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Beautiful Bathrooms With Sinks

Beautiful Bathrooms With Sinks
20 beautiful bathrooms with sinks
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Most people would think that choosing a sink is not a big deal, mostly because we are usually looking for its function, not how it looks.

But there are some homeowners who like the design from . know very well the sink, which has a big influence on the appearance of the bathroom.

Therefore you have to know how to choose the right sink.

Did you know that there are different types of sink there and designs?

Today we are going to show you bathrooms that had sinks for the vanity unit. Do you know what a countertop washbasin is?

Wash basins can add style and value to any bathroom. In fact, it can be the most noticeable feature of your bathroom.

It is defined as a freestanding sink that sits on top of sink consoles or countertops. Sinks come in a variety of materials, colors, and prices.

1. St Mary`s Place, Weybridge

St Mary`s Place, Weybridge

This lovely bathroom has used tone on tone to make the space appear larger. Also note that there is a sink on top of the floating vanity.

2. Eclectic Gable Bath

Eclectic Gable Bath

The homeowner found the dresser on Craigslist and made it shabby chic Vanity. There are also slim, modern washbasins. The beadboard paneling adorns the walls and gives the room a shabby chic look.

3. Moonee Ponds Home

Moonee Ponds Home

A freestanding stone bathtub that is framed by natural light that gently drifts over the handpicked tiles falls is the hero in this project. This is actually a transformation of a bedroom into a bathroom in a Victorian house.

4. Contemporary spa-inspired bathroom

Contemporary Spa Inspired Bath

The color inspiration came from the nearby sea and was combined with a custom-made vanity and white quartz countertops.

5. Modern bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Spacious, trendy main bathroom with flush-fitting cabinets and countertop washbasin. Here you can also see a free-standing bathtub on a white ceramic floor.

6. Mr Mitchell Portsea House

Mr Mitchell Portsea House

This bathroom has polished concrete floors and architectural stone walls. I love the black sink that goes well with the wooden vanity.

7. Penthouse washbasin concrete look

Penthouse Waschtisch Betonoptik

Large modern walk-in main shower with flush-fitting cabinets, countertop washbasin and countertops made of wood. It looks great with the concrete floor and walls.

8. Issaquah Highlands Residence

Issaquah Highlands Residence

A modern 3/4 open shower with flush cabinets made of light wood cabinets. The blue ceramic tiles on the wall look great in the room.

9. Andrew Place, Lennox Heads

Andrew Place, Lennox Heads

A lot of people would love the sink here, but the design of the bathroom is even more beautiful in particular the wooden worktop with flat screen cabinets and the diagonal cut of the glass shower cubicle.

10. Quiet Contemporary

Calm Contemporary

The white sink looks great with the quartz countertops. Isn’t it nice that this bathroom also has space for a dressing table? It is definitely a spacious bathroom!

11. Sinclair Ave – 100 South Broad

Sinclair Ave - 100 South Broad

This bathroom has shaker cabinets, gray walls, a sink and gray Floors. This butterfly wall decor added to the attractiveness of the bathroom.

12. Denmark Avenue

Denmark Avenue14

The floating wooden cabinet looks really beautiful in this gray-walled bathroom. Of course, the countertop washbasin is a feature that completes the look and function of the bathroom.

13. Complete renovation of the home in Carlton Woods

Full Home Renovation in Carlton Woods

This modern bathroom has medium-colored wooden cabinets with a one-piece toilet and a marine tub . But what makes it so beautiful are the gray walls and the black slate floor.

14. Lookbook: High Street

Lookbook: High Street

The combination of architectural charcoal tiles, classic white marble and fine woods underlines the beauty of this bathroom and reaffirms his classic approach.

15. Hudson

9th and Hudson

A Scandinavian restroom with Mexican concrete tiles on the floor and a ton of white all over the place. It has an image window through which you can see the external view.

16. Master Bathroom Jade

Master Bathroom Jade

This design is ideal for an ensuite bathroom. His vanity style and color are beautiful. There is also a make-up area in the middle between the two sinks.

17. Open living spaces

Open Living Spaces

The key to a modern bathroom is a sophisticated palette paired with contemporary shapes like what you can see in this area.

18. Glengowrie


A combination of natural oak, wood and raw concrete has been used in this modern bathroom. The walls are covered in white tile that goes perfectly with the other materials used here.

Surely you’ve seen the sinks in the bathrooms upstairs. And you would agree with me that this type of sink looks really noticeable. It added an appeal to the bathroom, especially if they are colored or textured.

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