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A guide to furnishing in French country style: elegance meets rustic charm

A guide to furnishing in French country style: elegance meets rustic charm
a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm
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french country side interior

Whether your home is in the countryside or in the heart of the city, if you get the French country style right, you’ll always feel like the Provence countryside is waiting for you right outside the door .

This charming interior style is your best bet if you’re aiming for a conscious balance between elegant and rustic.

However, French country decor is often confused with other styles. Let’s make sure you’re accurate first know what to aim for.

What is French country style?

french country side bedroom

French country style is a creative interior design style that combines the elegance of antique French furnishings with the spontaneous coziness and natural focus of country environments.

In other words, an irresistible blend of sophistication and a more unassuming, rustic feel.

Inspired by the bucolic homes of southern France and Provence in particular, French rural interiors are characterized by distressed wooden furniture combined with harmonious Lines, upholstered pieces, a natural palette, and patterned fabrics like toile.

What is the difference between French country and farmhouse styles?

french country side decor

Both French country and farmhouse styles contain rustic and natural elements, but although they are often mistaken for the same decor, they are nonetheless two different and separate types of interior design:

  • The French country never fails to incorporate a touch of refined elegance and can as shabby-chic interiors (with which it shares some similarities) are considered softer and more feminine decor
  • Farmhouse is more casual and focused rt leans more towards rustic elements; The most obvious difference is that it has clearer and more defined lines compared to the decorative and ornamental details of French country style.

Why you’ll love French country style:

french countr side interior design You’ll feel like you’ve brought a piece of French Provence into your home

  • It’s an aesthetically pleasing balance of sophistication and rustic coziness
  • It includes an enchanting natural color palette{ 10}
  • You will be able to enjoy the softness of toile and natural fabrics
  • The decorative lines of the characteristic furniture result in the most delightful decor
  • How to decorate your home in French country style


While traditional French decor can be more ornate, the trick to a successful French country style is to balance it with more modest vibes by also embracing more casual and ver focus more dubious elements.

Here are the key aspects to consider for a home that harmoniously celebrates this style and that is of course… très belle.

Start with that To properly envision this style, without deviating from its signature feel: a blend of sophistication and comfort.

Remember that with French country style furniture and decorative items, you don’t have to strive for perfection. On the contrary, a desperate and lived feeling will go a long way.

We think this decor is especially perfect when you want to secretly impress your guests, but also make them feel welcome the moment they step through the front door.

You can do it a natural palette a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm 6202a48079121

To reinforce the country element inherent in this style, focus on a natural color palette. Choose aged distressed furniture (or new pieces made specifically for it) that contain both simple and the most graceful lines.

a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm 6202a484c9c1b

While rustic wood should be the star of the show, you can always add a few gold, wrought iron, or metallic accents. Wrought iron, in particular, is an even better choice for your patio furniture, but don’t stray from this style’s focus on decorative lines.

Bring nature into your home.

a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm 6202a48869e8f Besides the Colors in your palette, French country style encourages you to introduce more natural elements in other ways. After all, you can’t take inspiration from Provence and then forget to bring some of its idyllic features into every room!

  • Choose botanical and natural themes for your fabrics (e.g. curtains, cushions ). and sheets), wallpaper if you choose, artwork or accessories. Some of the most traditional French country motifs include roses, lavender, olives, sunflowers, and roosters, as well as rustic patterns like gingham and plaid.
  • Try to use fabrics that are as natural as possible. Cotton and linen are popular versatile materials, but don’t forget to experiment with the most iconic French country fabric: toile. Soft and airy, perfect for patterned curtains. However, you can also find it in throws and upholstery

Consider some mirrors

a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm 6202a48b05508

When it comes to French country style, mirrors are essential for two main reasons (apart from from the obvious help to get ready in the morning): they reinforce the airy and breezy element of country homes and are a great opportunity to enhance that style through their setting.

Indeed, you should focus on the focus on the most ornate gilded mirrors, which have either striking gold and metal accents or a distressed painted look. If your French country mirror looks more like a work of art than a reflective surface, you’re definitely doing it right!

You can throw in a few smaller mirrors as a decorative accent, but in general, don’t be afraid to go big Get out there.

Use smart accessories

a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm 6202a492e2e38

From major accents to small details, the right accessories can help you complete your French country style.

For example, throws and cushions with eye-catching patterns, large and small wall clocks for setting up on tables and cupboards, chandeliers, candlesticks, fruit bowls, wall lights, floral porcelain and pots with fresh flowers are popular.

As for your patio or garden, you could emphasize your European inspiration by also looking out for a few small statues.

Regardless of which accents and accessories you choose, try models and prioritize this style’s signature distressed look.

characteristic elements of French country style

a guide to furnishing in french country style elegance meets rustic charm 6202a49644f67

Now that you understand this style well, you know the importance of a natural color palette weathered appearance, and a certain type of furniture.

To help you make your decor even more immediate and recognizable, we thought we’d share our list of French country style items with you:

  • Cabriolet Upholstered Chairs Legs
  • Convertible legs in general
  • Painted furniture
  • Benches
  • Toile fabric
  • Distressed cabinets
  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • A large kitchen island
  • Chandeliers (especially those with crystal drops)
  • Closets
  • Vanities
  • Exposed beams

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