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Best Bedroom Lighting ideas for Reading

Best Bedroom Lighting ideas for Reading
22 beautiful standing reading lamps in the bedroom
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What if you could create a cozy space in your bedroom and stay there for hours? Or a small area where you can just snuggle up with your favorite pillow and read well?

This space wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t add a standing reading lamp! This will help you read when your ambient lights are off.

This list we’re showing you today is sure to get you dreaming of a room that will stimulate your creativity and your dreams.

All you have to do is ask your designer to add this space to your bedroom design. I bet you’ll be more than eager to go home after work every day just to enjoy the delights of your lovely bedroom with a reading nook and floor lamps just like the ones on this list.

1. Tucson House Renovation

Tucson House

First on our list of bedroom reading lights comes in House in Tucson designed by Patricia B. Labyrinth. The design is a bit tropical to me because of the flooring and ceiling fan. But all in all I think this is a modern room with a nice interior and design.

2. St. Regis

St Regis

I’m totally impressed with the wood panel over the large bed. Several lights can be seen in the bedroom, which are directional and task-related lighting. That means they were placed there secondary for function and style. I love the fact that this bedroom has an amazing view of the ocean.

3. Queen Village Home

Queen Village

In this bedroom we see four lamps, two of which are work lighting – one for the bedside table and the other for the chairs on the side. This is great for reading and for extra lighting when you need to finish something like a craft or something similar. The feeling of light that this bedroom brings with it is calming and relaxing to look at.

4. Downtown Riverfront Condo

Riverfront Condo

This condo certainly has a stunning bedroom to brag about. The design seems like your normal bedroom, but I think you and I would agree that this space was well thought out and planned from the start. It has comfortable furniture and nice decorations.

5. Big Sky Ansel Haus

Sky Ansel

This is a log home that we are looking at and I find , it looks really beautiful, just as it looks comfortable and cozy for sleeping. The bedside table has a lamp that is ideal for the work lighting that is best for reading. Then there is this lamp on the comfortable seat by the window, which is best for resting before you even fall on the bed.

6. Portsmouth Beach House

Portsmouth Beach

Floor lamp? No problem! This beach house sure has that covered for you with the stunning gilded floor lamp strategically placed next to a comfortably sized chair near the window. How about you?

7. Hannon Richards – South Residences

H Richards

The hanging floor lamp in this bedroom looks really nice to me. It’s gorgeous and adds a feminine touch to this more masculine bedroom.

8. Campden Hill Court

Campden Hill

A large, high-backed chair with a footrest is sure to look comfortable and pretty. I’d really like to have one in my bedroom.

9. Hotel Dallas

Hotel Dallas

A hotel? A condominium? Whatever this room may be, I think it’s still a stunning bedroom to sleep in. The color palette looks extremely rich and imposing – I think anyone who would see this room would really love it. Note that the floor lamp by the window is certainly more functional than decorative.

10. Rosslyn

Rosslyn Town

We have featured this house a few times, but it sure fits into many of the categories that we are presented on this page. A functional space with the right colors and furniture to make it beautiful and useful.

11. Bengaluru Condo

Bengaluru Condo

This is a great bedroom! The sweet thing is that there are two identical single beds that apparently belong to girls, even if this bedroom looks gender neutral in design. The floor lamp in the middle of the room looks great and flexible – you can place this lamp anywhere in the entire bedroom.

12. Upper East Side Apartment

Upper East

Take a look at how tiny this apartment’s floor lamp is. It looks small but perfect for reading! I totally love it! What about you?

13. Woodvalley House

Woodvalley House

Do you know this bedroom? I think this bedroom has a breathtaking aura. The look and feel are pretty interesting and comfortable – I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it’s a great bedroom to actually have.

14. Pyrmont Apartment

Pyrmont Apartment

This bedroom certainly has a mind of its own – a partition to separate the sleeping area Area of ​​the area where you can just sit down and read your favorite book. A sublime feeling for an industrial space – a perfect combination!

15. LG House

LG House12

A simple but stylish bedroom with a catchy and interesting bed and bedding. Using light-colored bedding in a white or gray bedroom will make your bed stand out from the entire bedroom.

16. N California Mountain Home

California Mountain

A home in Northern California with an intriguing bedroom design and fascinating Arrangement. I like the symmetrical look on the sides of the beds and the usual but modern floor lamp that just sits above the bed.

17. Montreal Residence

Montreal Residence

Here is a bedroom with lots of seating around the bed.

18. Art Apartment

Art Apartment

This could be one of the nicest bedrooms on this list and I really wanted it to be on top of this one List but I wanted it to stay low so it ended here. The printed walls are definitely memorable and the furniture and decor somehow adapt to it.

19. Clayton Renovation

Clayton Renovation

This Clayton home sure has an interesting take on the furniture in this bedroom. On the right side of the bedroom we see a sitting area with floor lamps ideally placed as reading lamps. The chair has butterfly prints – pretty interesting, isn’t it?

20. Bedroom in Perth

Perth Bedroom

This house in Western Australia is really big and like a hotel. It looks as modern as your rich uncle’s bedroom. On the other side of the bed is a large reading armchair with a stunning standing reading lamp that fits in with the entire bedroom ensemble.

21. Brooklyn Townhouse

Elizabeth Roberts

This last bedroom shows us a minimalist bedroom – we have a bed, a chair with it a reading lamp and a long console by the window. I like the color combination of this bedroom because it’s really simple but very appealing.

There you have it, folks, the 22 beautiful standing reading lamps in the bedroom. All of these beautiful bedrooms have one thing in common and that is the floor lamps that every room has designed for reading. Not all bedrooms have these lamps, because of course it depends on the customer whether he wants a place for his reading pleasure. Just like this list, you can take a look at the 22 modern bedroom designs with reading lamps and determine which lamp design you actually want.

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