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Before and after the transformation of the Brazilian Piraja House

Before and after the transformation of the Brazilian Piraja House
before and after the transformation of the brazilian piraja house
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When it comes to design, nothing is impossible. At first glance, what the customer wants may sound out of reach, but sometimes amazing ideas can emerge from it.

This is how unique houses are created. It starts with a homeowner’s dream and it is up to the home experts to turn that dream into a reality. Because of this, even the ugliest and most dilapidated buildings can still be renovated into beautiful houses.

Have you seen such transformations?

Well, there are warehouses that are turned into beautiful houses, or even barns even! But today we are going to show you an old house that was passed down in three generations.

The house is called Piraja House in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We don’t have to tell you what the old house looked like because you can see it in the pictures below.

Yes, as always, we give you a short virtual tour of the house plus before and after photos!

Take a look at:

Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil

Designer : Estudio BRA Arquitetura

Style : Modern

Number of levels : Three levels

Unique feature : A long and narrow house became too Renovated a modern residence with roof garden.

Similar house : Darlinghurst Warehouse: Once a garage, now a brick house

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Three generations of the same family Family own this house. It has been renovated to suit the lifestyle of a young couple and their dog.

Estudio BRA Arquitetura

The house originally had too much space. Other than that, it has low lighting and a low ceiling. All these characteristics did not meet the expectations of the young couple who will live in the house. Therefore, the old structure was torn down so that only the masonry walls made of solid bricks remained and had a load-bearing function.

Piraja House

Upon entering the house the dining area and kitchen area will greet guests. Don’t you love the tropical flair of this place because of the plants?

Piraja House living room

Next to the kitchen is the living room with a white brick wall. The wall was simply painted white, which gives the area a subtle industrial touch. There is a pivoting door and a sash frame that allows the lounge area to be expanded when it is fully open.

Piraja House interior

Since the living room is long and narrow, one side has the seating area while there is a shelf on the other side. The shelves offer enough space to display action figures. Apart from that, it also houses the television.

Piraja House stairs

in between Living room and kitchen are concrete and steel stairs. This leads to the second floor of the house.

Piraja House kitchen

Here you can see a before and after photo of the kitchen. In the kitchen, the original brick wall has been painted, creating a bright and welcoming space.

Piraja House kitchen island

On the opposite side of the brick wall are minimalist wood and white cabinets. The kitchen island and a dining table extend over the entire kitchen. Isn’t that a great design for a small kitchen?

Piraja House stairs roof

The stairs we saw earlier lead to the roof of the house. There is also a skylight that gives access to the roof terrace.

Piraja House bedroom

On the second level of the house there are two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms overlooks the street, but it has wooden shutters that can be closed to provide privacy for the bedroom.

Piraja House roof

Before, the roof was nothing but after the renovation turned it into a slab garden. This is a nice place to sit and relax, especially in the early morning or late afternoon. Also take a look at the skylights on the side.

Piraja House roof garden

The terrace has a small lawn and a garden where you can relax. Who would have thought that such a green roof could be seen in the middle of tall buildings?

Piraja House roof deck

In addition to the lawn, a part is also intended for plants. In appearance, these look like herbs of various kinds that can be used in cooking!

Piraja House courtyard

The house also has a courtyard that extends from the living room. It has trees and small plants that make you feel like you are in a park. There is also an outside kitchen perfect for preparing barbecues at nightly parties.

Piraja House exterior

You can compare the house here before the renovation and after the renovation. The new house has a secure area at the front that doubles as a small garden and patio. It’s a lovely way of welcoming guests!

This home renovation shows us that we can turn any room into a stunning home! Nobody would have expected that the long and narrow room could actually become a cozy place to live. It’s good that Estudio BRA Arquitetura was there to help the young couple get their dream home! The property of this house is 4 x 24 square meters and was divided into three levels including a roof garden. Designing this house because of its shape was certainly a challenge. But it turned out really great! So if you have a long and narrow lot, don’t worry! You can get your dream home regardless of the size of your property. Others even prefer to live in tiny houses than in large, spacious villas.

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