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Maison T in Vietnam has a beautiful and unique courtyard

Maison T in Vietnam has a beautiful and unique courtyard
maison t in vietnam has a beautiful and unique courtyard
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The house in a common alley in Hanoi was intended for a young boy who recently returned to his main residence after a long stay abroad. He needed a home with privacy and a place where he could relax decently and a place he could give his companions as a quiet alcove. The homeowner also has a closest companion – his pups, so this house has to be a neighborhood place for the pooch, has to have a patio nursery so that both can enjoy nature. Taking into account the requirements of the customer and the site plan, the planner offered a free and open structure; all limits of capacity have disappeared. The house is quiet, but open where there is a little house, enough of everything he needs.

In a crowded and occupied city like Hanoi, individuals use every opportunity they can. This house and its greenhouse stand inconspicuously between every building. Instead of using the entire space or keeping an interior space to yourself, the house offers a green space, a small but valuable fissure in an “inch of space is an ounce of gold” in the city. The front entrance area consists of alternating blocks that separated the sparse wall from the street, but at the same time gave the neighbors the green space. The arrangement area is only 40 square meters. Inside, the entire room is connected without partition walls. Light and ventilation are brought into the house in every room. The designer selected characteristic and rural materials for the house to give a tight and comfortable aura, but at the same time quality for a simple lifestyle.

Location : Hao Nam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Designer : Nghia-Architect

Style : Modern

Room type : Inner courtyard

Unique Feature : A small contemporary modern house that can accommodate a small courtyard with impressive landscaping.

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Behind the brick wall that hides the Vietnamese house is a sculptural built-in volcanic tree planter. It’s surrounded by a ring of stones just big enough to hold a single tree and a few small flowers. There are also various plants around it as well as a seating area.


This is the outside area of ​​the small house, which has a nice but simple design. In the opening at the top of the planter there are also some built-in lights that illuminate the base of the tree at night and illuminate the entrance courtyard.

Maison T

This photo also shows the front part of the house, which has an elongated balcony protruding from the volume of the building. As it looks, it looks really simple, but very modern.

Maison T living room

A bird’s eye view of the outdoor seating area where you can see the white stones that surround the tree in a circular manner. Isn’t that nice? Here you can also see the hanging plants on the wall that added beauty to the landscaping of the garden.

Maison T outdoor

That looks really nice, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t expect such a room to exist in a house near town. With such a relaxing outdoor area, owners can surely take a break from all the stress they can have at work.

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Maison T interior

This is the inside of the house. It is designed for a simple way of life and has everything the owner could want. What caught my eye here are the lights that run under the mezzanine floor as well as the unique staircase design. Also to be seen is a raised kitchen with a bar, which also separates the area from the living room.

Maison T bedroom

This is the bedroom, which is located on the mezzanine floor of the house. You may find that you have to pull the curtains and close the area for privacy. The design of the bedroom is also simple.

Maison T window

Here you can see the bathroom and you can see that plants can also be seen from this area. Isn’t that very refreshing? It is save! It would be nice to see plants everywhere from the house, just like at Maison T. Apart from that, you also notice the different uses of materials in the bathroom.

Maison T exterior

Just looking on the facade of the house gives you an idea of ​​how unique it really is. If you compare it to the houses next to it you can see that it looks really different and looks nicer too. His choice of design and materials is definitely commendable!

Isn’t it nice to escape like this in the city? What the Nghia architect did with this house is astonishing indeed. Despite the limited space, it was possible to allocate an area for an inner courtyard, which is of course a big plus for the design. It’s nice that the owners have their own sanctuary and quiet place to spend time in their own home. That being said, it’s a great way to welcome guests into your own home with a beautifully landscaped courtyard. Surely you would like something like this for your home too, because no matter how heavy the road is, we always want a quiet place in the middle of nature in our own apartment. What can you say about this house?

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