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Furniture trends 2022 | The best new styles for your home

Furniture trends 2022 | The best new styles for your home
furniture trends 2019 the best new styles for your home
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If you’re looking for a simple home makeover or a simple room refresh, we’re taking a look at the top furniture trends for 2022 so you can upgrade any room in style. You will feel like an absolute trendsetter as you implement these furniture trends, handpicked by our decorators, in your upcoming home renovation. Heed these furniture trends of 2022 so you can style your home in a current style that will be trending for the year to come and beyond. Also, as we address tired trends, it’s time to finally let go of them.

One thing to remember about furniture trends is that they aren’t nearly as short-lived and fleeting as fashion trends are, so make sure that your time and investment will be worthwhile when you bring in trendy decorations so that you can get the most out of them over the long term.

Jewel Tones jewel tone sectional

Rich jewel tones are reminiscent of elegance and opulence; If you want to add a royal feel to your room, then jewel tones are a necessary choice. When it comes to furniture trends, classic jewel tones are pretty safe as they can be styled up or down and convey a sense of longevity.

To make the furniture trend your own, look for furnishings and even extras in brilliant hues smallest doses, as jewel tones pair well with almost any design style and when mixed temporarily can help create a chic layered, relaxed look.

Velvet upholstery

There’s no denying that velvet has made a big comeback for good reason, thanks to its silky and luscious feel. It’s plush and certainly dramatic – velvet upholstery will add an elevated effect to any room while also making it appear more mature. Combine jewel tones and velvet to take the trend up a notch to create the perfect decadent seating arrangement for 2022.

The key here is to look for furniture that features modern silhouettes to keeping the look fresh and not too vintage or retro inspired. Think sleek velvet sofas and casual drapes.

Matte finishes

matte green chairs

When you think of matte furniture, you might immediately think of white or black—but this Latest 2022 furniture trends defy a flair for the unexpected. Ink blue, forest green and dark gray are currently fresh take on matte finish home furnishings thanks to their fresh feel. Ditch the traditional white and black and impress with a bold yet muted color.

Matte surfaces that feel good to the touch can be harder to maintain and keep clean, so make sure you have matte ones Finishes and finishes are left out of high traffic areas to ensure durability.

High gloss finishes

high gloss furniture design

High gloss finishes experienced a bit of a hiatus in 2018, but for the furniture trends of 2022 they are back in trend. The reflective nature of a high gloss finish brightens and brightens a room by reflecting the light. High-gloss surfaces give your interior design an ultra-modern look; whether in your kitchen, your bedroom or your bathroom.

High-gloss surfaces also go well with matt surfaces for the ultimate mix. However, metallic picture frames and crystal accents also allow you to introduce high-gloss items more cheaply.

Terrazzo Prints

toilet interior with terrazo sink

Terrazzo Prints make fun and colorful furniture designs; with its geometric elements and its playful character.So if you’re considering a garden makeover, palazzo prints could do wonders to brighten up the space.

There’s something about terrazzo stone and prints that evokes a timeless, carefree spirit, so have fun with it, because this is a furniture trend that is playful for the sake of playfulness.

Lucite Tables

lucite end table

We love this atmosphere Lucite tables are suitable for modern decor or almost any design style, from traditional to transitional. They make great coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands, and with brilliant Lucite design, they’re at the forefront of home furniture trends.

When it comes to decorating small spaces, are suitable Lucite tables are also great for making rooms appear larger because they visually take up less space and emphasize what you place on them.

Abstract Organic Metal

herve van der straten abstract organic metal furniture

If you’ve never heard of Hervé Van der Straeten, then n it’s time to look at the artist, jeweler and design visionary. We can’t get over how incredible and inspirational his abstract furniture creations are.

Working primarily in bronze, he incorporates other organic metals into his furniture designs to create truly unique pieces. His designs are at the forefront of modern furniture; Clean lines and natural influences make his work sensational.

Art Deco

art deco mirror

Art Deco furniture trends seem to be here to stay — as they come back year after year. High-shine metallic tones paired with splashes of jewel tones always look stunning, especially paired with the beautiful geometric designs we know and love from the Art Deco era.

