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DIY Candle Holder Ideas

DIY Candle Holder Ideas
DIY tea light holder ideas
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Tea lights can look phenomenal in any room, and the best DIY tea light holder ideas can help make those little gems stand out even more. There are simple and uncomplicated ways to set up tea lights. However, if you want these lights to function as part of your decor, it is important to use something a little more creative and special when setting it up.You can also always slide something on top of the tea lights so that the lights highlight another piece of decoration rather than being the focal point of the setup.

Adorable DIY tealight holder decor ideas for a fun afternoon project

You can even use regular sized candles or make your own to keep the tealights on a higher level if you want. Of course, you can still get closer to the traditional holders while creating something unique by opting for a different shape besides the circular tea light design. This way you can keep things smaller and more compact and still have a holder that stands out from the crowd. Another cool aspect of tea lights is that you can place them almost anywhere. They create a welcoming atmosphere in a living room just like they do to add style to a bathroom. With the many options available, you can easily create brackets for the various rooms in which you can place them from the comfort of your home. It’s understandable if you don’t know exactly where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of some of our favorite homemade tea light holders to help you decide which project is the best addition to your home.

1. Tall Personalized Tealight Holders

Tall Personalized Tealight Candle Holders

Tall candles can serve as statement pieces so beautiful that they will fit into any decorative style you have in your home, whether you’re decorating the house for the holidays or just keeping the season in mind Hand. They are versatile considering that you have more than enough space to decorate the outside of the candles and add any personalization you want. The boundaries are exactly what you can imagine and print out. This is more helpful if you have old candlesticks that have long burned out the candle. Cleaning them up and adding something to create a base for the tealight candle can make it last longer, especially if you opt for LED lights instead.

2. Rustic Raffia Tealight Holder Decoration

Rustic Raffia Tealight Holder Decoration

Using raffia material is a perfect way to create a more rustic, rural look in your home. They make wonderful tealight holders with their texture that offers an interesting layer of style. A nice aspect of making holders from this material is that they don’t all have to be one size. You can make some just big enough to hold a tea light properly, or you can opt for a couple of different height sizes. Striving for a difference in size is a worthwhile endeavor as it will help your decoration flow better.

3. Floating Votives Faux Pumpkin Holder

Floating Votives Faux Pumpkin Holder

Faux pumpkins can serve as a nice base for tea light holders. You can paint these in any color you want, but lighter shades like white seem to immediately stand out, especially when the pumpkins are used alongside another decor with more autumn themes in their color scheme. Fill this up with a little water and you can spread such a great autumn mood with the decoration inside. The tealight candles float well, while adding a few leaves creates the fall mood you want and adds some color to the pumpkins if you paint them white. You can keep the tops on so guests will be in for a surprise when they pick them up to look inside.

4. Himalayan salt tealight candle diffusers

Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Diffusers

With Himalayan salt you can create unique candle holders for your tealights.The salt already has a beautiful appearance, offset by the lighter color of the tea light. However, once lit, the heated salt can turn the holder into a diffuser, even more so if you add a few drops of essential oil. So the result is a great tealight holder that exudes a welcoming atmosphere that you can see, feel, and smell.

5. DIY Birch Wood Tealight Holder

Birch Wood DIY Tealight Candle Holders

The fall and winter seasons can make for incredible DIY decorating projects when you bring the outdoors into your home. Pieces of birch wood go a long way in adding the right seasonal feel to your home and creating that lovely rustic feel that will make everything else you’ve decorated the room stand out even more. They are just the right size to also carry the tea lights so that they don’t take up too much space when they are set up. You can also make these at different heights so that the setup blends and flows much better.

6. Autumnal pumpkin tealight candle holder

Autumn Pumpkin Tealight Candle Holders

You don’t have to do without any autumnal decorations to make your tealights stand out just as well. Pumpkins and candles seem to go hand in hand when this project has something to say about it. You don’t even have to go for something real. Artificial pumpkins and LED tealight candles are the right choice, because this way your cool decoration will be preserved season after season. The most real thing about this design is the wax dripping on the pumpkins which adds more depth to the entire piece to create such an amazing look that is almost magical in a way.

7. Frosted Glass Tealight Holders

Frosted Jar Tealight Candle Holders Tealight candles can add gentle warmth to your Christmas decorations, especially if you have a wintry holder like these frosted glasses. Floating on toothpaste and glitter is a great way to get that frosted effect that really makes the glasses look like you pulled them out of a blizzard. And with the illuminated tealight holders inside, the flickering appearance creates a bewitchingly beautiful atmosphere that looks even more breathtaking at night. Place this under your other Christmas decorations to rule the season and create a winter wonderland right in the warmth of your home.

8. Chic DIY Votive Candle Holders

Chic DIY Votive Candle Holder Recycled items and dollar store halls can be all you need to create tealight candle holders that have a sophisticated, chic look.Metallic works fine in this case, but you can age just as well on any paintwork. Otherwise, you can opt for a solid color so that the candle holder will effortlessly go with any type of decoration that you have put up in your home. The top part offers an interesting effect that makes these candle holders look a little haunting.

