. Since they are made with scrap tape and spare buttons, each snowman has their own personality. The snowman’s innards can be anything white and light that you have on hand. You can use cotton balls, marshmallows, desiccated coconut, paper, or tissues.This picture shows playful, fun snowman bellies, but it’s possible to create a glamorous snowman center by trading black buttons for gold and using a nifty silky ribbon.

15. White Christmas on the Beach

A White Christmas on the Beach

Who says white Christmases have to be cold? Fill some clear vases with seashells and silver ornaments and you have some adorable white Christmas decorations on the coast. If you have mussels from your travels, this is a great way to showcase them during the holiday season. If you prefer white Christmas decorating ideas that are silvery and covered in snow, you can paint the seashells silver or white. The silver tree decorations resting on it give this table decoration by the sea a touch of Christmas joy. For a bold Christmas decoration, you can put a Christmas tree or a snowman on the shell vase.

16. Canvas, Lace, and a Candlestick Christmas Tree

Canvas, Lace, and a Candlestick Christmas Tree

If shabby chic is your style, you might want to add this primitive candlestick to your list of the best white Christmas decor ideas. To add a bohemian touch to these charming trees, add multi-colored pompoms added. For a farmhouse feel, use a plaid or buffalo diamond ribbon instead of lace. These trees don’t have to be stationary decorations either. If you leave the tip a little loose, you have a seasonal earring holder. Imagine the possibilities!

17. Dramatic Glitter Grass Spray

Dramatic Spray of Glitter Grass Non-traditional white Christmas decorating ideas can be hard to track down, but this eye-catching grass display could be just the thing for your space. As shown in this picture, it can be used as a tree top. Make a mark on your coat by placing a twig in a vase. For maximum drama, try adding more than one branch to your display. Because a spray of silver glitter is versatile, you can use these as design accents on their own or use them to create blooming silver displays. To create the illusion of freshly fallen snow, try overlaying this silver spray with deep green evergreen decorations.

18. Fluffy White Faux Fur Christmas Tree

Fluffy Faux-Fur White Christmas Tree Four sizes and five color options mean you have plenty of choices to create your ideal white Christmas room. If you want to display your fur tree on a wall, you can also save a little money by covering just one side with faux fur. Larger trees are sold with a small wooden badge that fits perfectly in a rustic or modern farmhouse living space. With one or a forest of these enchanting trees you can create a wonderfully white winter ambience. The variation in coat color and size creates a more natural forest look. Just populating your space with white trees creates an ethereal effect.

19. Angel Feather Remembrance Christmas Ornament

Angel Feather Remembrance Christmas Ornament Suspended in a clear, hand-blown ball with iridescent glitter, this ornament is a poignant reminder to those who are no longer here to celebrate the season. This ornament can be in honor of a family member, friend, or pet. Even if their absence doesn’t make it easier, this ornament is a special way to express both love and sadness. Every time you see this memory ornament, you can honor the deceased while he or she lives on in your memories. This sympathy ornament is a way to include the lost loved one even though he or she has transcended that existence.

20. Scandinavian Style Origami Star Christmas Ornaments

Scandinavian-Style Origami Star Christmas Ornament These Scandinavian inspired poinsettia ornaments showcase simple geometry and excellent craftsmanship.Each one is strung with metal cord to maintain the natural feel. The white paper is simple and versatile enough to fit into most interior design schemes, including even tricky minimalist, Japanese, Japanese, and Scandinavian rooms. You can choose between two sizes or a bundle that includes both. The layering of different sizes cultivates a sense of dimension. This Etsy shop takes custom orders in case you need different sizes or maybe silver, gray, or cream stars.

Set of Six Glorious Glass Globes

With glossy and matte surfaces, these ornaments offer the magic of ice and snow. Each glass ornament is embossed with waterfalls made of glittering circles that mimick the falling snow. Because translucent white and clear glass are compatible with most themes, you can use this set of six ornaments year after year. The best white Christmas decorating ideas often come in a variety of colors and textures, and this ornament set does just that with a variety of shades of white, silver, and gray. Contrasting textures between tempered glass and wafer-thin organza add dimension and feel.

