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A modern Pennsylvania farmhouse with rolling sunshades

A modern Pennsylvania farmhouse with rolling sunshades
a modern pennsylvania farmhouse with rolling sunshades
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Farms are usually combined with stables in which the animals live. It’s in a rural or agricultural setting.

If you’ve seen the TV series or read the book about Heidi, you’ll probably imagine that. This cute and sweet little girl lives in a farmhouse up on the hill where she can see the green pastures for 360 degrees. What a view!

But of course not all farmhouses are created equal – apart from the area around them. Did you know that there are already modern farmhouses?

Yes, you can make a farmhouse modern in design and concept. Just like what the designers did with our featured home today.

Cutler Anderson Architects designed the Pennsylvania Farmhouse with impressive features for both its architecture and interior design.

You can tell imagine what a modern farmhouse could be like? look?

Well, you don’t have to search this on Google because we are going to show you how Cutler Anderson Architects designed a modern farmhouse.

Scroll down and you won’t doubt it are in the end impressed how this house turned out!

Location : Pennsylvania

Designer : Cutler Anderson Architects

Style : Modern Farmhouse

Number of Levels : Two Story

Unique Feature : This house is like a box with modern farmhouse large rolling umbrellas.

Similar House : Somerset Home in California has a stunning farmhouse design

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Cutler Anderson Architects worked on this modern farmhouse for a large family on a 300-acre farm in northeast Pennsylvania. This four bedroom home is located in a remote area in northeast Pennsylvania. It was designed to blend in with the surrounding farming community.

Cutler Anderson Architects

The architects designed a simple white box-like house. From a distance it looks like a simple farmhouse, but when you see its features such as the large rolling walls, you realize that this is an admirable building. White was used because it’s often used to paint original farmhouses, and it’s the cheapest paint.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse

The owners of the house chose a piece of land in a meadow on Edge of a hedge. The house was designed with a low surface to volume ratio. In this way, the owners can save costs and at the same time could reflect the simple white form of the practical farmhouse architecture of the region in which the house is located.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse interior

Inside the house is the double high ceilings create an airy and open space. The large windows fill the interior with natural light, especially when the parasols are open.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse living

The living area is a mix of different furniture designs. It also features a tall bookcase and a wood-burning stove that runs in the middle. The heat from the wood-burning stove is captured by ducts in the ceiling and conducted to other rooms throughout the house.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse office

At the top of the stairs is a home office area with a long, built-in wooden desk. This is a good use of the hallway rather than just leaving it empty.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse stairs

To contrast the white interior, wood has been added throughout the interior. What you can see here are the stairs that lead to the second floor of the farmhouse. Isn’t that nice? There is also a seating area nearby with a triangular wooden coffee table and wooden chairs.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse bedroom

This picture shows the bedroom with wooden window frames. Windows like these can be seen throughout the house.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse rolling sunshades

We can take a closer look at the rolling umbrellas and screens in this picture. It’s designed to respond to solar gain through the large, south-facing windows. It also allows the building to be closed securely if the owners want more privacy.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse closed shades

When the parasols were closed on hot summer days, the temperature in the house rose by up to 20 Degree F reduced. There is no air conditioning in the house, as the ambient temperature seems pleasant for all residents.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse architecture

The house is powered by a geothermal heat pump, which is supported by a wood-burning boiler. The wood for the kettle comes from dead trees and branches from the forests around the farm.

Isn’t that interesting? Aside from its design, it’s also impressive to note that this house by Cutler Anderson Architects has some sustainable features. Apparently the parasols are one of its highlights, which we can clearly see in the exterior. This is something we can’t see in other homes that makes the Pennsylvania Farmhouse unique. Well, its architecture is also very unique and whoever sees it for the first time will not expect the interior to be very beautiful. Although we only have a few pictures of the interior, we are sure that it has too much to offer! What can you say about this house? Which special functions would you like to use for your own home?

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