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Shabby Chic Decor: How to get this delicate style right

Shabby Chic Decor: How to get this delicate style right
shabby chic decor how to get this delicate style right
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With its calm tones, delightful vintage charm, and harmonious lines, shabby chic decor is a fantastic choice if you want to transform your interior design into a whimsical triumph of cosiness and timeless elegance.

This style was particularly popular in the second half of the ’80s and into the ’90s, but since then it has been subject to frequent misunderstandings.

So, before delving into the main features that characterize it, let’s first make sure that we’re on the same page!

What is shabby chic decorating style?

Shabby chic chairs

Shabby chic is a decorating style that focuses on anachronistic vintage furniture with distressed or worn features Feeling an abundance of white, floral prints and natural textures.

It’s a delightful balance between the rustic appeal of cottage or country decor and the nostalgic elegance of vintage-inspired touches.

Shabby-chic decor takes inspiration from antique French design , but differs from historical styles, it doesn’t focus on a specific century or decade: on the contrary, it encourages an eclectic mix of vintage-look furniture and objects from different countries.

Shabby chic is always still trendy?

Yeah, grab a bucket of white paint and start looking for the most decorative vintage style furniture because shabby chic is back in fashion! It even reappeared on screen, thanks to delightful shabby-chic settings like Mary Margaret’s apartment in Once Upon a Time.

Nowadays there are two main ways to redesign your home shabby chic:

Incorporate the key defining elements of this decor in its most traditional way

Add a more contemporary feel by taking a less cluttered approach and more streamlined shapes.

It really depends on what you personally prefer.

Most importantly, try to think beyond current trends and consider what is or isn’t in fashion as hopefully you will enjoy your new shabby chic home for many years to come.

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What you’ll love about shabby chic interiors:

Shabby chic decor combines the comfort and coziness of rustic interior styles with the whimsical elegance of French and vintage-inspired charm

Thanks to the focus on white, it provides a calming and airier feel.

It’s a delicate and delightfully feminine style that is bound to result in the most aesthetically pleasing spaces.


How to create the perfect shabby chic interior design

To create the most Instagrammable shabby chic home, we suggest you focus on the following points.

A delicate White and Pastel Palette

schaby chic sofa The right palette reveals your decorating choices before your eyes or d Your guests had time to focus on certain elements and features.

Forget dark and rich tones! The shabby chic decor is predominantly white, ranging from ivory to cream and chalk white hues. This also gives an airier feel and helps you make smaller corners or rooms appear wider than they actually are (always a plus!).

Of course, an all-white room would end up looking overwhelming, which is why it is important to balance it with other shades that characterize this style. A little more precise? Pastel colors.

Experiment with soft tones like pink, mint green and lavender or powder blue.

The lightest wood finishes are another smart way to keep your color palette delicate while enhancing a natural influence ( More tips on that later!).

Antique, upcycled or distressed furniture

Vintage wooden cupboard shabby chic style

Shabby chic furniture may not be tied to a specific decade or century, but it should look old-fashioned .Saddened. Worn out, we might say.

This style also allows you to celebrate imperfections, whether it’s a chipped edge or a discolored door.

This means you can choose from an eclectic collection of authentic eras and vintages to find new ones Items that look like this, or give your existing furniture a shabby chic look with the right color.

Elegant and harmonious lines

As well as old-fashioned shabby chic Furniture is decidedly decorative: after all, they are from Inspired by antique French houses!

The most recognizable shabby chic element is undoubtedly the cabriole leg, and you can incorporate it into various pieces of furniture, from chairs to tables and even cabinets.

In In general, you should look for models that contain spirals, flourishes, engraved carvings, or flourishes to add textural charm and harmonious lines in general.

Floral accents and a touch of nature

bunch of peony in shabby chic style interior

Since shabby chic decor is also partly influenced by country interiors, it is not surprising that this style often contains natural elements.

Flowers, in particular, are a staple of shabby chic, both in freshly cut bouquets and in floral prints. Versatile and bright, we particularly recommend them if your main furniture is a different color, as there is too much white on White would disappear and be a bit overwhelming

A light and soft pastel shade is a good compromise if you already have white floors or a lot of white furniture. You can always add a few white frames and decorative pieces to keep a touch of this base color on your walls.

Wallpaper is another traditional shabby chic choice, especially when it comes to floral or other natural elements and decorative patterns acts. While the first two monochrome options are a safer bet if you already have a lot of patterned accents, a more vibrant wallpaper is ideal if you rely mostly on monochrome pieces for the rest of the room.


Mix comfort and Elegance & Tranquility

Vintage wedding decor interior with flowers

The winning formula for a home that immediately conveys a shabby chic style is the combination of these three feelings. You can of course focus on what is most important to you, without forgetting the other two:

Inspire the comfort of a rustic atmosphere by choosing cozy pieces of furniture (e.g. upholstered chairs). Items like inviting linens, fabrics, throws and cushions

Add a touch of French and vintage elegance with harmonious lines and tasteful accents

Keep a calm vibe with the soft tones of your palette

Signature shabby chic items and elements

 shabby chic style interior

Although you now have a good overview of this type of decoration and several ideas to incorporate it, we thought , we also share a few distinctive elements that are extremely popular.

In this way, your home easily scores in shabby chic style:

Large and ornate chandeliers with harmonious lines

Decorative bird cages


  • Rose prints
  • Distressed swim trunks
  • Sheer lace or sheer drapes
  • Heart-shaped decorations
  • Harmonious and heavily embellished headboards
  • Cute little tables and/or bedside tables with a combination of flowers and other decorative elements

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