22. Deer and tree winter scene candle holder

Deer and Tree Wintertime Scene Candle Holder This candle holder glitters like a new layer of ice and gives your room magic and movement. When unlit, the white and clear colors appear cool and shimmering. Light a candle inside and the deer and tree come to life and this candle holder will become a statement piece. For those who love the glamorous decor, try ornate gold candlesticks. Slide it next to some deranged decorations and you have a peasant dream.

23. Quiet Snowfall – White Velvet Poinsettia Wreath

Quiet Snowfall White Velvet Poinsettia Wreath This wreath has it all: rhinestone poinsettias, soft velvet, sparkling glitter, eucalyptus leaves and white berries. Cool gray and silver tones greet the guests in a refined shimmer. Soft velvet poinsettias make the wreath soft and welcome everyone who walks in. The best white Christmas decorating ideas start at the front door, and this glamorous wreath is an excellent start. Of course, you don’t have to put it on your front door – it might look best on your coat or in your entryway. Wherever you choose, this wreath exudes the same calming calm as a snowfall at dawn.

24. White Christmas Shimmering Snowflake Garland

White Christmas Shimmering Snowflake Garland Draping glittering snowflakes over any surface is perhaps the best way to decorate a white Christmas. This listing features over six feet of sparkling white snowflakes that are perfect for creating a white Christmas atmosphere. Iridescent sparkles catch the eye, while three different snowflake patterns catch the eye. Since snowflakes are in season all winter, you can leave them outside throughout the season. Hang it on the fireplace, on a banister or anywhere that extra winter charm is needed. For a fairytale white Christmas spirit, this garland does a great job of accenting other white glittery decorations.

25. Unique 2-in-1 glass vase candle holders

Unique 2-in-1 Glass Vase Candleholders These simple and elegant vase candle holders add value to any room. As shown in this picture, you can fill it with artificial snow. Alternatively, you can fill any candle holder with anything as long as it isn’t a fire hazard. Think of acorns painted white for a woody white Christmas party, or even silver hex nuts to add some industrial flair to your white Christmas party. You can purchase these either as a set of 3 or individually, if it suits your decoration better.

26. Feathers & Pearls White Christmas Ornament

Feathers and Pearls White Christmas Ornament Gossamer feathers, delicate pearls and the matt surface of the ornament combine to create a delicate ballet that is perfect for a white Christmas ambience. The soft, fluffy feathers contrast with the hard, geometric edge of the ornament to create an almost magical effect. Made from tiny pearls, even the ornament hanger adds elegance and sophistication to the overall effect. Since each ornament is handmade, each one is unique. You can fill a tree with it for an ethereal White Christmas effect. Although each ornament can stand on its own as a statement piece, it can also step back to make another element shine.

27. Glamorous White Christmas Ornaments That Match Royalty

Glamorous White Christmas Ornaments Fit for Royalty Each of these eye-catching ornaments is covered in velvet and decorated with an assortment of lace, pearls, brooches, feathers, and ribbons to create a handcrafted masterpiece. There’s a hard plastic ornament underneath the velvet so you don’t have to worry about broken glass. Since these ornaments go beyond simple decorations and are works of art in their own right, you may be tempted to display them all year round. This ornament set includes three unique designs, but the Etsy shop is open to custom orders if you have something special on your mind. In combination with simple gold or silver ornaments, these royal decorations become objects of conversation.

28. Hanging acorn ornaments made from natural materials

Suspended Acorn Ornaments Made from Natural Materials With a real acorn cap and a white felt body, these ornaments are perfect white Christmas decorating ideas for rustic, natural or Scandinavian spaces. With brown in your white Christmas color scheme, your room will feel both wild and inviting. These six acorn ornaments are an Instagram-worthy way to brighten up a hot cocoa or coffee bar. As each set is handcrafted and comes in pretty packaging, these ornaments make fantastic gifts. Since each acorn cap is unique, these ornaments are truly unique gifts.

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