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Impressive seating on the concrete wall in Duarte, California

Impressive seating on the concrete wall in Duarte, California
impressive seating on the concrete wall in duarte california
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In addition to interior design, homeowners also make sure that their outdoor areas are nice and well designed as this is also a popular place to relax and meet up with family and friends. One way to do this is to add an outdoor structure like a gazebo or gazebo. For a simpler approach, you can just add a small seating area or an outdoor dining area where you can read a book, eat, or just relax. But for other rooms they prefer to add sculptural items and even turn some features into something sculptural like the fence or even the bench. This is the case outside of the Kaplan Family Pavilion in the City of Hope in Duarte, California. The building itself earned a LEED Platinum rating, but aside from the architectural design of the house, the outdoor seating is pretty impressive.

The Pavilion is a multipurpose space with an additional 7,000 square feet of new exhibition space, events, administrative offices, and storage. It uses the landscape to shape the built form and vice versa. Outside, two swaying, winding concrete walls were built to shield the entrances on either side of the pavilion while subtly kneeling and twisting to create seating that faces an irregular, elongated bench around the tree. These walls have 75 backlit LED plaques along the surface of both concrete walls. If you look closely you can see how beautiful and unique it is. Take a look at the seating on the concrete wall below.

Location : Duarte, California

Designer : Belzberg Architects

Style : Modern

Unique Feature : If you think your bench is cool, you will surely see it differently now after seeing this amazing concrete wall seating

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on the At first glance, you are immediately impressed by the design of this outdoor seating, because it is apparently connected to the concrete wall.

Rick Mohler and Rick Ghillino

But not only this area is very beautiful, but the entire city of hope. You can see various shapes around the area as well as modern landscaping that makes it look really stunning.

Concrete wall seating

It would be nice to spend some time in this room indeed. Just look at the beautiful lights around! Such a total eye-catcher, right? And it’s also a good idea to surround a huge tree with concrete seats.

Concrete wall area

You can see this during the day. Isn’t it a nice place to relax? Well, if you’re in the area to do some serious business, this is the place to rest.

Kaplan Family Pavilion at the City of Hope

The lights used in the concrete walls add an interesting appeal to the home like that what you can see here. And apart from the seating on the concrete wall, you can also sit around the huge tree, as there are concrete benches around it.

Kaplan Family Pavilion

Here you can see the concrete bench. Also note the well-kept landscaping and lighting not only in the walls, but even on the paths.

City of Hope

Looks really interesting, doesn’t it? Aside from the design, it looks difficult, but despite all these curves, it looks sturdy.

Concrete wall seating design

One last look at the curved concrete bench that attaches to the wall. This is a brilliant design idea indeed!

This design by Belzberg Architects has attracted worldwide attention. Many tourists also come to visit the place to check out the concrete wall seating outside. Apart from that, there are also wishing trees in the room. So when you are there it is like visiting not just one but many other interesting places, because the City of Hope is already a beautiful tourist attraction. What can you say about this outdoor seating?

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