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Hollywood Regency Style: Everything to Know and Do

Hollywood Regency Style: Everything to Know and Do
hollywood regency style everything to know and do
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Discover the glitz, glamor, and high-gloss appeal of Hollywood Regency-style decor as we break down the essentials you need to master this look for a thoughtful take on the design style that’s worth it is to try it out in your home. Heed the advice of our interior designers.

But first, let’s give a proper introduction so you can learn a little more about the inspiration behind this unabashedly luxurious and whimsical style.

When was the Hollywood Regency period?

The beginning of the Hollywood Regency period coincided with the Hollywood Golden Age (the legendary 1930s), but this style was later also influenced by the trends of the Influenced mid-20th century.

Given its name, it’s no surprise that it’s from California, is it?

And what is the Hollywood Regency interior design?

Hollywood Regency interior design is a style inspired by the luxurious and opulent homes of film actors and directors, particularly those from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Characterized by bold colors, eye-catching pieces, and a glamorous touch, it combines Art Deco and mid-century modern trends to create spaces full of personality that strive to make them unique.

This style celebrates extravagant choices and colors, eye-catching pieces, furniture in diverse Style directions, the glamorous touch of mirrors and reflective surfaces, and attention-grabbing patterns.

Unlike most interior styles, which encourage you to maintain a balanced element of consistency, Hollywood Regency decor goes the opposite way: each Room can be themed or mix different inspirations.

Hollywood Regency Style red sofa

What you love about Hollywood Regency become:

  • Your interior is sure to impress all your guests.
  • You can pamper yourself by feeling like a Hollywood star every day.
  • Thanks to its versatile By nature, Hollywood Regency is less restrictive than other interior styles, giving you the opportunity to truly make each room your own and unique.
  • You don’t have to compromise on decorating.
  • You’ll have fun looking for the most whimsical decor pieces and artwork.
  • How to decorate a Hollywood Regency style

    If you really want that If your home is mistaken for that of a Hollywood star, get creative with the most unpredictable pieces and don’t be afraid to make it as flamboyant as your personality.

    Nevertheless, these are the most important tips to keep in mind to to celebrate the characteristics that made Hollywood Regency style famous.

    Color is the star of the show

    Colors are the star of the show, Eclectic design interior with purple sofa. Scandinavian furniture

    Perhaps the most obvious and immediate hallmark of Hollywood Regency interiors is the irreverent and bold use of color.

    When it comes to creating a Hollywood Regency palette, there are no rules other than what could almost be called a motto: bright and saturated.

    Pink, yellow, turquoise , gold, and emerald green are some of the most popular hues in this style’s palettes, particularly as accents and secondary colors.

    Another signature Hollywood Regency combination is black and white to create a loud contrast (eg. as a shiny stripe or checkerboard pattern). Floors).

    Be bold with your furniture.

    emerald green sofa by a white wall with molding

    If we had to choose just one word to describe the type of furniture recommended for this style, it would be versatile.

    Aim for eye-catching pieces that look like they’re unique (yes, even if they’re actually mass-produced) but are from different eras and styles.

    Indeed, Hollywood Regency- Homes typically combine a few antique European and historic French pieces with some more streamlined and cleaner furniture or mid-century modern staples.

    While you can still stick to eclectic wood and upholstery options, it would be not a bad idea to add a few mirrored, glass or painted options as well.Still, if you have a large family, it makes more sense to opt for larger or longer pieces of furniture.

    Add lots of luxurious touches and details

    modern eclectic living room in dark colors

    The fact that Hollywood Regency -Furniture doesn’t take up all of the space, which means something else: you need to rely more heavily on accents and decorative details to transform any setting into a glamorous and opulent statement.

    Some popular tricks involve incorporation of metallic surfaces, e.g. Unconventional details like fringes and eye-catching chandeliers in almost every room.

    Turn up the spotlight!

    hollywood regency style everything to know and do 6202a53727a46

    Mirrored surfaces and lacquered furniture will help reinforce the element of light, but guess what you what? You also need the right lighting fixtures!

    Relying on many different ones is most effective, and the best part is…they don’t have to match.

    The goal is to capture the glamour and glamor of this iconic era, so here are some lighting fixtures to consider for your Hollywood Regency interior:

    • Table lamps of various shapes, including models that are like this designed to look like an animal or some other object
    • A few wall mounted lights
    • Tall floor lamps with intriguing silhouettes
    • The most eye-catching chandeliers and especially those with gold and metal accents or glass elements

    pattern, pattern, pattern

    If you’re decorating a Hollywood Regency home, don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns. In fact, it’s one of its signature traits!

    From bold geometric shapes to star motifs, look for patterns that stand out.

    Another popular option is to include some animal prints (like zebras) . or leopard print) on upholstery, cushions and rugs to celebrate California’s sunny climate and underscore the style’s opulent feel.

    Go crazy with textures

    Just like you would mix and match different patterns , She can do the same with textures and especially delicate options that add to the luxurious feel of this style.

    For example, velvet, suede, silk, and fur are popular fabrics and materials in Hollywood Regency homes.

    Go ahead and add some throws to your sofa or bed!Don’t forget the walls

    Elegant dark grey interior with bright yellow armchairs

    One thing’s for sure: plain white walls don’t belong in bright Hollywood Regency style (unless you can dress them up with mirrors, frames, and colorful pieces ). of artwork).

    There are several ways to turn them from boring background elements into a vibrant part of your interior decor:

    • Paint them in a lighter shade
    • Choose wallpaper with bold patterns
    • Add decorative wall moldings for an elegant paneled ambience

    Significant elements of Hollywood Regency style

    Signature elements of Hollywood Regency style

    If If you were hoping for a simple list of items that immediately scream “Hollywood Regency style,” today is your lucky day.

    Scatter a few of these around your home and you’ll probably find a few paparazzi outside your door within hours:

    • Glazy surfaces like mirrors (just like in Hollywood’s dressing rooms!) and lacquered surfaces
    • Bright and high-contrast colors
    • Animal and tropical prints
    • Sun or star motifs
    • A freestanding bathtub
    • Folding walls or Room divider
    • A dressing table
    • Chandelier
    • Marble and stone finishes


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