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Best ideas for small bedrooms

Best ideas for small bedrooms
best ideas for small bedrooms
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Small bedrooms can be as large and comfortable as any large bedroom. These little bedroom ideas below are designed to help you create your own private little spaces at home! Our bedrooms are our refuge. It is our own piece of privacy in which we can be ourselves without any inhibitions. If your bedroom is small and you think there is no way it can be improved, then think again! Designing small bedrooms can be quite tricky. Especially when you have no idea where to start. There are many factors to consider and it can be very overwhelming. But with the right information, tools, furniture, and design, you certainly can!

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Now that you’ve figured out how to put the furniture, bedroom layout, and color combinations in place, now is the time to decide what type of design you want for your bedroom. There are many design ideas to choose from, depending on your preferences. Below we just take a look at the more common and popular ones.

Modern Design

Modern design for any interior usually refers to the reflection of modern art in the home. Usually the design themes are clean straight lines, the use of metal, the lack of clutter, and bold accent colors to name a few.

Wall Fireplace and Wood Accent Wall Small bedroom in the Union Bay Residence in Seattle. The wall is accented in wood with a fireplace.

Glass Walls

Clear walls for larger spaces in this beachfront home on the Oregon coast.

Chandelier on the side of the bed

The chandelier on the head side gives the interior a cozy touch. And it looks pretty charming too. This is one of the villas at Casa Hannah in Indonesia.

Workspace and wall art in bedroom

The wall art in this room in a Stockholm villa gives the room a calming feel. It also makes the space less small.

Contemporary design

Contemporary designs are more “current”. The contemporary style is characterized by soft and rounded pieces. Most interiors incorporate neutral elements and bold colors, and focus on the basics of line, shape, and form. Below are some examples of modern small bedroom design ideas:

Earth Tones for curtains and darker wood colour for the tables.

In this room at Residencia Mirante, earth tones of various shades have been used. The bed’s colorful pattern adds a nice touch.

Purple and grey color to accentuate the bedroom

Add a pop of bright colors to your small bedroom like this room in a City Beach House in Perth.

Yellow accents to bedroom

Add bright colors to your room and complement it with other furniture like this room at the Vernon Residence, California.

Small Garade-like bedroom

Small sleeping area in a garage in Bordeaux. A skylight was added to allow natural light.

Minimalist design

Minimalist style is often characterized by extreme simplicity and simplicity. That being said, minimalist design uses simple and natural shapes. It generally means spacious rooms with minimal furniture and details. However, for small bedrooms, minimalist designs can be very desirable as they focus on saving space. Below are some examples of minimalist design ideas for small bedrooms:

White walls and floating bed

Minimize furniture in your bedroom with just a bed and a small bedside table like this room in the Arx home in Binningen, Switzerland.

Bed on Room with Slanted Rood Due to the limited space in this Kristofer Johnsson room, only a bed and a small stool have been added for the table.


The small white space of the room from the Office of Architecture is maximized by minimizing the furniture in the room and opening the space in the center to movement.

Industrial design

Industrial design usually uses neutral tones, utility items, and wood and metal surfaces. If this type of design is your thing, here are some ideas for creating small bedrooms that use industrial interior design:

White Bed with black and white lamps over the bed The use of the industrial lamps above the bed adds a little more class to the entire room. In addition, the headboard of the bed has been converted into a shelf for more space.

Industrial Bed inside small bedrooms

Despite the bulky bed in the middle, the room from the grit and polish with the windows on the headboard is more open. The chair and basket on the other side of the bed add a nice touch to the interior.

Yellow Green and white combination on limited space with modern bed lamps and customised bedside table.

This New York apartment successfully combined the industrial design theme in this bedroom with the bespoke bedside table and bare walls.

Gray and lighted walls The room of an industrial apartment in London has made use of the concept of industrial design with its angular and rustic look. Furniture was limited to the bed, bedside tables, dresser, and dressing table.

Industrial Bedroom for Young Man

This industrial bedroom uses metal finishes on most of its furniture and uses under-bed storage space to store things.

Traditional Design

If you’re more of the classic and comfortable type, traditional interior design might be for you. When using the traditional design for your bedroom, mainly use pieces that are matched and consistent. The fabrics have the same patterns, which can be floral, plain-colored, muted checks, geometric and small all-over patterns. If you’re tempted, check out some examples of small bedroom design ideas for traditional design.

Custom-built window seat and bookshelf The room at the Hupomone Ranch in California has a custom-made window seat to create more space in the otherwise small space.

Minimalist design with grey and green combination

This bedroom from a prefabricated house in Mallorca plays with the same color theme of the exterior (green) and adds some gray accents.

Comfy bed with cool chandelier

The room at this Cat Mountain Residence in Texas gives you a spacious feeling despite the limited space with the open window and chandelier.

Pink-coloured room with open windows

Another fantastic way to add extra space is with the large open windows of this room in the Wheeler Residence, California.

Baby Pink Room The combination of baby pink and white of this bedroom idea for girls is quite cute and charming. The small pieces of furniture were put aside to create a larger space.

Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-Century Modern Design can be very confusing when it comes to what time period it covers. But for designers, mid-century modern design is often characterized by timeless quality. The design is often identified with clean lines and smooth organic curves. It also follows features, tidy and sleek and with minimal ornamentation, to name a few. If you think this is the style for your small bedroom, here are some modern mid-century design ideas for the small bedroom:

Brown bed with red lamps

This bedroom at the Bromptons in London is pretty comfortable with the browns and earth tones of the room accented by the red lamps.

Earth tones room and windows The limited space in this room at Feldman House can only accommodate some fancy furniture with a large window to the outside.

Wall niche and alcove used to maximised space with wall photos This mid-century modern bedroom design uses a wall alcove and niche to add more space to the room ..

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