Carry out spirited art with glass and chrome Deco glamor into your home, elegant mirrors and bold, symmetrical prints on a large scale.

Natural materials

solid wood tv stand

Natural materials define the furniture trends of 2022. From stone to wood to natural textiles, natural materials are making a breakthrough in the ever-changing world of home textiles. Imagine planters made from natural stone on dramatic dark wood plant stands and upholstery made from organic cotton and wool.

By going with nature, you’re also working to introduce fewer toxins into your home due to cheaper furniture constructions , materials and finishes bring a lot of toxic chemicals into your home.

Sustainable decor

industrial style bedroom with recycled pallet bed

Furniture trends in 2022 are becoming more eco-conscious, with a focus on recycled materials and more sustainability. You’ll see a lot of the furniture made from reclaimed wood and much more of a focus on using recycled elements and responsibly sourced materials.

Look out for some creative designs made from even more creative items

Floral and chintz

floral and chintz patterns prints

Old-fashioned floral and chintz patterns are bringing a breath of fresh air to many of the best furniture trends of 2022 – traditional floral patterns are taking over and becoming more popular than ever previously used heavily on upholstery and home furnishings.

Some of the best designs have a fresh twist, but personally we can’t get enough of classic chintz after years of abstract graphics.

Memphis Era design

memphis design bedding

The Memphis design movement was all about colour, and its bold use of primary colors throws us back to the vibrancy of the ’80s with its return in 2022.The great thing about custom furniture is that it’s tailored to you, unique, and fits your space perfectly.

Yes, we know it’s a slightly larger investment than other furniture purchases, but the great statement, they make is certainly worth it.

Optical Prints

optical print wall art

Optical Prints add an element of illusion to your decor. Abstract seamless patterns add fun and interesting designs to make an impact in your home.

Some bold colors create an unforgettable impact, in keeping with the bright color and geometry themes we are looking for for future furniture trends.

Clean and minimalist

Modern bathroom interior with minimalistic shower

Amidst all these patterns and bold colors, it’s refreshing to see minimalist designs with clean lines popping up here and there lines up. Minimalist designs are in direct contrast to the bold colors and shapes that feature prominently in furniture trends.

Bar trolleys

bar cart art deco

Deco designs stay with the art, that we’ve seen, bar carts are also making a seriously stylish comeback. Strong lines and high-gloss metallic materials make a bar cart the centerpiece of a room.

Customize your bar cart with a variety of decanters, bottles and glasses in different scales and heights for a full effect.

Built-in banquettes

built-in banquette

Built-in banquettes are luxurious and give your dining area a different design. Why not use some of the colors and patterns we saw in 2022 furniture trends to create an impressive seating area around your table? Value for your home’s resale potential.

Mixed Metals

Furniture trends of the past may have put you off mixing metals – but mixing metals is ‘in’ and so are we think it looks amazing. The combination of silver, gold and rose gold in a room creates a chic and glamorous look. Imagine rose gold accessories, gold light fixtures, and silver chair legs in the mix.

Well, here are boring furniture trends and decorating ideas to avoid:

Mason jars – Sure, there’s joy in recycling and reusing items in your home, but these approaches should be eliminated from your decorating repertoire as they can come across as immature, cheap, and overly ordinary and young. Instead, leave mason jars for storage areas and for chores, as they can be put to better use elsewhere.

Farmhouse style – Enough with the swinging barn doors and mechanisms in an otherwise utterly contemporary home. Simply put, unless you actually live in a renovated barn, there’s no reason to bring this look into your home.

Upcycled Decorating – Just like mason jars look upcycled- Furniture and decorations look boring and should be left for your local pub or burger joint. Don’t you believe us? When was the last time you were truly intrigued by the luxurious feel and beautiful styling of something upcycled? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Crafty Reclaimed Wood – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; You can actually have too many clever items in your house. Save your walls for real art and leave behind the life coach motivational signs.

Wall Decals – Leave space for real art here too free, as nothing looks cheaper and flashier than an oversized wall decal covering valuable real estate.

Faux Paint Techniques – The same goes for faux paint jobs as they are incomplete, cheap and very look cheesy.

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