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What Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors?

What Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors?
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When designing a new kitchen, you may already have a certain look in mind, but for many people the design process starts with choosing an element they love and aligning the rest of the space around it.

For kitchens, you can first find your ideal cabinet color and then find matching components for the rest of the room. Or you stand on your floor and need to find kitchen cabinets that will work with it.

If you want to have a gray kitchen floor, you have a wide variety of options for colored kitchen cabinets that go well with it, as gray is a neutral color that is incredibly versatile when it comes to complimenting other colors. Here we look at the wide range of options for kitchen cabinets that go with gray floors.

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White kitchen cabinets and gray floors

White kitchen cabinets can be modern and classic. They work really well in almost any interior design style including traditional, minimalist, industrial, and contemporary. White kitchen cabinets create a sense of spaciousness. This can work especially well in small kitchens as it creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

White kitchen cabinets are usually among the cheapest colors for kitchen cabinets because they are a common choice. While some people think white kitchen cabinets are boring or simple, you can really upgrade their style by choosing high-end hardware for their handles.

White cabinets with gray flooring also give you the opportunity to bring color to other areas of your kitchen that are less permanent. For example, you can paint the walls a light and bold shade and then repaint them at a later date if you want to change the color scheme. Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets would be more difficult and costly. So when you go with a neutral shade like white you can be sure that it will never go out of style.

Off white

Off white kitchen cabinets and gray floors

If you feel like real white looks too strong next to your gray floor but you enjoy the classic style it offers, then go for an off-white hue for your kitchen cabinets. Cream colors have a very small amount of pigmented paint mixed in, making them a more subtle and softer alternative to bright white.

Off-white tones like ivory and cotton are timeless colors that age well and create a blank canvas in your kitchen that you can decorate with other colors.


Black kitchen cabinets and gray floors

If you’ve decided on light gray flooring, black kitchen cabinets can add drama and style to the room. Even a small kitchen can look great with black kitchen cabinets, especially if you opt for a glossy finish that will help reflect light and avoid making the room dark and drab.

Medium gray floors also go well with black kitchen cabinets with white accents like a white granite countertop and white walls for a monochrome effect. This color scheme can be used for a variety of styles, such as Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Retro, and Minimalist.


Blue kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Blue kitchen cabinets and gray floors

There are a variety of shades of blue that go well with gray. So if you have a gray floor there are a number of blue options you can consider. A medium gray or light gray floor would go well with deep and dark blue kitchen cabinets to add contrast and definition to the space.

This color palette could make for an elegant and sophisticated kitchen style, with gray marble countertops and a white subway tile base. You can also add neutral shades of beige using this color scheme if you want to add some warmth to the room, for example with stone wall tiles or beige marble countertops.

Duck egg blue is also a popular shade for kitchen cabinets that goes well with gray floors in a country or French vintage style interior. A light gray floor would look airy and dreamy with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets, while a dark gray floor would ground the room and add a bold contrast.

An offshore or nautical design style could be achieved with gray flooring and blue kitchen cabinets. If you prefer a casual beach style then a light or medium gray floor would go well with matte blue kitchen cabinets. Choose a simple and homely door style, or for a more sophisticated nautical feel, choose a dark shade of blue and a more formal style of a kitchen cabinet door.


Red kitchen cabinets and gray floors

If you want to brighten up your kitchen, then red is a color that looks very dramatic next to gray. You can choose a red base wood for your kitchen cabinets, such as cherry wood or mahogany. This would result in a natural, warming interior compared to glossy red laminate kitchen cabinets which would lean towards a more modern and cosmopolitan style.

If you decide on a dark red or a brown red, you can also see accents of this color in other parts of the room without it becoming too intense. For example, choose a mahogany dining table to match the mahogany kitchen cabinets. Red is a warm color that can offset the cool tones of gray floors and make a kitchen more welcoming.

If you feel like red is too flashy and overwhelming for all of your kitchen cabinets, you can go for a two-tone kitchen and use red base cabinets and gray wall cabinets to balance the color scheme.


Orange kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Orange kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Gray and orange are two colors that really make each other stand out. So if you want a bright and fun space, consider orange kitchen cabinets to match your gray floor. Strong oranges work best when accompanied by dark grays. So you can choose anthracite-colored floor tiles or slate-gray laminate floors for your gray floor.

Pale grays can look washed out next to light or dark orange, while peach orange might go well with this floor color.


Green kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Dark fern green matte kitchen cabinets with gray floors are an unusual but stunning choice. This color combination looks elegant and high quality while maintaining a depth and serenity that represent the wilderness.

Choose shiny rose gold handles for textural and tonal contrast, and Carrera marble countertops to highlight the gray tones of the floor. Anthracite colored walls would perfectly round off this look, creating a dark and intimate space ideal for chatting or enjoying a quiet cup of coffee.


Pink kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Pink kitchen cabinets and gray floors

For a playful and feminine kitchen, choose dusky pink kitchen cabinets with light gray floors. Kitchens are generally a space full of hard surfaces, but you can add soft textures to emphasize the delicate decor, such as silk blinds, orchid houseplants, a faux fur rug, or velvet storage baskets.

If you want a pink kitchen then gray is the ideal color for the flooring as it grounds the space and provides a cool and modern feel that keeps the pink from looking dated or twee. The warmth in pale pink also offsets the cool grays, so the colors work together to create a calming and even environment.


Purple kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Purple is another color that gray loves. Lavender kitchen cabinets would look cute and whimsical with a gray bottom, or a darker eggplant purple would look regal and dramatic.

Purple is a good color if you want to play with feminine tones without making the obvious choice of pink. This is an under-used color in kitchens, but it can work well with modern styles if you opt for a flat cabinet door with industrial style fittings.


Wooden kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Wooden kitchen cabinets and gray floors

Wood surfaces for kitchen cabinets are a very common choice because they blend so well with a wide variety of colors and bring a warm feeling to a room that can be prone to cold due to the lack of home furnishings.

To create a homely and inviting kitchen, choose a wood decor with a rich grain to offset the cool hues of your gray floor. Alternatively, cooler wood surfaces go well with gray floors for a modern take on a traditional style.


Gray kitchen cabinets and gray floors

For a layered style, choose gray kitchen cabinets with gray floors.

Go for contrasting shades of gray, such as a dark gray floor with soft gray kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, for an immersive experience, you can match the case color to the color of the floor, which will make the room feel bigger.

Break up the gray by choosing a different color for your countertops, backs and walls. You can opt for a minimalist or monochromatic style using different shades of gray with black and white, or use the gray flooring and cabinets as a blank canvas background and choose an amazing color for your backsplash, such as B. lime green tiles.

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