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Feng Shui style guide to amplifying the energy of your home

Feng Shui style guide to amplifying the energy of your home
feng shui style guide to amplifying the energy of your home
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Fed up with all the clutter and spaces that just don’t help you feel relaxed no matter how hard you try to unwind after work? Then it’s probably time to give your home a feng shui twist.

Unlike most decorating styles, feng shui isn’t really about checking certain decorative boxes and sticking to certain elements (you get it Don’t get us wrong though: certain features and themes can help).

On the contrary, it’s the philosophy of creating a harmonious balance in your home to inspire a sense of calm and serenity in your everyday life.

Let’s start by understanding this powerful concept.

What is feng shui in interior design?

Feng shui style guide

Feng shui literally means “wind water” and is a ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on finding balance between different elements by positioning them in a way that optimizes “chi” (energy).

Therefore, feng shui in interior design is more about Eliminate clutter and your present Rearranging furniture rather than sticking to a specific decor style.

No wonder it’s also known as “the art of placement”!

What you’ll love about feng shui:

  • The sense of peace and Balance You will feel like your home has been treated according to feng shui
  • The connection to nature you will develop
  • The beauty of simplicity you will find in both furniture and Everyday life
  • The fact that you are not restricted by decorative rules and trends

How do I make my house according to feng shui?

To feng shui open your house In order to create the best possible way for you personally, start by understanding the five elements of this philosophy.

Become familiar with the 5 core elements of Feng Shui

Portable indoor fountain for good Feng Shui

During the term focuses on wind and water, feng shui would not be complete without these five elements:

  • Wood symbolizes both growth and vitality: add wooden furniture and plants to express your personal Encouraging growth
  • Metal symbolizes knowledge and logic, and you can incorporate it through metal frames and accents{8 }
  • Earth symbolizes the balance central to this philosophy: from rock to Artwork and crystals, introduce this element into your home to feel grounded and more stable
  • Water symbolizes calm and wisdom: reflective surfaces, fountains, and aquariums can help you find both clarity and relaxation
  • Fire symbolizes energy in its purest form as well as passion, which is why you can celebrate the transformation with candles and some red objects

Get rid of clutter before moving your furniture White bedroom interior

Even though there is much more to it, minimalism is at the heart of a feng shui home.

That’s because, if you remember, this philosophy focuses on maintaining a good flow of energy and balance in your home and allowing the chi to flow freely from room to room.

You know what? Clutter gets in the way! It disrupts that natural flow and instead turns it into negative energy.

Therefore, the best way to kickstart your feng shui process is to clean up first. You can’t start rearranging your furniture and belongings if they contain tons of superfluous items.

Don’t worry: That doesn’t mean you have to get used to a nearly empty room. It’s simply a matter of being conscious of every single piece of furniture or object you own: it should either be functional or, if purely decorative, actually make sense (but try to keep the latter to a minimum).

Prioritize furniture more easily

two wooden chairs on white wall

Since feng shui is about rearranging your existing items rather than buying new specific pieces that follow a certain style, it’s important to know your Extend the decluttering process to your furniture.

However, if you’re planning on decorating a new house from scratch or changing your current decor, we recommend choosing pieces with simple and clean lines without overly decorative elements .

Just like decluttering, this will also help you avoid feeling cluttered by maintaining a visual flow free of distractions.

A feng shui palette

Create For your feng shui palette, choose one inspired by the five elements of this style such as:

  • the browns and greens of wood
  • the grays and whites of metal
  • Earth tones like yellow, orange and beige
  • the blues and light blues of water
  • the flaming red of fire

Of course that doesn’t mean that you should include them all in every room!

For the most harmonious results, choose neutral tones for your primary and possibly secondary colors, and choose a brighter accent or two for each room.

Think green

Miniature zen garden in stylish bedroom interior Don’t forget to incorporate it into your palette if you can and don’t forget to bring the wood element to life with some real plants.For example, place your headboard against the wall and leave at least 2 feet of space to the sides.

  • Another feng shui practice is to keep your toilet seat closed when you’re not using it to prevent your chi from escaping or being compromised


Signature elements of a feng shui house

We hope things are clearer now: feng shui is not a specific style , but rather a way of reorganizing your own style with the most meaningful possessions.

However, we can’t argue with the fact that certain elements can bring more positive energy into your home and give it a feng shui boost:

  • Open doors or sliding doors
  • Open spaces
  • Large plants
  • Water features
  • A sensible welcome rug
  • Carpets
  • Candles
  • Diffusers for essential oils for aromatherapy
  • Possibly spiritual reminders such as a small Buddha statue

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