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Origin House: A stunning bird’s nest-inspired tree house in France

Origin House: A stunning bird’s nest-inspired tree house in France
origin house a stunning birds nest inspired tree house in france
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Part of every child’s dream is to have their own fortress, which can be in the form of an outdoor playhouse, an inner tent, or even a tree house.

For most of us a tree house would be more appealing because it is on a tree! And it would really be a great feeling to look around while getting up from the ground.

But did you know that tree houses are actually not limited to kids and could be fully functional?

That is what we’ll see at Origin House. Yes, it is a tree house.

But it is not like the usual tree house that we know. It’s more than just an elevated structure. It’s actually a hotel room in the middle of the forest in France!

Curious? Here is a short tour of this beautiful tree house:

Location : France

Designer : Atelier LAVIT

Style : Modern

Room type : Tree house

Unique feature : A unique tree house design with an octagonal shape. It is fully equipped with a living area, a bathroom and a bedroom.

House similar to : Lake Cottage in Ontario, Canada offers a tree house ambience

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The idea of ​​a tree house with a distinctive design was developed for the owners in France who wanted a unique cabin.

Atelier LAVIT

The entire design is installed on one centennial oak. The aim of the design is to create a functional and comfortable hotel room. The tree house is inspired by the shape of a bird’s nest.

Origin House

It is accessible from a platform that is suspended from another tall oak tree thirty meters away and via a heated one. has a spa and a chill area. From the platform there is a wooden walkway that is ten meters above the ground and leads the guests into the tree house.

Origin House living room

When you get to the tree house, it has a small terrace around it the trunk. This makes one feel that the area is secured, which can mimic the feeling of a nest. Two large sliding glass doors open to the living area.

Origin House interior

The tree house is octagonal in shape and has many large windows. This allows guests to look into the forest.

Origin House bedroom

That The wooden interior is made of poplar, which enhances the warm and comfortable feeling of space. There is a small sitting area inside as well as a bedroom. The sleeping area looks even more comfortable thanks to its white sheets.

Origin House bathroom

If you think there is no bathroom here, you are wrong! Three sliding doors give access to another side of the tree house, from where one can see a dressing room, a bathroom and a technical closet.

Origin House ladder

There is also an upper part that is above to reach a wooden ladder. It invites guests to see more of the beauty and nature of the tree house.

Origin House skylight

The ladder pictured above leads to the roof of the house. A roof window leads to the roof terrace.

Origin House terrace

The tree house also opens to a roof terrace. Yes, from here you have a 360 ° panoramic view of the forest! Just imagine how awesome that would be!

Origin House bridge

Origin House is perfect for an adventure-hungry couple. In addition to sleeping in a unique structure on a tree, it can also be reached via a suspension bridge! That adds to the fun and excitement guests can experience here.

Origin House wood design

Here you can see the wooden slats used to build the tree house. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Isn’t that a beautiful tree house? It’s certainly not the usual design that we can see in a back yard. Its unique design and the comfort it can offer make it an exceptional structure. This project was designed by Atelier LAVIT for Cabanes Nature et Spa. It’s actually a hotel room in the middle of the forest. You can imagine waking up to the chirping of birds around you! This design can also be considered a home.

Small rooms like this one are not only suitable for an overnight stay, but also as a home. We have seen many people who live in small houses but can still enjoy the comfort of their home.

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