9. Aged Bed Feather Coil Votive Tealight Holders

Aged Bedspring Coil Votive Tealight Holder

If you have or can find antique bed feather frames, they can be turned into incredible tealight holders. This is the perfect way to add a vintage element to your lighting decoration. The use of the trunk as a base is another great feature that gives the entire holder a pleasantly rustic outdoor feeling. Not only that, this candle holder will also go with your holiday decoration. The darker tones can help you add a classic personality to your Christmas decorations and also spice up your fall decorations.

10. Artificial Marble Candle Holder Design

Faux Marble Candle Holder Design

If your looking for homemade tealight holders, some of the best are when you can make something budget-friendly look high-end.Some color goes a long way in making the piston tops look like they were part of the marble-colored shells. If you opt for gold in between, you can nicely interrupt the coloring of the bowls and move your eye to another place. Throw in some LED tea light candles and no one would be wiser that these aren’t expensive and nifty candle holders, but something that you created without breaking the bank.

11. Fall Decorative Glass Tealight Holders

Fall Decorative Jar Tealight Holders

Some clear jars can give you the right amount of space to spice them up for the season and what you end up getting over several seasons.You can of course add more and personalize it further to properly support your decorative style. Once the tea lights are lit inside, the light through the leaves and anything else you have placed on top of the glass can look absolutely stunning.

12. Concrete Christmas tree tealight holders

Concrete Christmas Tree Tealight Holders These great Christmas tree tealight holders are just in time for the Christmas holidays. Made of concrete material, thanks to their unmistakable appearance, these holders are sure to become a topic of conversation for your guests. The concrete gives them good depth and makes them last longer so they can be your favorite decoration to get out of when it’s time to decorate for the holidays. The use of tea lights gives the trees such a powerful look overall, all the more so when you light them. You can also choose between the golden or red glitter of the trees and between light or dark concrete. This gives you some space to decorate according to your current style.

13. Handmade wooden tealight holders

Handmade Wooden Tealight Candle Holders

Make every celebration a memorable one when you use these beautiful wooden tealight holders. Whether you are giving them away as a gift or keeping them for yourself to decorate the room, they will easily grab attention. They have a distinctive shape that creates a sense of movement when placed, especially if you decide to emphasize other decorations. From everyone to winter, these holders fit right in. Plus, you can choose to make them out of plain wood or opt for a cool effect that makes the wood look cracked to give it a little more texture instead.

14. Stylish tealight holder made of concrete

Stylish Concrete Tealight Candle Holders Would you like to give your decoration a modern statement? Then this set of two candle holders will fit perfectly into your home. They’re versatile enough that you can use them as the seasons and holidays change. With the sharp angles, these can also look artistic and make it a modern chic. There are also color options to help you find the right set for your decorating style. These come in either a gray set, a white set, or a black set, and you can also get them with or without a base to hold them together.

15. Multiple Sizes Concrete Tealight Holder Set

Multi-Sized Concrete Tealight Candle Holder Set Some of the best DIY tealight holder ideas focus on using concrete with the reliability and versatility of the items. These are available in three different sizes so that you can combine your decorations. The tea lights fit in nicely, but you can also use other items like succulents to create a well-rounded decoration in your home. The simple, natural coloring of the concrete, whether light or dark, can also help to ensure that it matches different decorative styles.

16. Colorful tealight holders in a pack of 3

Colorful 3 Pack Tealight Holders

With these brightly colored holders you can add a little Art Deco to your home. The colors are vibrant and appealing and in three different shades it gives the owners a lot more creativity and artistic flair that makes them so inviting. Meanwhile, the leopard print enhances the colors without overwhelming the keepers overall. Apart from that, these even come with tea lights so you can set them up straight out of the box and give your interior your personality.

17. Silicone Mold Tealight Holder

Silicone Mold Tealight Candle Holder This interesting silicone mold creates a geometric design that allows you to get something more unique. It’s a wonderful way for your interior to have more impact in the coming season, especially since the shape seems to go well with different styles, and because they’re made of silicone, they’re also highly heat-resistant so you can replace LED candles if you wish can use real tea lights.

18. Simple Beech Tealight Holder

Simple Beech Wood Tealight Holder Some of the best homemade tealight holders are all about simplicity. It couldn’t be easier with this attractive, compact tealight holder, which is exactly the right size for the respective object. The wood used for this is lovingly carved and, since it remains untreated, has a slightly old-school look that gives your decorations a bit more uniqueness. Rather than anything else that gets in the way, the wood itself is able to give the right atmosphere while providing a natural textured pattern that isn’t too noticeable. Not only does it go with a seasonal fall or winter look, but it also works well for those with a minimalist, Scandinavian style ..

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