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The Chinese apartment features a raised wooden platform

The Chinese apartment features a raised wooden platform
the chinese apartment features a raised wooden platform
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There are many ways to design a studio-like space. No matter how small it is, it can transform into a functional home once it is designed to maximize the available space.

We have seen many apartments like this one. Undoubtedly we are impressed by the way small spaces are designed not only for attractiveness but above all for use.

If you lived in a small space, what would be the important areas, you want to integrate into it?

Try to imagine the kind of home you want in a limited space.

You will have a hard time imagining a home that small at first. But once you see interiors that actually work despite the limited floor space, you’ll no doubt get your own idea.

Need some inspiration?

Chinese design firm Shenzhen Super Normal Design worked in a modern apartment that features a tea area and living room on a raised platform.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Why not scroll down and see what this space has to offer has?

Location: Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen

Designer: Shenzhen Super Normal Design

Style: Modern

Type of Room: Apartment

Unique Feature: A modern apartment that features a raised platform with a table that can be lifted from it.

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This modern vacation rental is part of the Seven Star Yufeng Club , a private club on Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Super Normal Design

The interior of the apartment that we are going to show you today is on the fourth floor of the building. It has an open floor plan with hidden lighting that highlights a variety of areas such as the small staircases and where the ceiling meets the walls.

Raised Platform Interior

An impressive feature of the apartment is a deck with tea area. Part of the floor is raised to create a table with a cavity underneath to rest your legs on when seated. Straw cushions are placed all around to ensure comfortable seating.

Raised Platform Interior table

A closer look at the truly inviting tea area. From here there is a good view of the outside through a fixed glass window just to the side. You can also see a plant that not only makes the room more attractive, but also helps purify the air.

Raised Platform Interior dining room

Notice how the lights add appeal to the platform and overall interior. While most areas are white, there are some pops of color from the decorations and accessories that make it look even more relaxed. Since there is a large glass window on the side, the interior is flooded with natural light.

Raised Platform Interior raised living room

Next to the tea area is the living area, which consists of a flat couch and a round ottoman. Like the tea area, it has throw pillows with large stripes. Off the living space is a small kitchen area with wooden cabinets, continuing the look of the raised platform.

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Raised Platform Interior living

Behind the living area is the Sleeping area reveals a comfortable bed. The headboard separates the two spaces while also offering built-in nightstands and a bed frame. On its side is a glass window that allows for a good view of the water and park outside.

Raised Platform Interior bedroom

The interior lighting contributes to the relaxing aura of the house, especially at night. You can also see that the bed used earth tones to bring warmth to the space.

Raised Platform Interior bath

Next to the bed is another raised area where we can see a bathtub. To the side of the bathtub is a more private bathroom area. It is tucked away with

Raised Platform Interior tub

This freestanding deep soaking tub is on a slightly raised area from the ground floor and is defined by a concrete floor. Love how this area is decorated!

Raised Platform Interior bathtub

On the other side of the bathtub is a small sitting area with an armchair and a day bed. It’s a nice place to relax and unwind. You can also see the water from here once the curtains are open.

Raised Platform Interior sitting area

A closer look at the seating area, which used the same neutral tones as the adjacent bed. It is also adorned with a striped cushion as we can see from the rest of the room.

Raised Platform Interior bathroom vanity

This is the ensuite bathroom with a large wooden vanity and concrete vanity top. Two circular mirrors with wooden frames hang above each sink. The vanity pulls out to create an extra shelf with an open space for the stool.

Shenzhen Super Normal Design definitely did an excellent job in designing this apartment. Despite the limited space, they have managed to integrate all the important areas from the living room to the bedroom. It is also impressive that the apartment has a beautiful design with neutral tones, while some colors are added with the decoration. The entire space is also decorated in a very creative and artistic way, making it look more welcoming. Overall I love the look and this would be great inspiration for studio spaces. The raised platforms are unique features that have made the area more functional and practical. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below.

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