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20 whimsical bohemian bedroom ideas

20 whimsical bohemian bedroom ideas
20 whimsical bohemian bedroom ideas
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Bohème interiors are a mixture of everything and everyone. It’s full of texture, patterns, lines, and beautiful contrasts. It could be a combination of shabby chic and tradition, or it could be an eclectic style with a touch of rusticity. It could be full of bold hues, or clean lines and minimalistic colors.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The heart of this style is artistic accents and the story of every journey and adventure.

The good news is that it’s not limited by any strict rule. There are no rules in bohemian interiors. It’s about reflecting a person’s individuality, style, passion and lifestyle. It’s all about freedom.

Below is a list of 20 whimsical bohemian bedroom ideas that are sure to inspire the gypsy in you. It shows you how this bohemian style looks beautiful put together. It shows intricate details of works of art, lush colors, contrasts, intricate textures and patterns. You will love the earth elements, especially the lovely greens that balance the whole equation.

Scroll down and look carefully at each photo and let me know which one has the bohemian spirit inside you has ignited.

1. Bohemian Norway

Bohemian Norway

The bohemian style expresses individuality and does not adapt to any structure or order. The pattern-on-pattern that you see on the widespread and toile wall accent compliments the whole concept with its soft and bold color contrasts. The addition of wood in its vintage and shabby chic sheen brings balance to the room.

2. Indigo Bedroom

Indigo Bedroom

This monochrome room uses indigo as the accent color and brown or wood (earth tones) as the background. These beautifully crafted hanging batik fabrics draw the spotlight, adding character and eccentricity.

3. Snow White

Snow White

Irinel-Ramona Florescu

This room is so dreamy and moody. The layers of white fabrics, from the hanging sheeting that makes the bed more intimate and cozy, to the bedspread that reaches down to the floor. Everything together results in a room full of personality with a lot of feminine flair. If you want a cozy and beautiful bohemian bedroom, choose fabrics that you can layer on top of each other that will add depth and drama to your interior like this one.

4. Delightfully Versatile

Blissfully Eclectic

Designs By Jen

This quiet space is full of sophistication with its beautiful texture and colors. I love the hanging green and the hints of brass decor that add a glamorous touch to this bohemian hideaway. The knitted blanket and the beautiful throw pillows add texture and accents.

5. Gary Riggs Home

Gary Riggs Home

Gary Riggs

Take tips from the places you have visited or that you would like to visit and start from there. The bohemian interior is all about adventure and travel like above. There is no wrong decor or wrong colors with this type of style. All you need is to know yourself and the things that make you up.

6. Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

Irinel-Ramona Florescu

This is a lovely bedroom that I would love to have in my younger single years. I am attracted to the hanging owl fabric decor and its lovely colors. The teal accent makes it fun, and patterns on the bedspread and wall decor make it anything but boring.

7. Bohemian bedroom design

Bohemian Bedroom Design

Reem Elgafi

I love the mural on the central wall! The moon in the dark night sky gives the room drama and character.Bohemian Chic Bedroom

Bohemian Chic Bedroom

Kriti Ahuja

This bedroom feels so chic and quiet. The map on the accent wall exudes the heart of a traveler longing for adventure and freedom. I love how the wooden ladder and the rest of the decor made it more engaging and interesting. Check out how to use a card to set up your bedroom.

10. The Jungalow

The Jungalow

The Jungalow

I’ve always been a fan of wicker or rattan products. There is something about its natives that sets it apart. In this bohemian-chic bedroom, the beautiful patterns and color contrasts make it very beautiful and so serene. I love how the plants enhance the room with their mix of sophistication and simplicity.

11. Up By Design

Up By Design

Up By Design

Be adventurous with colors, textures and patterns. In this breathtaking, exotic room, strong colors and incredibly beautiful different patterns dominate the scheme. Filigree lanterns are a great addition that creates a great effect in terms of cozy lighting and charming ornaments.

12. Camp-Inspired Bohemian Bedroom

Camp-Inspired Bohemian Bedroom

Mackenzie Collier Interiors

This is a lovely nature-inspired bohemian bedroom design. The accent of the sticks was from the owners’ walks. Beautiful clean lines and unexpected elements make this bedroom fun and inviting.

13. Touch Interiors

Touch Interiors

Touch Interiors

Choose a fascinating rug to accentuate your bed and give it character like the one on this beautiful one to lend bedroom design. Hang this beautifully designed dream catcher and other artwork to instantly spice up an empty room on your walls.

14. Brady Lane Remodel Addition

Brady Lane Remodel Addition

Webber + Studio, Architects

This bedroom exudes a modern, unconventional atmosphere. The beautiful colors of the throw pillows and the ottoman playfully accentuate the bedroom. The brass pendant light adds sophistication and the faux fur carpet creates a glamorous look.

15. Austin, TX: Rachel & Scott Anderson

Austin, TX: Rachel & Scott Anderson

Rachel Anderson

This beautiful bedroom couldn’t be more funky than it is. The unexpected coloring used to fit perfectly. It looks so inviting and varied.

16. Poetic wanderlust

Poetic Wanderlust


I love everything in this room! The wooden wall makes it easy for these beautiful decors to stand out on their own. The quirky bedding went perfectly with the artwork and ornaments. Check out this apartment for similar funky colors!

17. High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home

This room is a combination of clean modern lines and exciting, exotic bedding and decoration. The lively carpet harmonizes wonderfully with the rustic touch of the wooden bedroom furniture.




This bedroom is so diverse! Bringing some greenery into your room can instantly turn it into a tropical spot depending on the type of plant it is.The simplicity of this bedroom design makes the geometric patterns really stand out

20. Bohemian-style bedroom furnishings

Bohemian Themed Bedroom Interior

Sandeep Gulia

This room is all about diversity. Different patterns and beautiful textures make it so appealing and interesting. The pop of lime green creates a vibrant print that differs from the rest of the room’s color scheme.

Hope you enjoy the list above. The truth is, when I hear the word “boho-chic” or “bohemian style” I almost instantly see Esmeralda, a fictional character in Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, graceful with her flowing dress dancing barefoot in the street. She perfectly defines bohemian for me. A gypsy who was not afraid to radiate and embrace her individuality for herself and for everyone else. Who willingly and courageously stand up for what they thought was right. Because that’s what Bohemian is about, individualism, showing your true colors, not caring about what other people would say, being comfortable in your own eccentricity. It’s more than a style, it’s a mindset.

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