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Thanksgiving Craft: Do-it-yourself Leaf Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Craft: Do-it-yourself Leaf Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Craft: Do-it-yourself Leaf Napkin Rings

These stylish hunting autumn influenced napkin rings will incorporate the perfect touch to any Thanksgiving feast. As an additional bonus They can be super easy to produce and price close to nothing at all.

To begin to see the graphic of the completed project, stop by

http://www.dotcomwomen.com/crafts/thanksgiving/leaf napkin rings.shtml

What You may need

one. Salt

2. Flour

three. H2o

4. Rolling pin

5. Chopping board

6. Cookie sheet protected with aluminum foil

seven. Golden yellow paint or Another autumn colour.

8. Wonderful tipped paintbrush

nine. Ribbon in a dim autumn color which include maroon.

10. Leaf button or small leaf stamp

11. Sharp kitchen area knife

twelve. Faux autumn leaves (these can normally be found in the craft area of most merchants)

thirteen. Hot glue gun


one. Initially you have got to make the salt dough.

two. Within a medium bowl mix: one Cup salt, one Cup flour and frac12; Cup h2o.

three. Knead the dough until eventually it reaches a clay like consistency. Whether it is way too sticky incorporate far more flour. Whether it is too dry incorporate more h2o.

4. Place a small number of flour on the region exactly where you may be rolling out the dough and unfold it evenly so that the dough will likely not adhere.

five. Roll out the dough with the rolling pin till it truly is a few frac14; of the inch thick.

six. Use the button or stamp to make an impact in the dough.

7. Make use of the knife to chop a rectangle or square throughout the impression.

8. Area the parts over the cookie sheet. Make sure you spot them around the sheet with the indent struggling with up.

9. When you’ve got produced as numerous as you would like. Turn the oven to heat and set the pan within the oven.

ten. The period of time it can consider to dry the items is determined by the oven. So Verify them regularly. It’s going to most probably take about 2 3 several hours for them to dry fully. When they are completed they will be difficult, mild and create a hollow seem when tapped on.

eleven. When they are carried out, paint the indent with the picked colour.

twelve. Enable the paint to dry.

thirteen. Plug in the new glue gun.

14. Slash the ribbon into four inch very long parts.

fifteen. Opt for leaves for your napkin rings and remove stems if important.

sixteen. With all the warm glue gun, set glue to the back again of a salt dough piece and fix it for the entrance of the leaf, so which the piece is marginally slanted.

seventeen. In the event the glue has dried convert the leaf in excess of and put a small line of glue to The bottom from the leaf.

eighteen. Attach the ribbon in order that it types a ring.

19. Use as you would any other napkin ring.

Thanksgiving Craft: Do-it-yourself Leaf Napkin Rings

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