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closet doors | The 12 best styles for your home

closet doors | The 12 best styles for your home
closet doors the 12 best styles for your home
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sliding closet doors

While closet doors are an absolute must, they remain one of the often forgotten necessities when it comes to interior design. Sure, closets are more important in and of themselves since you don’t want your stuff sitting out in the open for everyone else to see. So if you’re in the process of redecorating your bedroom or any other area in your home, consider these stylish closet doors for inspiration.

To make it easier for you, we’ve got a handy list of the best Closet doors created for every room in your home, as recommended by our renovation experts.

Bi-folding closet door

bi fold closet doors

A bi-fold closet door is one of the most popular closet door ideas. These are space saving doors that you can decorate or paint to create a personalized door for your closet. There are many ways to personalize the door. Our designers suggest applying wooden strips in geometric shapes to create a modern, contemporary look.

Another clever idea is to add wallpaper with attractive prints to give it a unique look. The best thing about using folding doors is that they are space efficient as they don’t take up too much floor space. Plus, these double doors are affordable, so they’re certainly a practical choice.

Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard door

Children and adults can both benefit from cabinet doors painted with chalkboard paint. By simply applying paint to the doors, you can turn them into a chalkboard that you can write on after 48 hours of application.

This is one of the best closet door ideas for kids rooms, especially if your kids like scribble. Chalkboard paint can be purchased at your local hardware store and can be easily applied in just a few hours. It’s certainly a fun way to upgrade the look of your child’s room.


curtain closet doors

Some homeowners may prefer not to include a door in their closet. Maybe to save some space, or they just love the versatility of the style. Regardless of the reason, curtains can also be great alternatives for closet doors. A simple white fabric curtain that you can hang wide and high will add a simple, natural look to any bedroom.

You can also opt for a thicker fabric that might hide your storage needs. This idea is very easy to implement. All you have to do is hang a rod across the closet and then attach a curtain of your choice.

Industrial chic

metal sliding doors

Double closet door sliding doors are a great choice for small spaces because they are take up little space. For a more masculine look, opt for metal sliding doors that exude an industrial vibe.

These modern closet doors give the room a cool and modern look. This is one of those closet door ideas that works well for men who prefer a simple but durable door for their closets.

Lab Door

louvered doors

This type of door resembles a shutter , similar to accordion closet doors. These doors allow enough air and light to flow through the closet, helping to keep your clothes fresh. If you want more detail, opt for designs with decorative panels.

Choose cabinet doors with wooden slats if you want to add warmth to the room.All you have to do is spray them with dust spray or dust them with a feather duster.

Mirror Doors

mirror closet doors

A mirror cabinet door can make your bedroom look more stylish and chic. So instead of buying a full length mirror, you should instead install a mirrored door.

These bedroom closet doors can help make your room appear brighter and larger. Opt for cabinet doors that incorporate mirrors in their woodwork. They’re practical, trendy, and chic while adding the right amount of light to your bedroom.

Modern glass doors

glass sliding closet doors

Modern glass cabinet doors work well in rooms with a contemporary design. Frosted glass double doors are a popular choice for those who prefer to conceal storage while still creating a fresh look in their bedroom.

Multi-layered glass panels work well with this idea and can be framed with wood in a similar way to traditional ones become doors. If you’re concerned about the door being easily damaged, you can opt for an acrylic option, which has a similar look but comes in a variety of styles so you can find one that suits you well.

Closet French Doors

closet french doors

If you want to give your bedroom a new look that will never go out of style, consider installing French closet doors. These doors open outward toward the room, leaving ample space for you to peek inside your closet. Our designers suggest adding moldings to the closet door to frame it even further.

Make it look stylish and chic by painting it a glossy white color. It can also help your French cabinet doors look clean, classic, and timeless.

Color Accents

colorful closet doors

Plain white doors are the most common cabinet doors. You can take the look to the next level by painting them with some pops of color. Think of the door as your canvas. Grab a brush, have fun, and get creative with your own patterns and artwork.

For example, painting your white door with an oversized bloom is enough to give it a whimsical look and improve the ambiance of the entire room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique patterns, bold geometries, or colorful stripes.

Single Door

slide panel closet door

While double closet doors are great, a single door can also work well. This type of door is similar to the typical door in your home and resembles that of a regular bedroom door. However, this door could take up more space each time you swing it open to access your closet.

Nevertheless, you can use the door as a decorative surface to enhance the look of the room. For example, you can hang a mirror to brighten up a small space and make it appear larger than it is.

Sliding barn door

sliding barn doors

If you love creating a rustic atmosphere In your bedroom, a sliding barn door can help you achieve just that. These double cabinet doors come in two styles. One is to have the door slide through the wall, also known as a “pocket door”.Another version is hanging the door with a cabinet door roller set that allows the door to slide out of the wall. You can purchase the kit at your local hardware store.

Closet Door Wall Tapestry

wallpapered closet doors

Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to improve the look of your closet door? use wallpaper. Wallpaper is available in countless patterns, colors and designs these days. They’re easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for people who rent an apartment and don’t have the freedom to rearrange their closets.

Hopefully these closet door ideas will inspire you to update the look of yours bedroom closets..

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